Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to My Porch Party

Hi. I've been expecting you. I'm so excited that the party is finally here. I've been looking forward to visiting all your wonderful porches. I'm glad you've stopped in to see me, so come on up the walk and have a seat. You'd better grab a rocking chair quickly before the rest of the guests arrive!

I told my little rabbits to watch out for you and to make sure they made you feel welcome.

Come and have a seat and let's have a chat. I don't look too comfortable here because I set the timer and then ran to sit down before it snapped the picture!I made you some lemon squares and have a pot of tea ready. Do you take milk or sugar?I am using my Dainty Blue tea set because you are a special guest.If you prefer sweet tea I have some set up on the tea wagon.And if any of you brought your children or grandchildren I have a little chair for them too.
I asked my little stone rabbit to wait by the front door to help me greet all of you. I think he might be a distant cousin to Dana's stone rabbit.

Do you remember how I told you I had named our house "Rest and be Thankful" ? Well I finally got around to putting up sign above our front door.Well I know you have lots of other porches to visit and I hope you get a chance to visit them all so I'll say good bye for now. There are some wonderful parties going on and I know they would love you to leave a comment when you go there. They are listed below.

Thanks so much for coming. The party just wouldn't have been the same without you! Let the party begin!!
There are lots of other parties so I hope you have time to visit everyone. I know you're going to have fun!
I have had trouble getting the Mr. Linky to work, but it is finally working now. So for those of you who are posting a porch party, here are the instructions.
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2.Once it is published, click on the title of the post. This will lead you to the static link for your post. The static link is the page with only that post on it.
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6.Click on "Enter."
7.Please link back to this Porch Party post so that your readers can visit the other wonderful porches.
Hugs, Rhondi


  1. Oh what wonderful porch pictures! Everything is so lovely and peaceful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. You live in a beautiful place Rhondi. I'm tryng to get Blogger to give me some more pictures but they seem to have gone on strike! Treying to be a clever-clogs and put them in on the side.

    love, Angie, xx

  3. Hi Rhondi!
    I have just posted my porch here:

    Your porch looks lovely! Someday, I will be able to visit you and sit on your porch sharing tea in real life, but this is the next best thing! Your sign above your door is perfect!

  4. What a very lovely porch you have. And the tea party looks so inviting. I don't have a porch, so I am not able to participate, but I can enjoy the others. Thanks for sharing your afternoon with me.

  5. Rhondi, Your porch is lovely. Thanks for your idea to host this. It's a great time of year to be on the porch!

    Here's mine:

  6. Hi Rhondi :)

    I just love your front porch and you are such a doll! The little children's chair is so cute and all the wicker is wonderful. I'm drooling over those lemon squares! LOL

    Thank you so much for doing this again and Happy Birthday later this week :)

    My post is up already too:

    Oh and I love your new sign!


  7. You have such a wonderful porch. We are in the process of fixing ours up and will get some pics up on my blog in a few weeks. I love sitting on my porch swing early in the morning with my cup of tea.


  8. Rhondi, our Porch Queen, you have done a fantastic job hosting this party. Of course, I wanted to start my tour at your house.

    Everything looks perfect. I love the crisp whites with the blues, yellows and pinks. Yes, I do see the pinks. Your lawn looks like a picture in a magazine.

    And, how did you know I was wanting lemon bars? They are a favorite of mine, and yours look delicious. May I have iced tea with mine?

    By the way, I'll be telling my rabbit, Theo, about your rabbit. He is a cousin of The Stone Rabbit, too.

    My post is written and set to post at 1 a.m. EST. tomorrow. I'll be back to visit everyone after I finish my "fun" adventure tomorrow.

    Thank you for having this wonderful event for all of us.

  9. Hi Rhondi, I have my porch posting ready, though I was planning for it to go on at midnight, but I'll go ahead and link up!

    Your porch is beautiful! Happy Birthday Rhondi!
    A Romantic Porch
    Thanks, Rachel

  10. Rhondi, I am going to post as soon as I leave you a comment, please list me

  11. Rhondi, what a lovely porch you have - so welcoming and charming!! Thanks for hosting the porch party. My porch post is now up -

  12. Hi Rhondi - we used to live down South - your porch is just exquisite and says Southern Hospitality.
    My own porch is ready for visitors - we are a bit chilly up here and I have a quilt ready!

    My blog entry is entitled Springtime on the Porch.

