Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Words

Here is a saying I've always liked. I painted this years ago and it was tucked away in a closet. Then Jeanne reminded me of the saying , so I got it out of hiding and am going to hang it somewhere again. Thanks Jeanne.
Rhondi xo


  1. I love that, but I've never heard it before.

    You and Jeanne are quite clever ladies.

  2. I like that saying too! And I also love words. I love your pictures of words, words, words.


  3. I admire your skills. I can do many crafty things. But painting is just not one of them! I'm a klutz!

  4. Oh I love that. I cannot believe you painted that. Wow.

  5. Thank you for stopping in at At Home in the Country and for your sweet words. This really has been fun meeting such wonderful people.

  6. Beautiful, Rhondi. What a treasure, the fact that you painted it makes it more special. I love the words!
    Have a good day!

  7. Rhondi - my beautiful hydrangeas, like yours, look so sad by noon. Today they really seem exhausted and about to give up after so much intense heat for over a week now. Tomorrow is my allowed watering day so I'll set the alarm for 5:50 AM so I can be outside at 6 AM and start the hoses and sprinklers - I only have until 10 AM so must make the most of it.

    Love all your writing - I'm also prone to anything with the written word and have signs everywhere!

    Stay cool dear - looks like the heat may continue for some time yet. Canada sounds like a good place to visit right now - let's go!!

  8. Hi Rhondi! Thank you so much for your prayer and kind comments. Mom is doing better today but we don't know when she'll be back home. Hugs! Vanessa

  9. You painted such a pretty plaque, Rhondi! It deserves a place of honor in your home. I always use that saying -- it's so true!
    Hugs, Pat

  10. That is a really cute sign, and true! You are a really good decorative painter!


    I just posted new tea room pictures, if you missed them when you visited my blog! Thanks for visiting!

  11. Hi Rhondi,
    The painting on the plaque is beautiful and I love the saying.

  12. Lovely words, Rhondi - here and in your previous post too. You are good with words, and generous too. I enjoy your blogs and love that you take time to write nearly every day. I'm not there yet - but I'm working on it!

  13. Hi Rhondi -
    That is SO cute! If you don't find a spot for it I have a place you can hang it. Here at my house. But you have move in with me to enjoy it. Or visit often! You did such a nice job. I love the sweet little saying.

  14. Rhondi, that is beautiful! You did such a good job on this, I love it!!


  15. Hi Rhondi, I love your sign. I am glad it came out of hiding. Mine is so different. It is stitched, I have an idea for a post. My laundry is a collection of fifties cross stitch items. Come and see tomorrow. smile

    Love ya, Jeanne

    ps. come over today and see something special!

  16. Hello and what a lovely place you have to visit! The yellow is so cheerful. "Quilts, homes, gardens, grandkids" are among my favorite topics, so I'll be back to visit you. Please feel welcome to stop by and visit me any time, too! ~ Arleen

  17. Rhondi, you are one talented lady! That is some beautiful painting:>)

  18. WOW! That is so cute. You are so talented as a painter dear Rhondi. I just want to sneak over to your house and 'borrow' this adorable little sigh. LOL! I have never heard this saying before. How cute.

    Hugs ~

  19. How nice this has left the closet ... I love it!

    Greetings & hugs, Carolien


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