Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Flea Market

I've been doing some cleaning and sorting and have a few things to sell today. Maybe you have the perfect spot for one of them. To enlarge any picture, just click on it.

1. cute little print 7"x9" $6 2. another print 7"x9" $6
3. Beautiful wool needlework piece 13"x23" $15

Here's a close up.
4. Small cotton cloth 33"x33" $12 SOLD Close up of detail. There is a tiny spot there which I didn't notice until just now so I'll make sure it's gone.
Close up of the lace edge.

5. Vintage linen cloth 16"x25" $8

Close up of detail.

6. Vintage linen hand towel with lace edge 15"x23" $6 SOLD Close up of lace.

7. Vintage linen runner 13"x49" ivory color. I have 2 of these. $10 each 1 SOLD

Close up of detail.

8. Vintage linen cloth 50"x50" $15
Close up.

9. Set of 4 "Vera" napkins (1960s ?) $8 for the set. SOLD

10. Vintage cloth 46"x51" $22
Close up

All these items are in very good condition. The cost of shipping will be added to the price. If you are interested in buying something, leave a comment telling me which item and I'll get back to you to arrange sending it. If you don't have a blog, email me with your contact info. You can find my email by clicking "view complete profile".

Hope you have a great weekend.

Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi!

    I would love to purchse the Vera napkins! Let me know what to do next.

    Thanks! Chris

  2. I love item #7 - the vintage linen runner. Let me know the full price with shipping and the check will be in the mail!! Thank you!!

  3. Rhondi!! I absolutely loooooove the Lavender picture! So cute!!! Hugs! Vanessa

  4. Hey Rhondi, thanks for stopping by Sugarplum Cottage and for the compliment. I get my glycerin at Walmart or the drug store. Let me know if you have any questions on drying. Also use some warm water when mixing the glycerin. I need to go back and post where you can purchase glycerin, because I've had several questions about it.
    Hugs, RoseMarie

  5. Hi Rhondi, I would love to have you come visit me and see my beautiful 200 year old tree! I checked to see where you live...No Carolina.....thats kinda a ways from California! LOL
    I love your vintage linens. I have been looking for some vintage linens like the size of hand towels that are embrodered with flowers the colors of blues and pinks. Do you have anything like that?? I would even settle for a table runner and cut it in half and make them myself. Let me know.
    Love, Ann

  6. Hi Rhondi~
    Such sweet little finds you are selling... I hope you do well!
    xxxooo Ruth

  7. Rhondi

    Honestly, I live in the wrong part of the country--there are never finds like this here! Good for you!

  8. Hi Rhondi, So nice to see you and thank you for your kind comments. You are such a dear. I love all the treasures you are selling today. I have the same bottle prints in a bathroom. I love them. They are so pretty in person.
    Also enjoyed your Thursday post.
    Have a nice weekend.
    hugs, Celestina,
    la rea rose


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