  13. What a lovely post. You have a beautiful porch!


  14. Rhondi, Your porch is so welcoming! Very pretty! That's a cute shot of you, too. ~ Robyn

  15. Your porch is a dream. Just gorgeous. I love all the beautiful furniture, flowers and all the lovely accessories. So very pretty. Hugs, Marty

  16. Absolutely Beautiful! I love your sweet porch! I could sit there all day.....Lol!!

  17. Thank you for hosting this lovely party! As I have made myself at home and looked around, I am in awe of your beautiful porch and all of your awesome blue & white pieces. Stunning!

    My porch post is up and the link is:

  18. Your porch is so beautiful! I love the bunnies. The lemon squares look yummy! I don't have my post quite ready, but I'll have it up later tonight. Please add me to the list of participants:


  19. Oh what wonderful porch pictures!just beautiful porch you have!! I made my post about your party!
    I hope your visit in my blog Only cute things!!!!

  20. Hi there,
    I've been one of your stalkers for a long time. I LOVE all the beautiful quilts and colors around your house.
    Since your Mr. Linky isn't working, you will need to link my Blog name to this specific post address:
    because otherwise they will just go to my current page which has nothing to do with your party.
    I linked over to your party from this post. Thanks so much

  21. Hi Rhondi,
    Your porch party is lovely. I adore all your blue and white and the lemon squares look so yummy. How nice to be greeted by your beautiful rabbits. I love the sign above your door and the sweet basket below. The sweet little childs chair is such a darling touch.
    Thank you once again for hosting this years porch party. It was fun to participate and I look forward to visiting the others on the list.
    My party is posted and ready to visit.
    Have a wonderful day and blessings always,
    Celestina Marie

  22. P.S. Please DO sign up for my current giveaway because I will be picking three separate winners for three separate items.
    That's the least I can do for you after stalking this past year. : )

  23. Hello !
    I am glad I found your porch ! We don't have a porch...but, are getting bids to build one. Yours is an inspiration....thank you ! I see that you quilt too ! I added my name as a follower - cuz you have a neat blog. I don't have much of my quilt items on my blog....but have lots of my dishes....Come visit my Small Home in The Country when you get a chance !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  24. Rhondi,
    Your porch looks spectacular as always. Each detail says welcome.

    I have my post ready for the party.

    Happy Porch Party Rhondi.

    Blessings, Karen

  25. I love your porch floor! The bunnies are so cute and so is that child's chair! You have a wonderful porch and thanks for hosting this party! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's porch!


  26. Your porch is just beautiful Rhondi! i love all the crisp blue and white and the beautiful flowers. It is so inviting:>) Thank you for sharing with us, I just wish I could come and visit with you on your beautiful porch!

  27. Oh Rhondi,
    I wished that I lived next door so I could help you with the long list of participants that you will have to this wonderful occasion.

    Happy Porch Party


  28. Rhondi,
    I love your porch. Your white wicker and blue accessories are so cool and crisp...and very welcoming!

    Great pic of you too!

    I have my post up and ready!

    Thanks for hosting,

  29. What a warm and welcoming spot! Love it here--can I have another lemon bar-please??

  30. I have added my porch party to my blog. Check it out!


  31. Rhondi, I finally got my post up. Please include me:

  32. Hi! Thanks for inviting us! Your porch looks just like a porch "should" look, white rockers and all! Love your little tea cart and lemon bars are my favorite! I'll take cream and sugar please. Beautiful post!

  33. I love all your "blues"! and that little wicker chair is delightful!!
    Thanks for hosting this event...I'm looking forward to seeing eveyone's porches.
    Mine is all ready for a visit now:


  34. Hi, Rhondi! Your porch looks so cute. Love all the white wicker and cute bunnies. And of course I love the blue and white pillows! Oh, and I will definitely take a lemon square! Love what you've done.

    I tried to sign onto Mr. Linky, but it took my name and froze. He's been horribly naughty. Here is my link info...

    I would like to particpate.


    Sheila :-)

  35. I love that you set your timer and ran to sit before the camera went off, LOL! I often take pictures on my patio of lace for photos on my blog. I often wonder what all of our neighbors think sometimes of the things we do for our blog...they don't necessarily know we're blogging so sometimes they must get a chuckle out of whatever it is they see us doing, LOL!

    It just makes me chuckle to think of that.

    Your porch looks so nice! Love the very intricate wicker design on the child's chair! It's so beautiful!

    Happy Birthday! :)

  36. Your porch is beautiful. I am up and running on our porch party-thank you so much!

  37. O, have the most beautiful porch. Everything is just perfect. And the photos of so cute.
    Thanks so much for hosting this great meme...I am loving every minute of it and have already found some things to add to my
    WANT LIST...Mr. Sweet is rolling his eyes at me, too..:O)
    xo bj

  38. LOVe your porch! SO pretty! I love the blue china. I enjoyed my visit. I hope you will come by and visit me on mine! My post is up, so please add me.
    Great idea and fun!

