Thursday, December 6, 2007

Patchwork Pillow


I am so glad that you found time to join me today! As I write these blogs I often wonder who will read it. It is really a strange feeling writing something when you don't know who it's for! Did they have a good/bad day? Will they enjoy seeing my pictures and reading about my simple little life?
Today I got to do one of my favorite things all with fabric! I belong to a quilting group. We call ourselves Needle Noodlers. Each Christmas we have a little party and exchange handmade gifts. I decided to make a pillow for mine. First I got to browse through my "stash" and think about what colors I would use. That is always fun. I LOVE COLOR. I decided to go with all Kaffe Fassett fabrics So here is my final selection. I wish the photo was better. The colors are really rich and it doesn't show.

I really liked making that red pillow last week so I decided to do the same pattern for this one. I love doing that star because it is so easy and doesn't have to be perfect. I learned the technique from a class with Mary Lou Weidman If you are a quilter and have never taken a class with her you are missing out on a fun experience. Her story quilts are amazing.
I am happy with how the pillow turned out, but once again the picture I took is a little too light.

I did one less tree this year so had a whole lot or ornaments left over. Putting them in a crystal dish allows me to still show them off. We lived just outside of Philadelphia for a few years and it was yard sale heaven! I picked up old ornaments for $1 or $2 a box, sometimes even less. This is a sampling of some of them.
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  1. Hello Rhondi - I'm happy you stopped by and thank you for your kind comments.
    I'm enjoying your decorating - love that you put your DH's little plate on the tree - what memories that must bring to him. Unfortunately I cannot see your pics posted today - can you?

    See you are in Charlotte - I'm in Raleigh, moved here from Mass. in 1977 - don't know where all those years have gone!

    If you have time to return to my end of Oct. and early Nov. posts you will see pics of my Oct. visit to my home in SW England. So many gals want pics of cottages so I included several!

    I've done just about everything possible with fabric and needle over the years - except quilting. So glad you have fun with yours - even a party, great!

    I'll stop by again - and perhaps be in Charlotte one of these days!
    Have a wonderful pre-Christmas weekend.

  2. Hi Rhondi,
    I live in NC too. Near Asheville. I found your blog thru a comment you left on another blog. Your pillow sounds lovely, but for some reason I cant see the pictures :-(.


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