Monday, February 13, 2012

How To Peel An Egg

 This morning one of my facebook friends asked did anyone have a trick for peeling eggs.  There were 31 comments: how long to boil it, how old the egg is, cool it in ice water, peel it under running water, roll it around the counter etc.  There was only one other one besides me who knew the trick.  Her name was Oma which I think means Grandmother.
All you need is a spoon.

I learned this only recently from my daughter in law who learned it from her Grandma.   I am amazed that I have been boiling eggs for 50 years and never knew this.
So if you have struggled with the shell sticking to the egg or the egg having little  indentations all over it, like mini moon craters, your troubles are OVER!!!

Tap the egg lightly with a spoon to  crack some of the shell.

Slip a spoon under the shell.

 Work the spoon around the surface of the egg.  The shell comes off smoothly and evenly every time!

 See how easily it comes off?
Voila! No little bits of shell stuck to the egg, a nice smooth egg!
Easy shmeasy!!

I like to sprinkle some salt on it and eat it whole.

Hope this little lesson was helpful :)

Rhondi xo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

Do you ever get so busy with life that you don't do the things you love to do? I'm sure you do.  That is what has happened to me and  my blog. I just love looking at the world through my rose colored glasses, recording little snippets of my life  and yet I haven't been doing that.

So here I am today writing a few random thoughts, saying hello and generally just rambling!

Spring has arrived early here in North Carolina.  The cherry tree on our front lawn is blooming. If I had been organized I could have shared it with Beverly's Pink Saturday!

 The camelia bushes are covered with flowers.

 All the hellebores have been out for weeks.

Last week we had visitors in the woods behind our house.  Can you see them?

Here is a closer look.  They are so pretty to watch but they are a nuisance because they eat all my flowers!

When we were out for a morning walk recently I found a bunch of these feathers on the path.  Don't they look like polka dots?  I wonder what kind of bird it was, maybe a woodpecker.

 I love to have real flowers inside.  The daffodils are from my garden.  The forsythia is from Michaels.  I love it because it looks so real.  They brighten up my "office" sitting on the table where I work.
Those are my random thoughts on this dull rainy Saturday.  It's just so nice to chat with you again.  I wonder what you are doing today?

Rhondi xo