Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome Fall





Pumpkins, with blue leaves of course!DSC08026





All say fall is here!

DSC08025DSC08022 DSC08003

A display on my table to say “Welcome fall. I’m glad you’re here!”DSC08017

The first day of fall is officially Tuesday September 22. It has been a hot summer in NC and I’m ready for fall. How about you?

Let’s have a Welcome Fall Day on September 22. Copy the button on my sidebar, tell your friends, post about something related to autumn/fall and come join the party on September 22. I’ll have Mr Linky set up and you can join in the celebration!


See you Tuesday!

Rhondi xo


  1. I am a fairly new visitor. I don't even know which blog put me here the first time! I love your blog & since I have a thing for all that is blue, I know that I will find it here. Where did you find the pumpkin with the blue leaves? I am really envious of that! Even though I am from TN, I am not a lover of the color of orange. (Who in their right mind would choose orange for a school color? LOL)

    I will return...continue to enjoy your posts.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. You found a pumpkin to match your beloved blue and white! Yay, see, you CAN decorate for fall with those colors:>) Just lovely Rhondi.

  3. What a beautiful vignette. I really does say fall. I love all of the pretty blue and the pumpkin with the blue leaves is just perfect. Hugs, Marty

  4. Thanks for leaving the comment! I have a whole lot to lose & thought if I made myself accountable on my blog, I might be more successful this time.

    Love the pumpkin idea. I think I might just have one to work with.

  5. Beautiful images from your home, Rhondi.
    I'll do my best to link up on Tuesday, but we're getting ready to sail off on holiday so I may not get there.

  6. Fall is here! ...almost! We are expecting another week of over 90 degree temps, so maybe we'll see fall next week. Love your yellow and blue fall decor! I can live with those colors better than I can with brown and orange, but of course, all fall colors are beautiful. I really enjoy your blue, white and yellow combination...just gorgeous!


  7. Rhodi, I'll be there! I'm just this weekend getting some fall touches around the house. It's a start at least. Love your table tableau with the pumpkin, apples, and fall flowers.
    I'm off to do more in my garden, but will post your button before I leave. Thanks for letting me know. ~ Sarah

  8. Hi Rhondi,

    Thank you for telling me about the Fall Tuesday. I will try to figure out how to link - last time I tried Mr. Linky it did not work.
    Your blog is beautiful and I love your blue and white with the fall colors. I am a blue and white girl and always like the way the blues look with yellows, oranges and reds. Your photographs are fabulous.
    Hope to see you Tuesday.

  9. The fall party sounds like a lot of fun. I will definately join.

  10. Rhondi, I am so glad you came by and told me about the party. I have been having trouble with my blog roll (some of the blogs show up as a "feed", and yours is one of them). I've tried deleting those blogs, and then re-adding them with no luck. You have provided so much pretty Fall decor inspiration in this post. I'll be at the party! laurie

  11. Everything is so pretty . I agree with Sewconsult. I love everything blue. I am from Arkansas so I really love Razorback Red over Tenn. Orange. I'm kidding. This time of year I have football on the brain.LOL!

  12. I love the blue leaves on that pumpkin! O.K. I'll think of something since I put out a bit of fall stuff this weekend.


  13. Oh I gotta have one of those blue and white punkins !!!!! Where in the world did you get it ??

    See you Tuesday, putting it on my blog now.When will Mr. Linky be put up ?

  14. OOO...a blue and white pumpkin..I am in heaven...LOVE IT.
    Thanks so much for inviting us to a Fall Party..I can hardly wait. I don't have but one or two fall decorations but you can bet I will bring them to the party on Tuesday.
    Woo fun fun..

  15. HI Rhondi, Thank you for telling me about your Welcome Fall Party on Tuesday!...I would love to join in!!!!....As usual your post is absolutely gorgeous!....I can't wait till Tuesday!...& to welcome Fall!....Better go prepare!....Your friend, Heidi XO

  16. Hi Rhondi
    Thanks for the invite...I would love to join your party. I will try to put something together...
    Have a great evening

  17. Beautiful beautiful header and post. love all of those colors together and wondering where in the world you found a blue and white pumpkin. Not sure If I can participate or not--we are heading to the Mountains of NC on Tuesday! So looking foward to it---wondering if the apples are ripe there yet?

