Saturday, June 28, 2008

Are They Here Yet?

Good morning. It is such a beautiful morning and I have missed chatting with you. So this morning I thought it would be a good idea to sit out on the deck and enjoy the day before it gets too hot. I've poured a cup of tea.
Everything is so fresh and green after the thunderstorm we had yesterday. We must have a green cup and saucer to match!
I've put the teacup on my favorite little wrought iron table.

Let's sit down and relax .
Enjoy some of the greenery in the planters: sweet woodruff, creeping jenny and a very interesting type of fern whose name I don't know.
The beautiful variation of colors in houttuynia.

As you know I have been getting ready for the grandkids to arrive. I found this cute child's rocker at Goodwill, which is just the right size for litttle grands. It looks identical to the full size rocker that was in our kitchen when I was growing up so it, so I just had to buy it for sentimental reasons! I'd eventually like to paint it, but not before they arrive. I can just picture the grandchildren taking turns rocking in it.

I have this little wicker chair which you've seen on my front porch if you came to the summer porch party. I think our little granddaughter will love it.
And this cute rustic garden chair.
So everyone can join Grandma on the deck!
Right now the chairs are sadly sitting empty as we wait for them to arrive.
I even found this cute table and chairs at a garage sale the other day. It sits empty as we wait...
We've borrowed lots of toys from friends and lots of books from the library and I've bought lots of goodies to eat. We checked out a lot of places that are fun to take kids. We are so excited because the 2 year olds have never been to our house and the 4 year old has only been here once, when she was around 7 months old, so she doesn't remember coming to Grandma's house.

Originally we thought they would be here this weekend and then it was supposed to be Monday, but we just found out last night that our son has an important meeting at work Monday so now they plan to arrive late Tuesday night.
I feel just the kids on a long trip asking, "Are we there yet? Only I keep asking, "Are they here yet?"
Rhondi xo

Monday, June 23, 2008

Taking a Break

I'm taking a little break from blogging. I've got lots to do because our 2 sons and their wives and our 3 wonderful grandkids are coming next week. I may stop by to say hello but I probably won't be writing any posts for little while.
Rhondi xo

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Girls just want to have fun, so the song says and there is a lot of fun going on in blogland this weekend. Cielo at The House in The Roses has organized a garden party. Make sure you visit her to see some amazing and beautiful gardens.

Welcome to my garden. Let me show you around. This is a little garden by our side door. My gardening angel greets you as you arrive.
I have fun little pots of sedums and grasses.

There is a sign that gardeners sometimes have in their garden which says, "You should have been here last week!" I kind of feel like that because my garden isn't very full of color right now. These were blooming a month ago. So were these.
This is what's blooming this week, but they are scattered all over the garden, so I thought you'd like to see a close up before we go for a walk through the garden.
Come with me. The favorite thing in my garden right now is this hydrangea bush. I just love it, don't you? I've picked so many blooms already and it's still full!

Let's take a stroll through my garden.

Around the side of the house

Down at the edge of our driveway. I love the Japanese maple!
As you can see, my garden is mostly different shades of green right now. I love the variegated hosta and how it stands out against all the plain green. Perhaps some of you remember Daisy, the deer that had taken up residence in our yard in the winter? Well I think she has been back because some of my hostas have been nibbled!
I have lots of ferns.
and wooded areas.
That's just a little tour of my garden. If you have time, I'll pour you a cold drink. It's pretty hot today!

Two girls who like to have fun are Kari and Kijsa. They are featuring mantles and asked us to show you what are amntles look like.
Here is the mantle in our TV room. As you can see I prescribe to the theory that more is more! I love to mix books, china, pictures and candlesticks on my mantles.

Here is how the same mantle looked last Christmas with a symmetrical arrangement.
This is the summer arrangement on the mantle in our living room. It is just a fireplace front, not a real fireplace but I get to have fun decorating a mantle!!
Here is the same mantle last Christmas.
Make sure you visit Kari and Kijsa to see a lot more interesting mantles. You'll enjoy seeing their wonderful pictures too.

Beverly At How Sweet the Sound is celebrating Pink Saturday. Go visit her and see all the other blogs who are featuring PINK.

So as I said "girls just want to have fun" and there's lots of fun going on in blogland this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend.

Rhondi xo

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Flea Market

I've been doing some cleaning and sorting and have a few things to sell today. Maybe you have the perfect spot for one of them. To enlarge any picture, just click on it.

1. cute little print 7"x9" $6 2. another print 7"x9" $6
3. Beautiful wool needlework piece 13"x23" $15

Here's a close up.
4. Small cotton cloth 33"x33" $12 SOLD Close up of detail. There is a tiny spot there which I didn't notice until just now so I'll make sure it's gone.
Close up of the lace edge.

5. Vintage linen cloth 16"x25" $8

Close up of detail.

6. Vintage linen hand towel with lace edge 15"x23" $6 SOLD Close up of lace.

7. Vintage linen runner 13"x49" ivory color. I have 2 of these. $10 each 1 SOLD

Close up of detail.

8. Vintage linen cloth 50"x50" $15
Close up.

9. Set of 4 "Vera" napkins (1960s ?) $8 for the set. SOLD

10. Vintage cloth 46"x51" $22
Close up

All these items are in very good condition. The cost of shipping will be added to the price. If you are interested in buying something, leave a comment telling me which item and I'll get back to you to arrange sending it. If you don't have a blog, email me with your contact info. You can find my email by clicking "view complete profile".

Hope you have a great weekend.

Rhondi xo