Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

At a time when parts of the country are experiencing severe flood conditions, I feel kind of weird saying I am thankful for the rain. But here in North Carolina we have been in a drought and really need the rain.
So today I am thankful for the nice long rain we had yesterday.
To any of you who are suffering the effects of flooding, our prayers are with you.

What are you thankful for today?

Rhondi xo


  1. I'm glad for your area that you received the much needed rain. In the Kansas City, MO area, we've had LOTS of rain. Some of the areas close to us yesterday and last night were hit by more tornadoes. I have a "love-hate" feeling about this time of the year in the mid-west. We always have a mixed bag of weather tricks in May and June. Just when we finally start getting warm, decent temps---we are nailed by floods and winds. Guess that's the price we pay for living in the middle of the USA---but I still love it here and wouldn't trade it for any other spot!

  2. Gosh, I'm thankful for so much! But if I had to pick one thing today I would say my health. There seems to be so much illness that comes up so unexpectedly.

    I love the pics of your flowers after the rain. I hope we won't have a drought like we had last year.

  3. I'm glad you received rain yesterday. It has been a while since we have had some. I will be very grateful when that happens.

    I am grateful for the people that work in my group. They are so great at their jobs, and it makes my life so much more pleasant.

  4. I am thankful for that we can talk to GOD every day of our live and for his grace and fore person like you.

  5. Your banner is soo~~~ pretty! I am always thankful for rain and I will pray with you for those who are in the flooded areas.
    God Bless,

  6. Rhondi I love your new banner!
    It's perfect!!!

    I am greatful for warmer days, sunshine, and grandbabies!

    I tagged you....come by my blog for more details1

    Have a fun weekend,

  7. We too have had a slight weather change today, much cooler and a spot or two of rain.
    I am so thankful for my roses right now. I sat out in the garden at 11pm last night, and just breathed in the scents in the evening . What a wonderful God and Creator we have.

  8. I'm thankful for my fans to keep me cool in the heat and my good health..


  9. Hi Rhondi -
    I'm thankful for the rain that makes my part of the world so beautiful. But I'm thankful that we are supposed to have a few days of sunshine now. And warmth! Most of all I'm thankful for the wonderful friends God give me. That includes you!

  10. Hi Rhondi,
    We are in a drought here is Sunny California. I wouldn't mind a little rain.
    Today I am thankful for hot water.
    We were without hot water yesterday, and you don't realize how you miss it.

  11. I am thankful for being blessed to be capable of so many things like working, cooking, cleaning, decorating, reading, smiling, caring, wondering, appreciating, creating, inspiring, motivating and loving. And I thank you for making me take a moment to think about and express my gratitude.

  12. Happy to hear you got some rain at last. We were in the 80's today but no rain.

  13. Hi rhondi,
    we need a good soaking rain too. most yards are already turning brown. we had about 5 minutes downpour yesterday and I'm thankful for that.

  14. Hi Rhondi, I love your new banner. It's just so pretty.

    Each day I give thanks I'm cancer free, for my loving family and my faithful companion Lily. Hugs, Linda

  15. Glad you got rain
    I'm thankful for
    expecting a miracle!!

  16. Hello friend...Ohhhh I love your header...and I have quickly scrolled thru some of your blog and I love it...such I candy!!! I am a porch person thru and thru!! lol lol Thank you so much for coming by and for the sweet note! It is hot and humid down here in the South...we had about 15 minutes of a good rain yesterday afternoon! lol I am thankful I woke up alive and well and in my right mind this morning...I am thankful that I can see the hand of God moving each day in my and my family's lives. Thanks again for coming by....I sure have enjoyed my visit here!

  17. Your banner is lovely!
    I'm thankful for the nice rain we had last night. And for my sweet husband. Saturday is our 22nd wedding anniversary, and it has been quite a ride.
    Thank you for making me think about that!

  18. We don't get rain in the summer here. It would be nice. We just have to have sprinkler systems for everything or just keep busy watering in order to have a garden and lawn.

    I'm thankful for air conditioning and a good results on my blood test yesterday.

    Kathy b

  19. I am thankful that my son-in-law is such a fantastic father to my grandson. In fact I blogged about it today.

  20. I am always thankful the rain. It is one of my favorite porch sitting activities.....listening to it rain.

    Today I am Thankful for my daughter's and her unborn baby's continued good health.

    Blessings! Rosie

  21. Send some rain my way please - we're desperate after the heat wave!

    About the Digestive biscuits. I always love McVitie's brand, the English original, but they are so expensive when you find them over here. I've see them at World Market and at Kroger where they have the international food section.
    However, about a year ago I found some at our local Lebanese bakery/food shop/restaurant. They are actually baked in Spain and are called SIRO Digestive. I think I like then even better as they are a little thinner and crisper....and only $1.99 a 14 oz. packet!

    Hope your week is going well Rhondi.

  22. Thank God it rained for you!

    Hugs ~


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