Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn Decor

Outside signs of autumn decor are everywhere: trees are changing color, pumpkins are plentiful.  Time to bring a little of that autumn color inside.  I’m not a fan of autumn colors.  I prefer the blue, white, yellow, green.

                     Fortunately orange goes great with blue, so these poppies and pumpkin are perfect.
                                                                    The mantel gets a new look.

                                                A beaded metal pumpkin holds a little votive candle.

                                    Some green apples sit in some blue and white china.

                                  A $4 stack of baskets  and a $1 metal tin from yard sales sit in front.

A cozy throw, from Restoration Hardware, $2 at a yard sale and a new green cover for the pillow make things feel cozier.
 A pumpkin soup tureen, $3 at GW sits on a table, and an orange quilt is folded below.

 A little coziness for my autumn decor. 
Rhondi xo
P.S. It’s fun to look back and se what I did in the past:  2008, 2009,  2011, 2013

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