Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday


Today is our daughter in law’s birthday. She is the most awesome mom, a loving wife to our son, one of the most giving people I have known and we are so happy that we have her in our family.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday dear daughter in law. We love you!

Rhondi xo


  1. O, Rhondi...I know what it's like to have a daughter in law that you love like your own. I have one, too. They make our sons so happy...We are so blessed!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!
    xo bj

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter-in-law Rhondi!
    Bake her a cake! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. What a beautiful couple! Like you, I am blessed with a daughter-in-law that is more daughter than in-law. A mother is the heart of the home, and she goes, so goes the family - bless your DIL for the gift that she is to your family.

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    What a lovely daughter-in-law you have and Happy Birthday to her! I have been blessed with one also who is more like a daughter to me and she just celebrated her birthday on Monday. You have a charming blog and you're a sister in the Lord too so I'm going to become a Follower. Nice to 'meet' you.

    Have a lovely day.


  5. I hope your daughter-in-law has a great birthday and she knows what a great mom-in-law she has. My son is dating a wonderful girl . I so hope it is love. She is perfect for him. I'm crossing my fingers.

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter in law. I was just praying the other day for my son and his future wife, he's only 12! But we have such a close relationship I want his wife to love me as well! I hope she has a blessed day and year ahead!

  7. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter in law- a blessing to your family.


  8. A big Happy Birthday to your daughter in law!! She and your son make such a cute couple!!


  9. A great mother-in-law deserves a great daughter-in-law.

    I hope my sons are blessed with wonderful wives when they are grown.

  10. Rhondi, what a beautiful tribute to your daughter-in-law. I'd say she is a lucky girl to have you as a
    Have a great day! ~ Sarah

  11. I baked some cupcakes today so I'll dedicate them to your daughter in law for her birthday.

    love, Angie, xx

  12. Happy birthday to your daughter in law. She is very pretty.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter-in-law Rhondi. She is so pretty and your son is a handsome guy. They look so happy together. I can tell she is a blessing to your family.


  14. Happy Birthday to your daughter in law! She and your son look very happy with each other. That must bless your life in so many ways! XXOO


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