  18. This is a wonderful reason for a party, my friend...I will be there on Tuesday!
    ♥, Susan

  19. Okay, my sweet chick, I'm in but not sure what I'll DOOOOO! Fall colors are my least favorite colors; I'm in love with spring colors. Hmmmm....let me think on it but I'll come up with something I'm sure.

    Grabbed the button to announce it. I should have one of these parties but I'm such a slacker...hah!

    Darling photos though, sugar.


  20. Wonderful fall photos Rhondi! I will be here in spirit and visit all of the wonderful fall posts...but I will be painting or something at the new house so won't be able to do the fall post. I look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing though!

  21. What a wonderful idea Rhondi. I went out today to buy pumpkins and mums. We had a gorgeous fall day today. I'll be there Rhondi.


  22. Hi Rhondi! Oh, what beautiful Fallness you've created! I love it all. Yes! I'd love to come to your party and I'll go and put the little button on my blog now! Thanks for the invite!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Rhondi, your pictures are so pretty they remind me of a beautiful calendar. I will try to be here for the Linky party on Tuesday. I haven't decorated for Fall yet. Better get in gear!

  24. OOoooo I saw the button at Poofing the Pillows blog and I'll definitely be joining in. I just decorated my home this weekend for Fall and a party is always fun!!

  25. Hi Rhondi, your pictures are simply gorgeous!!

    Count me in. I have placed your button on my sidebar.

    Barb :-)

  26. love the blue. beautiful fall pictures!

  27. Fall has never looked better!! Your photos are simply stunning. Very pretty vignette you have created. I love the bittersweet trailing through it. Wherever did you find a white and blue pumpkin?

  28. Beautiful photography (as usual!)

    Thank you for the invitation to your Fall Party! I'll be happy to come even tho I'm still not really decorated, still too hot here in FL! I'll post the button as well!


  29. Hi Rhondi...thank you so much for the invitation. I will certainly join in! What fun. camera is fixed. Apparently it was the battery and when I put in it to charge it...I did it it is a universal charger. I even followed directions and had to call Maine and ask Sweetie Pie...and he straightened me out this morning. So ..all is well.
    Look for me Tuesday..I will be here...
    Hugs..and thanks!
    Mona :)

  30. Dear Rhondi - thank you for the invitation to join in the Fall Party fun...I had such a great time at the Porch Party a few months back...can't believe that was Spring!
    Love your Fall touches with the blues. Will "see" you on Tuesday:o)

  31. Beautiful autumnal colours and decorations Rhondi. I just love your taste!

  32. Hi Rhondi, I love how You found a pumpkin to match your blue and white! I love how it looks just right for Fall in your home...Everything is so pretty...

  33. Hi Rhondi, I love your idea for fall and the decorations are adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  34. Beautiful! We are still looking forward to Fall weather, this week another heat wave. sigh. Your post inspires me to think of cool fall days. Happy Monday!
    xo Lidy

  35. That sounds like fun! We could sure use some fall here in Texas, where it's still in the 90s. Your display is just gorgeous, Rhondi!

  36. Hi, Rhondi, thank you for stopping by & for the invitation to your party. I'm afraid I already had a party scheduled for tomorrow too. My Beadboard Wallpaper party is tomorrow also! Hope you'll stop by & visit for some inspiration.

    And I'm having my own Fall party on Oct. 1, so feel free to join it as well.

  37. A perfectly simple and pretty vignette, Rhondi. A blue & white pumkin~I love it!! ;-)


  38. Hi Rhondi,
    Love your touches of fall.That blue and white pumpkin was made for you!
    I hope to see you tomorrow at your fall party.


  39. I think this is my first visit! The white pumpkin with blue leaves got me here!!! You have lovely photographs--I love the blue!!!

  40. Hi Rhondi! I can't believe you found a pumpkin with blue leaves!!!!lol Just gorgeous! Every time I stop by I question why I didn't decorate my home in blue/yellow which is a favorite combo!!!! I guess you just arrange everything so beautifully it makes me want it!!!lol I'm thankful today is going to be cooler so Fall really feels like Fall!!! Love your pics and I'm off to explore now! Have Fun decorating!!! Sincerely, Jeannette


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