Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tomorrow ....

Tomorrow is the summer porch party. It's still not too late if you want to join. There are over 60 porches to visit so it is going to be so much fun.!! Just leave a comment letting me know you'd like to join. You can post pictures of your own porch or a dream porch. See you tomorrow.

Rhondi xo


  1. My front porch is only big enough for a Phoebe's nest, so I'll have to have my "front porch party" in the back yard. I'm working on the details and hope to post the photos tomorrow. Thanks for a fun idea.
    Hugs, Laura

  2. Rhondi, I can hardly wait. You will definitely find me on your front porch.

  3. Hello Rhondi!
    Ooooh what would I like to join the party, but in Holland it is not so common to have a front porch or even a porch at all! Most times the weather is not very warm and sunny.
    I am looking forward to many beautifull pictures. Thank you very much for your wonderfull web-log, you give me a lot of ideas!
    Hartelijke groeten uit Nederland,

  4. My porch is there, mixed with a photo of my roses, which are finally flowering!

  5. Dear Rhondi finally I finish!! I place my post right now!! See you tomorrow!! xxGloria
    (Is the porch I would like!!!)

  6. Rhondi,
    I am ready for the party. My post is set to publish at 7:00 am. Can't wait. I am very excited to visit all the wonderful parties. Thank you so much for hosting this bash.

  7. I'd be happy to join your porch party!! I love your blog!

  8. Hi Rhondi,
    I found a nice porch photo, so please count me in.
    Jeanne :)

  9. Hi Rhondi,
    See your porch tomorrow.

  10. Dear Rhondi,

    Edward and I will be happy to welcome everyone to our porch! See you Thursday!


  11. This will be fun, I'll isit since we are painting ours..I could get ideas!

  12. Hi Rhondi! I would love to join you on the veranda/porch party. See you tomorrow.

    Irma :)

  13. Great porch party , love it . I really love your blue glass I have some of my own . Lovely blog .

  14. Your porch just spells SUMMER. I love it !
    I just found your blog and I need to get to bed as it's late, but will finish reading it tomorrow.
    I do have pictures of my new kitchen in progress if you would like to come and visit sometime. I started last week and it is taking shape slowly, but it takes time.
    In any case, I will come back and view your porch party. have fun !!!!

  15. I so wanted to join the fun but the wind has blown here so hard yesterday and today...over 50 mph at times and all our flowers and plants are just blown to bits. We are so hot (102 today) and so dry...
    My porch is just not pretty enuf to add to all the lovely ones...BUT, you can bet I will be looking at all of them !!

  16. Hi Rhonda, I had said to Jo from Vintage Lane that I would join in on your Porch Party ( I will sit out the front of my house, have a cup of tea and dream) anyhow my computer died yesterday and I couldn't leave a comment, but I will join you guys today and look at your blogs and post a dream veranda I wouldn't mind if I owned. Enjoy your Party.
    A cup of tea to you!
    Quilty Hugs

  17. I am be too late, but I've posted my porch pics.

    What a great idea! I love looking at them. You have an awesome blog.


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