Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday

My husband and I go for a walk first thing in the morning. This morning was a beautiful, crisp cool morning with fluffy clouds in the sky. As we walked I was thinking about what I am thankful for today. I couldn't seem to narrow it down to just one thing.

So, today I am thankful for a cool morning, good health, children and grandchildren, a good man for a husband, strength, hope, a lovely home and garden, and knowing that Jesus loves me.

What are you thankful for today?
Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi!

    Today, I am thankful for so many of the same things you are! No grandchildren yet...

    I am also thankful for your lovely blog. It's a place I come often for inspiration!

    Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday, Chris

  2. I'm thankful for:

    *almost being finished setting up for my garage sale on Saturday

    *cool, beautiful day

    *Grand-baby, Elizabeth

    *All of my Friends & Family

    *Being saved by Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

    *That my garden is growing by leaps and bounds - looking forward to the Garden Party (by Cielo) on Saturday!

    *And....the cheesecake squares I plan to bake in my free time this next week.


  3. OOOOOPS!! LOL!!!

    Missed one the MOST important things I'm thankful for -

    *My loving husband, Tom - 3 year anniversary next Wednesday!!!

  4. So many things to be thankful for, the most important being my wonderful husband, always supportive and kind.
    And for my good friends, both 'real' and 'virtual'!

  5. Oh there are SO many things to be thankful for if you just stop and think of them isn't there!?!
    The hydrangeas from your last post are gorgeous! I do love hydrangeas.
    And the twins........ oh my goodness and they precious!!!
    Have a wonderful and blessed day!
    -Heather :)

  6. I too love looking at the beautiful sky and happy to know I live in this wonderful country. I am sooooo very thankful for my family and thank the two currently serving in the army to protect us.
    What a beautiful thoughtful entry this is. I would love to copy it sometime.

  7. There are so many things to be thankful for. Today I'm thankful for the sunshine.

  8. I love your "Thankful Thursday's"! What a great idea! I am thankful for my husband, Tom. Yesterday we celebrated 25 years of marriage and though we have been separated for the past two years, we get along very well (better than when we lived together). Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but whatever works, right??!! He surprised me at work with a very nice picture of the two of us which I will try to post tonight on my blog, red roses, a beautiful silver bracelet with a silver and gold heart and a very touching card thanking me for being a wonderful wife and mother to our two children. He is a good man and I am thankful for our life together.

  9. Hi Rhondi! how are you!!! by the way, your party was great!all so cute, beautiful porch, so cute persons and blog!congratulation, I had a lot of visit! thanks so much for your nice party!
    I love sky! very nice picture
    see you soon in my blog, on saturday we will have two party, in my blog I add information! I hope you too!BY FOR NOW
    besos y abrazos desde Argentina!!!!

  10. Rhondi, your pictures is beautiful.

    I am thankful for life itself.

  11. Hello Rhondi! I'm really thankful for being alive!! Hugs, Vanessa

  12. Hi Rhondi, isn't it just everyday life that we have so much to be thanksful for. God is all around us and that is so good. Your little twin grandboys are darling.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  13. Those are very good things indeed, Rhondi. you are blessed. I'm thankful my son is still with us after his burst appendix not operated on until 3 days later!.

    Lovely fluffy clouds. Isn't it incredible how we take such beauty for granted.?

  14. Rhondi,
    Your cloud picture is so pretty. We all have so much to be thankful for don't we. Thank you for this reminder!

  15. Every morning I open my eyes and I am just thankful to be here and enjoying the wonderful life that I am!

  16. Hi Rhondi, a beautiful sky there. We are bathed in a sheet of grotty low cloud at the moment. Today I am grateful for completing a job application. It has only taken me all morning! x

  17. I am grateful for good health and the love of friends! Thanks for the tag - my first ever! I post my response over the weekend. Mmm, my five favourite things... Love Eleanor

  18. I'm late to post, but I'm thankful that Todd and the kids had a safe mission trip and will be returning tonight!
    Thanks for the opportunity to count my blessings!

  19. I'm thankful that the Lord always provides. I'm a day late, but I was thankful yesterday too!

  20. Rhondi, Thank you for reminding us to be thankful each and every day for what God has given us and blessed us with each day. Our first breath when we awake each day, our sight, our hearing, our Family, friends, old and new.
    As I am writing this I am listening to your beautiful music, playing now is "Young at Heart" by Blue Eyes, how appropriate, may we always be blessed to live Young at Heart, even as we increase the years of our lives, they are only numbers.


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