  39. Hi Rhondi! How I wish my porch looked like YOURS!!! It is so gorgeous---I love the combination of white and blue with your great plants and flowers----and all of the special touches like your pillows and that great sign!! THE STONE RABBIT is so overjoyed at seeing his cousin at your house!!! TSR loves the fur on your bunny---and wishes he looked like that!! He thinks the color must be a recessive gene, because he didn't turn out that way (but he loves it!).

    The refreshments you served are so yummy!! I haven't had such great lemon bars in ages!! Thank you!

    Also thanks for hosting such a great time for us!! L, Dana

  40. It's me again!! I did not have the correct post linked when I signed up the first time---I didn't know what else to do, so I signed up AGAIN!!! Is there any way we can removed my first one (#31?).......sorry!!! Dana

  41. OK Rhondi, time to party! Your porch looks so very inviting. Thanks again for hosting. Mimi

  42. Rhondi... I just love the serene elegance of your beautiful blue and white porch... love the name above the door... what a great idea... I think I may borrow that one someday soon...

    thanks for inviting us all in... so glad you got Mr. Linky in working order today!

    blessings. Dixie

  43. Hi Rhondi! LOVE the blue and white on your porch -- so fresh, and the bunny is just about the most gracious little butler and greeter you could have. I think I need your tea cart. . .
    Please forgive my AWFUL porch post -- we didn't get the porch ready in time! I am so embarrassed, especially when I see the absolutely gorgeous creations of the other participants. (Face red!)

    Thanks for a fun blog party!

  44. I'm on my way over for tea from your Dainty Blue!

  45. Oh I'll have milk and sugar please! And one of your lovely lemon squares! I'm glad I got here early! What a beautiful porch you have Rhondi! So romantic and restful. What a pleasant view of the garden too. I see more excited guests are arriving now. Your little rabbits will be busy today!
    Let's sit a while and sip some tea...

  46. What a wonderful porch!!! I'm so very glad that I got to come to your party. Mmmmm those lemon bars look so yummy!!!

  47. Ooops. I don't know why the Linky thing linked to an old post of mine...#43

    I did it over and it was right #45

    Sorry about that!!!

  48. Set the timer and run, heeee! Don't you love that!

    Your porch is lovely and welcoming as ever. I always enjoy visting.

    My favorite shot is through the moss covered tree. Just gorgeous.

    Happy Birthday Rhondi!

  49. What a thrill to be able to participate in your Front Porch party again Rhondi! Thanks so much for hosting us. You have such a lovely home. I just love seeing pictures of it. I hope that you have a very special and a Happy Birthday! XXOO

  50. What a fun party, Rhondi and the lemon bars are sooo tasty. I love all the blue and white on your oh so inviting and cozy porch. :)Nancy

  51. Rhondi, my entry has the url for my blog. Mr. Linky would not accept my post url. He said it had too many characters.

    Sorry, and thanks.

  52. Hi Rhondi,
    Thank you for hosting this fun event!
    I love your pretty porch and it was so nice to see photos of you as well.
    I will enjoy checking out the other porch parties as well.
    Thanks again,

  53. hi, what a lovely way to begin summer! and i enjoyed mr. linky!

  54. Hi have a wonderful it!

    Lots of luv,

  55. Morning Rhonda! I'm linking in with my Blue Monday post, and after looking at your beautiful porch, I want to invite you to link in to Blue Monday at my place. I think we make a pair!

  56. What a lovely inviting porch you have. With all the blues you should think about linking up for BLUE MONDAY as well. The lemon bars look yummy, reminds me I haven't made some in a while, think I'll get the recipe out and bake.
    Tell the bunnies they did a great job.

    Happy BD porch style,

  57. I love the shot between the trees with MOSS on the trucks...... Everyone has been so excited about your fun porch party...... thank you for having us...... I made margaritas' for everyone....

  58. Aaawww Rhondi, I don't get to see much of a porch here in our country but I do so love them. It'll be so lovely to just sit quietly in that rocking chair - reading a fave book, treating oneself with some treats, or just admiring a wonderful day.

