Friday, June 6, 2008

The Party's Over

What an amazing response to my little summer porch party! You bloggers outdid yourselves. You pulled out all the stops when it came to hospitality and served us lots of cold drinks and homemade goodies. You had your porches looking so welcoming, creative, beautiful, homey and elegant just waiting for our arrival.

It was such a wonderful party that I think I'll have to do it again next year.

Thanks to all of you who hosted parties on their porch and to all of you who were kind enough to take the time to leave comments.

If you happen to stop by this weekend, please just come around to the back where you'll find me on our back deck lying in the hammock.
I got this book yesterday at Marshall's and I might just spend all day Saturday lounging and reading. I bought the book for it's beautiful color as much as the contents! I haven't finished visiting everyone's porch so if you haven't seen me yet I'm on my way.

Thanks again for making it such a successful and fun party. I appreciate every one of you dear people. You are all very special.

Rhondi xo


  1. I love your hammock Rhondi!! Thanks so much for hosting such a fun event!!!! I haven't made my way through the whole list yet, but am slowly working my way down it a bit each day! (WOW what a lot of lovely participants! I am impressed with each and every one!) I have discovered ever so many more friends and lovely places to visit with this wonderful event, each one beautiful and unique! I hope this will be an annual happening!! Well done everyone!

  2. Thank YOU Rhondi....
    I am hung over from all of the lemonade and cupcakes from the party yesterday...I was out til the wee hours of the morning carousing and admiring all of the lovely porches. That was such a geat idea, as you can see from the turn out.
    Thanks again for the invite...
    Have a wonderful weekend in your hammock, dear Rhondi!
    xxxooo Ruth

  3. You're deck looks so woodsy and cozy. Wish I could come join you and talk about all those gorgeous porches!

  4. Thank you Rhondi! Yes, definitely do it again . . . or perphas a back patio/deck party in July. I will be more organized and sign up next time.

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  5. Hi Rhondi :)

    Thank you so much for hosting the party! It was so much fun and I picked up a lot of ideas :)

    I love your hammock! Enjoy your reading....


  6. What a pretty hammock. And I love April Cornell! We used to have an outlet store here in Greenville, and I was SO SAD when it closed. In fact I'm still sad. Maybe I'll see if I can find it in our Marshall's.
    Thanks again for the party!

  7. It you that we need to thank, Queen Rhondi. It was such a wonderful celebration. I was up until after midnight looking at all of the porches.

    I hope you have some R&R in your hammock. That book is beautiful. Are you a scrapbooker?

  8. Rhondi, it was such fun, and I did enjoy zooming around the world gazing at porches!

  9. What a wonderful place to lounge in that hammock and read your new fabulous scrapbook book. Have a great weekend. Happy reading and lounging!

  10. Rhondi,
    Thanks for hosting the porch party. For new bloggers like me, it really helps us to get to know other bloggers! Love your hammock and blue chairs! You have a real sense of style!

  11. A big thank you from here, too, for hosting such a great event! I wore myself out scrolling and reading and oohing and ahhing and typing! It was so much fun and it was a joy to meet soooo many other bloggers! I think I have cupcake hang over, too, but it was worth it. Oh, yes, your back porch is lovely and very inviting. Love it.

  12. The porch party really has been so much fun! There are so many unique porches and decks and patios. People sure did go all out! Next year I'll have to find some refreshments to share too. I really hadn't thought to do that. I'm happy that you want to do it again next year! Such a great response...I'm still going through the list. The best part is meeting so many new bloggers who visited!

  13. Thank You for hosting the party! I hit every single porch- I couldn't pull myself away! When my husband got home last night and asked me what I did I told him "I went to Sweden, I went to England...." He was so confused!
    THANK YOU most of all for your encouraging words on my post about the house. That meant a lot to me and you are so very sweet!
    Have a great weekend!
    -Heather :)

  14. Rhondi, you have been the hostess with the mostest! What a wonderful porch party. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Your back porch looks cozy and private. The perfect spot for spending some time with a great book..
    Hugs from your friend..

  15. Seems like there was a party here yesterday. Nance was talking about it non-stop. LOL I live here in Southern California, and we have patios not porches. That's unfortunate for me.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely porch.


  16. Hi Rhondi

    I enjoyed all the visiting!

  17. Hi Rhondi!
    WOW! That was fun! I hope you do it again next year, what a great response you had! Thank you for organizing such an awesome event. I'm glad you enjoyed sittin' on my porch with me, I sure enjoyed yours.
    The lady head planter stake was a gift from my friend Cindy that works at Hoen's Greenhouse in Toledo, Ohio. I did a post on 4-24-08 that has their link for the website and phone info. Cindy said they are very popular. So give them a call or email them to see if there are any left!
    Big Hugs! Sherry

  18. Hi Rhondi, thank you so-o-o-o--o much for the porch party. I had a BLAST !! My eyes are sore from all the looking :0) :0) HUGS
    I love all your blue, inside & outside your house.

