Monday, September 7, 2009

The Book Lady

Last week I discovered a delightful used book store in Monroe which is about a half hour from where I live. The name of the store is The Book Lady. It was filled to the brim with books and bustling with people. Here is the book lady.


The shop was packed with books from floor to ceiling.


Everywhere I looked the shelves were full of books.DSC07883DSC07880

There were cozy places to sit.

DSC07805 DSC07810 DSC07875

Another spot to sit and read.DSC07870

More comfortable looking chairs.DSC07867

There was a great selection of decorating books.DSC07889 DSC07888DSC07811

A very interesting cookbook area. DSC07881 DSC07869

Books were piled everywhere!

DSC07886 DSC07866 DSC07808

It was the kind of place you could spend hours in and while you were there you would definitely fall in love with Josephine. I think she actually posed for this picture!DSC07890

The Book Lady is a gem of a store and the owner is absolutely delightful. I really enjoyed my visit there.

Have you been to any interesting shops lately?

Rhondi xo


  1. I love used book stores, and this one looks like a gem. I'll bet my three Standards would have loved to play with Josephine. They love all dogs, but especially other poodles.

  2. What a delightful store! I could spend hours there.

  3. I would LOVE to visit there! Book stores are like food to me...I feel like I'm starving when I'm not reading. We have some great used book stores in my area, but this one looks so's just wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  4. Rhondi,
    It looks like my idea of heaven Rhondi- I love book stores - especially used ones that have bits and bobs of collectibles available for sale. We have a little shop like that one, called Belgravia books and Treasures and I go there when I feel the need of something to brighten my day. It always makes me feel better and I often find something interesting and fun to take home for a reasonable price.

    The shop looks really lovely.

    Gail sent me a lovely photo of you and another of your friends at Lake Ohara- It looked like a gorgeous place to visit old friends.
    Have a great week.
    Warmest regards,

  5. Looks like a great little shop. Book stores are my favorite. Mimi

  6. I could easily spend an entire afternoon in a place like that. I love the decor of the cookbook station!

  7. What a wonderful book store! My favourite section was the cookery book section. No surprise there!! I don't get out shopping much except to Grocery stores but my favourite shopw when I do get out is Lakeland. A cooks shop filled with all sorts of cooking goodies, again no surprise there!

  8. Love that shop!! Would love to visit and find a good book and curl up in one of those chairs and visit for awhile. Great find!

  9. What a darling book store. I love that you can pull up a comfy chair and browse:>)

  10. This is my kind of bookstore! Oh I love the cozy corners being set up. There's nothing better that picking a book and having your own cozy chair to read :-)


  11. Wow! I would love that bookstore. I love the cozy places to sit and read-I have never seen a bookstore like that.The book lady looks like such a happy friendly lady.

  12. Now this is my idea of a bookstore! Love the decor and the billions of books but the sweet lady and her pooch really add the life to the store, I'm sure! Thanks for taking us along. I wish I could stay home today, curl up and read. ~Adrienne~

  13. Now there's a day's work!!! But what wonderful fun! I love the cookbook section; I think I'd hang out there first!

  14. Wow! That is definitely a place I could love.

  15. Now that's my kinda bookstore...cozy..inviting and packed to the rafters!!

  16. What a wonderful place. My dream was to have a bookstore/coffee shop. Maybe one day. Loved the pics.


  17. Oh, my! This is just my kind of place. I could spend hours here. I love all the comfy spots to sit and thumb through the books. We have lost most of our small independent book stores. It's so sad! Thanks for sharing this wonderful spot. I wish The Book Lady much success! ~ Sarah

  18. There is nothing like a good bookshop. I order my books online as it is not easy to find the titles I am looking for in shops here. I get this warm feeling you had when I open a box of books I ordered. Did you sit for a while and enjoy looking through the books? It sounds like this will be a shop you return to.

    Hugs ~

  19. What a great looking store! I love the cook book that is original!

  20.! What a wonderful book shop!!! I so wish I had been there with you! Just my kind of place!!

    Bless you,

  21. That looks like a fabulous bookstore. I wish that I could spend several hours there. I love the cozy little sitting areas and the old stove with the cookbooks. What fun!

  22. What a happy and delightful looking book store!

  23. This book store is truly delightful...I would love to go there!

  24. Forgot to tell you today that we have been here many times, especially when it used to be in the Flea Market. It looks like she has organized and added a lot! Thanks again for the tea today!

  25. I would love to meet up with you there some day Rhondi - a fabulous bookshop - and that's the cutest poodle!

  26. Ok, my heart is sick--that place looks fantabulous!! You should tell us where it is because you never know in our travels we may be around that area!!

  27. Oh this looks like great fun!
    This is my idea of a store to spend some time in.
    d from HomeHaven

  28. Oh my! How I'd love to visit this fantastic bookstore...too bad it's so far away. What a blessing for you, though. Those cozy reading places truly are cozy.

  29. My hubby sometimes goes to Matthews for work--it would be cool if he could travel over to the bookstore--not sure how far Matthews is from the store?

  30. What a fabulous bookstore! I could spend all day in there, and spend a bundle as well. I love used bookstores, and this one looks like the most organized and charming one EVER!


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