    Those lemon squares looks delish. Thanks for sharing and I'll eat a piece :-)And I think I mentioned about me not really getting to taste all those variations of teas so I think i think it'll be nice to begin with something like a sweet type of tea. You do think of everything :-)


  59. The tea was Delish! THANKS for the tour.

  60. Beautiful porch pictures. My son would love to sit in that little chair and eat those really cute cakes you have on display. He would probably eat them all, and I would help:) Thanks for sharing! It was wonderful.

  61. Hi Rhondi!! Your porch is sooo beautiful!! Of course I love those bunnies :) Lemon Square are one of my favorites, those looks sooo good! I wish I could reach through the screen and grab one, lol! And of course I must have tea each day! Thank you! Earl Grey, my fav! Your home looks so inviting, I just love it! Makes me feel happy :)

    I just put my porch party up on my blog. Thank you so much for hosting this again this year. It is so much fun!!


  62. Hello Rhondi, Happy Birthday and Porch Party. Thank you for hosting this fun event. I finally got my post up a litte late, having satellite problems again. Your porch is just beautiful and I loved being greeted by your pretty bunnies! Lemon squares are my favorite! It looks like alot of people joined in for your Porch Party this year, I will be looking at them all week.
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  63. How wonderful your porch is. I hav eo many memories of sitting on our family porch. Alas we do not have a porch at our own fact not many do around here.
    I'm going to enjoy my "look around" and know I will gather inspiration for my patio area :0)
    Enjoy your day!

  64. your porch is looks like an old antebelum southern plantation home.and that little heart shaped chair grabbed my heart and yanked it out at first is darling.your entire porch looks like sheer peace and serenity to me...ann

  65. Your porch looks wonderful, and so do you. I love blue and boy the lemon squares look just yummy. Thanks for inviting me.

  66. I have that same porch floor! What is it called - terrazzo or terracotta tile, or what?

  67. Hi Rhondi! The first thing I thought when I saw your porch is how restful it all looks. You have such a special way of pulling every pretty piece together!! Your dishes are precious!!! Just like YOU!

    Have fun with your party! Any lemon squares left? Send one to California if you will. :)


  68. I am honored to be a guest at this most wonderful Porch Party .... thank you Ms. Rhondi!

  69. What a beautiful and inviting porch. A perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. I'm lovin all of your blues. Thank you for being such a lovely hostess.

  70. Happy Birthday, Rhondi!! Thank you for inviting us all to your party. Sure wish I could come over in person and bring some birthday goodies! I can't wait to see what everyone has done. Your porch is gorgeous, gorgeous.
    xo, Andrea

  71. What a beautiful porch party, and what a pretty hostess. Love all of the blue and white on your porch. Everything looks so inviting and so refreshing. Happy Birthday and Happy Porch Party Day! I did a little porch party post, but I don't see Mr. Linky here. Thanks so much for hosting the porch party. laurie

  72. Thank you so much for hosting this porch party! I love your porch. And you're right that lemon squares are just exactly the right food for a June 1 party on the porch!

  73. Thank you for hosting a wonderful party! Your porch is so inviting.
    Also wish you a "late" Happy Pink Saturday!

  74. Hi Rhondi, What a beautiful porch you have! How wonderful to have porch parties to visit!! Amy from rose bunny cottage had hers up and I hope you have another one next year, I would love to be part of it!! I added myself to your followers, what a nice blog....nice to meet you!! Hugs, Jennifer

  75. Your porch is so pretty & you've given me sooo many great ideas that I need to go shopping now!!! Awesome post! ☺♥☺ Diane

  76. what a fun porch party...I found you through Dixie at French Lique...

  77. Hi Rhondi, it is all lovely!!!

    Happy Blue Monday.


  78. Hi Rhondi! I always look forward to your porch party! Your porch is so lovely & inviting. Those bunnies are just the perfect welcoming touch. I've got a bunny in my party post, too!

    Angelic Accents

  79. Your porch is enviable. I think I have a few of the same blue and white pieces -- mine are inside because, alas, I don't have much of a porch!

    You have created a really lovely peaceful setting.


  80. Your porch is enviable. I think I have a few of the same blue and white pieces -- mine are inside because, alas, I don't have much of a porch!

    You have created a really lovely peaceful setting.


  81. Rhondi,
    Thanks for coming by...I had all kinds of trouble with the links today, then Between Naps on the Porch was even worse and I got bumped out, something is in the air!
    I love your blues and the tea set is perfect, along with everything else. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  82. Hello! I have wandered here from Ms Shelia's blog, Quintessential Magpie..:)
    I hope you don't mind~for I have had a most delightful time!

