Saturday, June 28, 2008

Are They Here Yet?

Good morning. It is such a beautiful morning and I have missed chatting with you. So this morning I thought it would be a good idea to sit out on the deck and enjoy the day before it gets too hot. I've poured a cup of tea.
Everything is so fresh and green after the thunderstorm we had yesterday. We must have a green cup and saucer to match!
I've put the teacup on my favorite little wrought iron table.

Let's sit down and relax .
Enjoy some of the greenery in the planters: sweet woodruff, creeping jenny and a very interesting type of fern whose name I don't know.
The beautiful variation of colors in houttuynia.

As you know I have been getting ready for the grandkids to arrive. I found this cute child's rocker at Goodwill, which is just the right size for litttle grands. It looks identical to the full size rocker that was in our kitchen when I was growing up so it, so I just had to buy it for sentimental reasons! I'd eventually like to paint it, but not before they arrive. I can just picture the grandchildren taking turns rocking in it.

I have this little wicker chair which you've seen on my front porch if you came to the summer porch party. I think our little granddaughter will love it.
And this cute rustic garden chair.
So everyone can join Grandma on the deck!
Right now the chairs are sadly sitting empty as we wait for them to arrive.
I even found this cute table and chairs at a garage sale the other day. It sits empty as we wait...
We've borrowed lots of toys from friends and lots of books from the library and I've bought lots of goodies to eat. We checked out a lot of places that are fun to take kids. We are so excited because the 2 year olds have never been to our house and the 4 year old has only been here once, when she was around 7 months old, so she doesn't remember coming to Grandma's house.

Originally we thought they would be here this weekend and then it was supposed to be Monday, but we just found out last night that our son has an important meeting at work Monday so now they plan to arrive late Tuesday night.
I feel just the kids on a long trip asking, "Are we there yet? Only I keep asking, "Are they here yet?"
Rhondi xo


  1. Oh Rhondi, I am excited with you. Everything looks so inviting. The kids are gonna love the little furniture and being at your house and most of all, being with you.

    God bless,

    Kathy b

  2. Oh, goodness, that marvelous view you have! I'm speechless with that. And then I see that cup and saucer! WHERE did you find that green cup and saucer. I love it! My grandson is four and has never been all the way to grammie's house. And I can't wait till he finally does! Have so much grandkid fun!
    xoxo, Brenda

  3. You found wonderful things for your grandchildren to enjoy. That rocker and table and chairs are darling. I know how you feel, my grandaughters and their kids live far away and I love them to visit. Enjoy them when they arrive, and your tea spot looks great too.

  4. Rhondi,
    I just wanted to say how very much I enjoy coming by to read your blog. I stumbled upon it about three weeks ago. Wow.
    I love all the chairs you have found for you little one's.
    I have also been thinking we have a few things in common.
    What a lovely blog you have. Thanks for sharing bits of your life with others.
    Love & Prayers,
    Have A Peachy Keen Day.
    my blog addy:
    please come by for a visit once in a while, and lets enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together. :)

  5. Hi Rhondi -
    Your patio looks so inviting. I can just picture you with your grandkids. Telling stories. Reading books. Playing make believe. You are going to have such fun! Can't wait to hear about it.

  6. Hi Rhondi,
    Everything looks perfect for your little angels. You must be so excited to have them coming for a visit. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  7. It's so hard to wait, isn't it?

    Soon, they will there soon. And, then everything will be wonderful

  8. I know you will have a wonderful time with your grandchildren! I love all the little chairs.

    Love all the green too!


  9. Hi Rhondi,
    The pink cupcakes and pink lemonade of your banner look so yummy and refreshing. I love that green tea and saucer set. I think I'll grab a seat on the beautiful white wicker chair...yes that's my favourite:D Thanks. Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy.

  10. Oh, I dream of having grandchildren to have tea parties with! Your deck looks idyllic and I love the green majolica cup and saucer. have fun with your grandchildrena and take lots of pictures to share; too bad they weren't here to come to my Very Merry Unbirthday Party with you!

  11. yesyesyes!

    what a wonderful world!


    i KNEW
    i was in the right place
    when i saw those pinkcuppycakes!


    rocking chairs,
    pink lemonade,
    {{nice blue floral plates, too}}

    thanks for dropping by my blog
    and being part of the Mad Tea Party...


    i want to come right back
    sit in your banner, missy!

