Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn Decor

Outside signs of autumn decor are everywhere: trees are changing color, pumpkins are plentiful.  Time to bring a little of that autumn color inside.  I’m not a fan of autumn colors.  I prefer the blue, white, yellow, green.

                     Fortunately orange goes great with blue, so these poppies and pumpkin are perfect.
                                                                    The mantel gets a new look.

                                                A beaded metal pumpkin holds a little votive candle.

                                    Some green apples sit in some blue and white china.

                                  A $4 stack of baskets  and a $1 metal tin from yard sales sit in front.

A cozy throw, from Restoration Hardware, $2 at a yard sale and a new green cover for the pillow make things feel cozier.
 A pumpkin soup tureen, $3 at GW sits on a table, and an orange quilt is folded below.

 A little coziness for my autumn decor. 
Rhondi xo
P.S. It’s fun to look back and se what I did in the past:  2008, 2009,  2011, 2013

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Garden

It’s September and my garden is a mess!  As soon as it turns hot my poor garden gets ignored, so my September garden never looks good.  Right now it is full of weeds.  The neighbors have a mimosa tree that drops a gazillion seeds in our garden and I think every one of them has sprouted!  But in amongst the weeds there are some pretty things growing.

                                        The sedum is beautiful. This one is called “autumn joy”.

                                  Our beauty berry bush is loaded with these beautiful purple berries.

                                           The blossoms on this solidago remind me of fireworks!
                                 The rain lilies are popping up everywhere and they are so cheerful.

I don’t remember planting this begonia in this planter so it might have seeded itself .  Such a delicate blossom and a beautiful color of pink.
So even though the September garden is a mess there is still beauty to be found. There are still flowers blooming among the weeds. Isn’t that how it is with life?  It can be a mess, chaotic, stressful, but if you look hard enough, you can usually find something to be thankful for in the midst of it.
Rhondi xo