  83. I just joined in with a post I did last week! Your porch is AMAZING!!! So beautiful!

  84. I'm enjoying all the parties! Your porch is wonderful...and you look very cute! Thanks for the lemon squares...YUMO!

  85. Hi Rhondi, thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch and inviting me to leave my "porch" link.

    Your porch is gorgeous!!

  86. Hi Rhondi!
    Happy Birthday!! Your porch is so beautiful and how lovely to see photos of You! That tea was yummy!
    I didn´t have time to do a specific post about our porch but You can look at our backside terrass in my latest post at http://ottiliasveranda.blogspot.comThe syringas have just bursted out in full bloom and everything this year seems to blossom much moore than usual. We have had the most beautiful weather for several days.
    Have a lovely birthday!

  87. Beautiful porch. Beautiful dishes.
    Just plain beautiful all around.
    And what a great idea.
    Thanks for hosting.
    If i ever get a porch, I'll surely want to join in.

    Barbara Jean

  88. Yummy those lemon squares look. Your porch is so pretty and relaxing...I love the wicker and blue plates and dishes. I wish I had a long big porch like you.

  89. (((Rhondi))))
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your porch.. it is always beautiful and especially so today! Love the photos of sweet YOU too! Everything looks as delicious as your lemon bars! Just gorgeous and a real treat to see. Thank you for a lovely time AND


  90. Dear Rhondi, this has been such a fun event! I've made wonderful new friends, been inspired by many gorgeous porches and sampled so many delicious sandwiches and cakes! Thank you for hosting this wonderful event! Please put up your feet while I make you a lovely cup of tea!

  91. hi rhondi,

    i just found your blog through visiting pals who are part of your porch party (say that 3x fast!). you look so sweet and your porch is lovely! i love all of the blues.

    i will gladly take 1 lemon square and a cup of sweet tea, pretty please. what a fun idea!

    off to visit more ...


  92. Hi Rhondi,

    So nice to meet you and to get to visit your porch and garden. Your porch and your garden are delightful. Gracious - what lovely snacks you fixed for us. Your use of blue is lovely and so is your blog.
    I have never used Mr. Linky and at BJ's suggestion I liked my blog to your Porch tour because my post is about inspiration for my art found on my kitchen garden porch. I hope I can figure out how to show your porch photo on my blog.
    Have a lovely day.

  93. I could swear I posted here and added my post to Mr. Linky!
    Your porch is just beautiful, and I hope you get to spend a lot of relaxing times there..It is very inviting..Love all the blue and white!

  94. Oh Rhondi, I just LOVE your home and porch! It's just lovely.

    The blue and white is just classically gorgeous. I can't wait to come back and visit again!


  95. Rhondi - just beautiful.. I love all the blue... and your bunnies... and your white wicker... oh heck, I love it all!!!! Loved visiting you!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  96. Always beautiful, Rhondi -- I LOVE your porch!

  97. Your porch is so beautiful! Thanks for hosting the party. My post actually shows up as Tuesdays, I think I have the clock setting wrong and it must have been after was a little before 10 pm here when I posted it.
    Hopefully next year I will show up on time for your party.

  98. Thanks for being a great hostess for such a fun porch party! I have really enjoyed checking out all the outdoor spaces! Yours is lovely!

  99. If I had a house with a porch I would want it to look just like yours. I love all the blue and white dishes and teapot and the lemon bars. I am sitting now with a large ice tea looking at all the porches and having a fun time peaking at all the gorgeous porches.

  100. Your porch is just as lovely as I remember it! Oh, I just adore that sweet little wicker chair for the small ones! It's beyond charming.

    You are still the master of white and blue! I love that you dressed to match. It was wonderful to see a pic of you sitting on your beautiful porch.

    I sure wish I could have participated this year, but I really don't have a very pretty space now since I had to move. Maybe I can join in the fun next year!


  101. Love your beautiful porch! You have such a wonderful eye for color. Thanks for having a porch party! Madeline

  102. I am in love with all your blue and white touches. It is beautiful. You have a wonderful talent of display. I really enjoyed seeing your great porch.
    Jean in Virginia

  103. What a fun party. Thanks so much for inviting me. I will be back. You've got a lovely porch and a lovely yard. Such a fun way to spend an afternoon. And I like your pants!

  104. Yea!! I can't wait to start visiting everyone and seeing their porch. Come on over to my craftsman style home and our big old fashioned front porch!

  105. My dear Rhondi! What a beautiful front porch you have. I have told you that before. I miss having a porch as they don't exist here. Your porch says welcome and come sit for a while. It is the definition of hospitality. Thanks for all you share with us.

    Hugs ~

  106. Better late than never!!
    Hugs from my front porch.


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