Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday


Today is our son’s 29th birthday.  He is the youngest  of three brothers, but now he is the tallest.  My dad died just 2 weeks before Dave was born so when he came along he helped fill a big hole in my heart.

Happy birthday Dave.  I love you so very much. I hope and pray that this is your best year ever! 

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am joining in with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. And also with Susan at Between Naps On a Porch.

Pssst...that’s the sound of spray paint. I bought these roosters on Saturday at a yard sale, for just $3 for all of them. I bought a can of spray paint, psssst…DSC08087

And voila! a very elegant pair of roosters. DSC08090


I put them on top of the china cabinet in the dining room and they look perfect there. They certainly don’t look like a pair of $3 roosters any more.


Too bad it isn’t that easy to transform ourselves!

In case you're wondering what happened to the smallest rooster, it didn't want to be a white rooster :)

It is a very dull day here today, the kind of day you need all the lights on in the house, a very lazy day. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

Rhondi xo

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday


Today I am thankful for a husband who every day goes cheerfully off to work even though the company he works is suffering in this economy and if things don’t pick up, may have to close it’s doors at the end of the year.

I’m thankful for all you lovely bloggers who joined the fall party and left such sweet comments.

I’m thankful for the good health to be able to go for a walk every morning and a greenway with a walking/biking path in the woods right behind our house where we can walk.

What are you thankful for today? 

Rhondi xo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Party’s Over


The last slice of pie is gone. 

Thanks for making my first Welcome Fall Party a great success.  It was so wonderful meeting lots of new bloggers, making new friends and greeting old friends too. 

Thank you to all of you who showed us your homes decked out for fall and thanks to those who just stopped by for a visit and left a comment.

I appreciate every one of you.

Rhondi xo

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall Party

September 22 is the first official day of fall and so we’re having a party to celebrate! I’m so glad you came to my party.


I baked an apple pie just for you.


I picked some dogwood branches. They are so pretty in the fall with the red berries on them.DSC08057

It’s a very lovely day so I’ve set a table out on the front porch.DSC08060

Got my pumpkin teapot.


These plates I got recently at GW have pumpkins on them.DSC08062

And of course I have to have a blue and white pumpkin too!DSC08063

Why don’t you have a seat in one of the rockers and I’ll serve you a nice big slice of pie.DSC08064 DSC08065

If you are posting about your welcome fall party, please post first and then sign in with Mr Linky. Make sure that you link to the fall party post and not just your general blog. To do that, view your post and double click on the title. That will put the exact post as the URL. Then you can copy and paste the URL with Mr Linky.

Thanks for coming to my party. I know you are going to enjoy the other parties a lot. They’re expecting you!

Happy Fall!

Rhondi xo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome Fall





Pumpkins, with blue leaves of course!DSC08026





All say fall is here!

DSC08025DSC08022 DSC08003

A display on my table to say “Welcome fall. I’m glad you’re here!”DSC08017

The first day of fall is officially Tuesday September 22. It has been a hot summer in NC and I’m ready for fall. How about you?

Let’s have a Welcome Fall Day on September 22. Copy the button on my sidebar, tell your friends, post about something related to autumn/fall and come join the party on September 22. I’ll have Mr Linky set up and you can join in the celebration!


See you Tuesday!

Rhondi xo

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun With A New Friend

If you have been blogging for any length of time you know how nice people in blogland are. There is a very sweet lady who reads my blog and she invited me to go thrifting with her in Monroe NC which is where she lives.

I met her at her home and just had to show you a couple of pictures of it. My new friend is a typical southern girl, sweet, pretty and gracious and it is reflected in her beautiful home. Isn’t this room elegant and beautiful?


This antique family heirloom full of rose covered china greeted me in the entryway.


My new friend collects tole trays and has them displayed beautifully in her kitchen. It is a wonderful collection.

DSC07981DSC07982 DSC07983

Aren’t they stunning?

After stopping at McAlister’s Deli and having their decadent chocolate spoon bread for lunch, (why have a soup or salad when you can just get right to the dessert?) we headed off to some of her favorite thrift shops. I only took photos of one. The owner is Betty Baker. She’ll give you a good southern welcome and make you feel right at home.

The shop is Golden Girls Antiques 306 West Windsor St. Monroe NC 28112 704-296-5550.

Come on in and take a look around. There’s lots to see. Betty has a talent for arranging everything with flair.



DSC07991DSC07993 DSC07994






I told you the shop was wonderful! I only bought one small item, but I’ll show you that another day. My new friend and I had lots in common and I had such a great time. We decided that we’ll have to do this again soon.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Rhondi xo

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thursday, a day I post about something I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for :

That is the church we go to on Charlotte NC. It is such a wonderful church to be a part of. We are seeing lives changed, marriages restored, teenagers excited about Jesus, and our attendance growing every week. We are making an impact on the city of Charlotte, giving our support to quite a number of the existing charities in our city. Our vision is to see "people far from God be filled with life in Christ"
I am thankful for a church that is exciting to go to and be a part of. It's too bad that in many people's minds an exciting church is an oxymoron! If you live anywhere near Charlotte come and visit. Here is a link to the website.
Every Thursday morning I volunteer at the church office, so I'm headed off to there shortly.
Hope you have a great Thursday.
What are you thankful for today?

Rhondi xo

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday


Today is our daughter in law’s birthday. She is the most awesome mom, a loving wife to our son, one of the most giving people I have known and we are so happy that we have her in our family.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday dear daughter in law. We love you!

Rhondi xo

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tea For Two

Good morning! I’ve just put the kettle on and hope you can stay and have a cup of tea with me.DSC07964

red teapot blog 013

I picked some fresh flowers. Well actually I bought them at Dollar Tree and they're fake. They have some great flowers there right now.


I’ve put the tea things on a tray.


Since it’s morning I think that we’ll use mugs, 25 cents each at the thrift shop. These ones have hearts and cherries. Gotta love cherries and hearts!


I love dots too!


The tea is ready. I’ve put it on my tea trolley and rolled it into the living room.DSC07971

Come and sit down. I’ll pour the tea. I’d love to make you coffee, but since my husband says I make the worse coffee in the world I’d suggest you have tea! DSC07974

Two friends are coming to quilt here today. Mary is a fabulous cook and she is bringing homemade soup.

Tonight our church group meets here. Every Tuesday we meet at our house and share a meal together and have a discussion . There are 7 couples and each week someone brings the main course, another brings salad and another brings dessert. So that means that we only have to cook a dinner every 7th Tuesday. We all love that! I am doing main course and am taking the easy way: store bought lasagna and garlic bread.

So tell me, what are you up to these days? How is your family? What is it that has you worried, excited, hopeful, encouraged today?

By the way. You all guessed right. The little chicken's tail was measuring spoons and they were a little chipped from use :)

Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed chatting with you!

Rhondi xo