  12. So, so, hard to wait! Sounds like you are well prepared for your family. Hope they get there soon!

    :-) Rosie

  13. I have some party hats, baubles, and moondancing waiting for you at my tea party. Come take a look!

  14. What a lovely place to retreat from the world! Thank you for coming to my flamenco tea party!

  15. Hope they get there really soon and that y'all have a wonderFULL visit!!!

  16. Rhondi, you are going to have such a lovely time. Four years old and two...the perfect ages. I love your garden and those little chairs will be filled with little ones soon enough. Karen

  17. Rhondi, you are going to have such a lovely time. Four years old and two...the perfect ages. I love your garden and those little chairs will be filled with little ones soon enough. Karen

  18. Love these cute little chairs! I have one that's painted aqua and Miss Luna loves it!! Have a nice weekend! Vanessa

  19. Rhondi! I am soooo envious of you...getting to see your grandchildren this week. The little chairs are adorable!

    Have FUN!!

  20. Hope cute little bottoms fill those sweet little chairs real soon!! Know you are anxiously awaiting them all - have a marvelous time Rhondi.

  21. Have a wonderful time with your family..


  22. I can 'feel' your anticipation! What a wonderful time you'll have with the wee ones. Grandma's house will be a special place for them - the memories will start building when they walk through the door on Tuesday. Have a grand time with them, Rhondi!

  23. How lovely to set your scene for us. Your grandchildren will love their own special furniture, and have great memories of 'going to Granma's house'.

  24. Are They There Yet Grandma !?!? Enjoy every moment of the Little Grand's visit Rhondi they are so Precious...

  25. Sounds like Grandma has everything prepared for those sweeties.... They will be there soon.... I know you will enjoy every second with them...

  26. Your little grandkid chairs are so sweet! They will love sittin' around and chattin' with their grandmother! It sounds like you are prepared all the way around for their visit. Have a terrific time.

  27. Love that teacup and saucer! Those little chairs are so sweet. It will be great to see them filled with smiling grandchildren who are thrilled to be at grandma's house! Bet you spoil them rotten, and bless you for that.


  28. Oh Rhondi....the anticipation must be so hard to take! I truly hope that you enjoy your time with your family, especially those grandchildren. Cant wait to see some pictures of this enjoyable time for you. Jo xx

  29. Hi Rhondi!
    Thanks for the cup of tea and the pleasant morning relaxing! I really needed that. I loved drinking out of your special green cup, it was so nice of you to let ME use it!
    Hugs, Sherry

  30. I just know the feeling. I have a grandchildren's room filled with three generations of toys for my little granddaughters' visits. Enjoy! Love Eleanor

  31. What finds...sounds like a great time will be had by all!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  32. Everything looks so it all came straight out of the pages of a magazine!

  33. Loving all the chairs and the lovely cup and saucer! Wonderful visiting with you this morning. I missed you

  34. My Dad just gave me the rocking chair that used to be mine as a little girl. It needs to be refinished, but oh how sweet to think that my future grandchildren could rock in it!

    Love the photo tour here!

    I am celebrating my 1-YEAR BLOGOVERSARY with a GIVEAWAY. Pop on over.


  35. rhondi,
    love your furnitures! you have good eyes! lol
    enjoy your family most specially the grandkids!

  36. I would love coming to your beautiful home to sit in all of those chairs. Maybe you can all play the game of musical chairs. You are a wonderful grandmother and sounds like you have plenty for them to do. Your yard is also gorgeous!!!


  37. I hope they are there now and you are enjoying every minute with your grands!

    I like all the children's furniture, my favorite is the little white wicker!


  38. May you be having a most wonderful time with your grandchildren.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely garden pictures. I wish I could stop by and have a sip of tea and sit in one of your inviting chairs and chat with you.

  39. I do hope you had a lovely time with your family. I really love your deck area with all the greenery around you. It must be lovely to relax out there on a summer's evening. What a great assortment of chairs, I am sure the grand-kids enjoyed taking turns on theirs. x

  40. What a beautiful post! I loved strolling through your garden!
    Hugs, Terrie


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