  19. What a fun idea! I don't have a porch and I haven't done up my deck yet, so I've gotten a lot of fun ideas from the participants!

    I've also written down the name of your new book to try and find it for myself! I'll read it on my deck w/ iced tea and something sweet; maybe cinnamon rolls.
    This is my first time finding your blog, through my friend Terrie @ Terrie's Li'l Piece of Serenity. I will definitely be back! You can visit me at

  20. Oh I love the setting for your hammock. That's exactly the kind of surroundings I wish I had for mine! I don't have the tree or the deck rail so I'll have to figure out something special for my freestanding hammock.

  21. Hi Rhondi,
    I just found your blog a few days before this party. I don't even remember how...
    I have met so many wonderful ladies and seen many lovely porches, verandas, patios and met so many kind, kind, kind people commenting on my tiny porch and the kinship in the whole celebration was one I truly enjoyed.
    The April Cornell book looks wonderful, I have one of her tablecloths that we use as a picnic blanket at the town concerts (but gee, I can't remember where I put it ;) Better find it fast!
    Please come see me, my petite porch will be up throughout the weekend.
    You outdid yourself with this one, can't wait until next year.

  22. Oh yeah, next year - can we make it over a long weekend? I exhausted myself yesterday - but quite fun exhaustion - we ladies can blog, can't we? ;)

  23. Oh, Rhondi, that blue is just so refreshing for a warm summer's day! It's just the perfect summer color, isn't it? Blue skies, blue water... I just love it! Thank you again for organizing the porch party. Like you, I'm still getting around to visiting all the porches. Blogging could be a full time job!...Donna

  24. Hi Rhondi, thank you so much for hosting such a fun party! I have enjoyed so many of the porches I have looked at but I'm still looking. I had ISP problems due to the bad weather and power outages here in WV. I love your hammock and your blue on your back porch. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! That book looks like one I would like to read. I will look for it today! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Blessings! Shirl

  25. What a great party...I had such fun visiting all the lovely porches. Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy your new book, you have the perfect spot. Hugs, Linda

  26. Thanks for hosting the party. It was such great fun!
    Maybe you could host a Fall one when the leaves are changing and we all have our porches primped for Fall and then again for Christmas??
    Enjoy that book today.. it is so pretty and I bet it has some wonderful layouts inside!!

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  28. Rhondi you are making me fall in love with blue all over again. This is beautiful!

  29. Thanks for stopping by I will surely enter you for my book give away, I wanted to do your porch party but just ran out of time, next year for sure. (Maybe you could host a Christmas Porch Party). Come over anytime..MISSY
    May I add you to my sidebar?

  30. What a delightful blog! Your porch is beautiful.....I am off to visit some more porches, but I will be back to read more, and thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful porch party!

  31. Happy Birthday Rhondi!
    It's going to take days to get around to all the porches, but what a pleasent way to spend these hot summer days. Thanks for being such a gracious hostess.

  32. Lovely porch party. You did a beautiful thing bringing so many wonderful bloggers together.

    I am having a mosaic photo frame give away on my blog so please stop by for a chance to win it. Everyone is welcome1

    Xo Brook

  33. Rhondi, Thanks for hosting the party. It was a lot of fun!

  34. I missed it! Hopefully I can make it to the next one!

  35. If I had that deck, and that Hammock, I know I would be out their with a wonderful book in my hand.

  36. Oh My Rhondi! How I wish I could have come to your porch, it looks so inviting and heartwarming. I love the blue glass and the blue quilt the tea setting. What a visual treat. Thanks for the visual journey.

  37. I love visiting you! That book looks simply divine. I would be just tickled if you added me to your blog list. Alas...I don't have many visitors.
    Thanks ~Jill

  38. Hi, Rhondi, what a beautiful porch you have!! I love it and I'm sorry I missed your porch party. I've been working on my patio & haven't been able to visit around like usual. You got a lot of porches involved, so I need to start clicking and visit some of them. Your porch is just delightful!! I know you must love it. I would love to have a frontporch that looks like that, you're very blessed. Love that pic of you and Happy Birthday to you too. What a fun party! Save me a cupcake.


  39. Hi Rhondi, thank you for hosting such a fun party. It was so much fun seeing all the gorgeous porches and creative gardens. Your hammock looks so inviting and your new book interesting. Looking forward to returning to your lovely blog often. Adding you to my favorites. Have a good week and thanks again.
    Celestina, la rea rose

  40. Hi Rhondi!

    Im pretty new to the blogging world, but your blog is GORGEOUS!! I adore it! I loved everything here, you have such a talent for detail! its stunning! Id love to add you to mine, im so new, im not even sure if I can do that without permission, silly maybe but I have NO idea about the protocol here ;) Id added only those who asked me, but I love to be able to click back and find you easily to see updates ;) id be honored to be on yours too...enjoy your day! Cyn


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