Monday, June 16, 2008

A Weekend Away

We've been away for a couple of days at a family wedding in PA. It is a beautiful area filled with amazing old homes like this. and thisTake a close look at this porch. It has a stone fireplace! It is the same home as the above picture. Both these homes are just down the street from where we stayed with our friends.

Our friends live in this wonderful old stone home built in the early 1700's. As the homes aged it was the fashion to cover them with stucco and whitewash it. Underneath is still the beautiful old stone. All the walls are really thick so it has very wide windowsills.

My friend is a gardener and the moment you step through the white arbor, and enter their yard,you are greeted by an amazing display of plants and bushes.

Everywhere you look it is like a full page spread in a garden magazine. It is a perfect place and on top of everything else, their grandchildren live in this house right next door.
An stone path , designed and constructed by our friends, leads to the pond they made. It is amazing, especially when you think that they dug it out and built it themselves.
The pond has an 8 foot waterfall cascading down into the first of three ponds.

Here I am with Carol, my friend who is the genius behind this amazing garden. We've know each other since high school.
Carol and her husband were missionaries and so they have this sign post reminding them of the distance to other parts of the world.

Here is a fabulous water garden in a container, that Carol designed for an entry in a national contest later this year.
Everywhere there are pots overflowing with blossoms. This one is near their front door.
Isn't that an amazing garden? I could just sit there and enjoy it all day long!
This final photo shows a little bit of the patio that is beside the pond, where if you're lucky Carol will serve a gourmet meal, which will include fresh veggies from their garden.
We had a wonderful time visiting with family and long time friends. Weddings are always such a special time to catch up with relatives that live far away, marvel at how quickly the children are growing up and delight in the children who are now adults, with their own families as the circle of life continues on.

I am way behind in visiting with all of you, my new friends. Now that we are back home again, I'll be stopping by really soon!

Rhondi xo


  1. How beautiful!! I just love old houses - with all their character - both old and new!! Your friends did a marvelous job.

    I bet it was just as beautiful inside, too!!

    Thanks for sharing -


  2. Wow, that is a wonderful place. What a garden. I bet you had a great time on your visit. I love the stone path. It just looks so inviting there.

  3. Ok...why can't I have a home like that! LOL! I live in an area with very little old homes. Well, they have been all snatched up and made too beautiful and sell for way more than we can afford.

    That must have been so wonderful to see. (no rose colored glasses..that day for you)

    Thanks so much for showing those pictures!

    Pink Portuguese Roses

  4. What fantastic homes! They are just wonderful. I would love to see inside. Your friend's garden is a place of rest and relaxation. They have done a great job creating a special place. ~Adrienne~

  5. I. love. stone. houses. Those are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing, glad you had a good time:>)

  6. Some of the houses reminded me of "The Philadelphia Story". Also a wedding!

  7. That is a lovely tour of your friends' garden, I felt I was there with you!

  8. What an amazing home and garden!I know you must have had a truly magical visit!Thanks for sharing!

  9. Doesn't that make you think of the Garden of Eden? It must have been that beautiful! I know I'm not supposed to covet, and truly I don't, but I sure wish I wasn't allergic to all things green so I could try to have a garden like that. Blessings,

  10. What a beautiful and magical place. You must have felt transported.

    I am so glad you took pictures to share with us.

  11. Oh Rhondi, What an amazing weekend you must have had! Your friend's home & garden is just beautiful, as is the neighborhood!....I love seeing what other ingenious people have done!...Thanks so much for sharing....Heidi :)

  12. Hi just love all the photos! Denise

  13. This is such an amazing little peek into their world!!! Everything is so natural and pretty... it DOES look as though it should be published in a magazine!!
    How nice that y'all have remained friends through the years too.
    Thanks for sharing with us.. these houses and gardens,pond setc.. areoe in a million!!
    Glad you had such a nice visit!!

  14. Lovely garden, thanks for sharing all this!

    Hugs, Carolien

  15. Loved this visit around your friend's gorgeous garden. The waterfall is beautiful, must make a lovely sound with water dropping from that height.

    Glad you had a fun trip Rhondi - and that you're back.

  16. Beautiful home and garden photos Rhondi.

  17. What fantastic gardens and ponds! I would have just pitched a tent and refused to leave! LOL! Looks like the houses in Bucks County? That's about an hour and a half from where I am.

    Thanks for sharing ..... ((hugs)) Rosie

  18. What an amazing garden. When I lived near Princeton, New Jersey, the bridge to Washington Crossing was a few minutes away. I often took rides in historical Pa. we got married in New Hope at the Cutaloosa Inn there. Pa. is such a beautiful and historical place. Rhondi, I am having a give away on my blog today, so please stop by and leave a comment so I can include you in the drawing. Have a wonderful day. Karen

  19. what a beautiful place your friend glad yu had such a good time.

  20. How refreshing! What a pleasant visit!

  21. It's an absolutely beautiful place! I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

  22. Those are beautiful photos! Thanks for posting and sharing with us all.

    I'm finally home, and posted my 'favorites' post from your 'tag'!
    Thanks for being so sweet!

  23. I feel as though I just read a home/garden magazine. The pictures are beautiful, your friends have a great home. Thanks for the tour and the inspiration.
    I just noticed your comment on my blog today. I would of loved to have been part of your porch tour. I even took pictures of my porch, so that I could join the fun.Time just gets away from me in the spring. I looked at most of the porches that day, it was a great idea.

  24. Hi Rhondi,
    Amazing landscape and the house, love stone fireplaces. It looks like you had a wonderful time and so relaxing. Thank you for sharing.

  25. I just came across your blog from Mary's Across the Pond. Love your pictures. your posts look great. Will have to come back here. I was taken by how you said you loved choc digestives too (as do I).I wrote about this song and a fantastic version of it a couple of posts ago. love this song too.

  26. What a beautiful tour you've given us! You took me back to the 70's when we lived outside of Philadelphia. I loved the stone houses and the winding country lanes. I'd love to visit again!

  27. What beautiful houses! I especially like that fireplace on the porch. I could sit out on a porch like that well into the fall! Beautiful gardens too and that pond is just incredible! Your friends certainly have a beautiful home.


  28. What breathtaking photos! Didn't you feel you were at a beautiful resort? I could easily live, surrounded by such lush plantings. Double lucky for you to have spent time not only in a beautiful spot, but with a longtime friend. Bet you two just had a ball!

  29. What a magical garden your friend Carol has created! I can imagine you would never want to go inside, but then again, I am sure that indoors is also pretty wonderful too. What a great area of PA this was.

    Hugs ~

  30. What a beautiful time! The homes and gardens are magnificent.


    P.S. I posted my favorite things:)

  31. What beautiful houses! I especially like that fireplace on the porch. The homes and gardens are magnificent. see you soon

  32. As missionaries I'm surprised they could afford it but, yes, gorgeous home as are the other pics too. I'd love to see PA one day.


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