Monday, December 8, 2008

Something's Missing

I was thinking about inviting you over for a cup of tea today. I can get out my cute little red and white tea set I bought last Christmas. I've got some cheery candy cane stripe mugs we can use.

But wait....something's missing! I have no Christmas cookies!

Maybe if I put your mug in the middle of the plate you won't notice?

I know, I'll could put these hearts I made on the plate. That might distract you from noticing the plate is empty.

Maybe if I spread the hearts out so they fill up more of the plate it won't look so empty.
Oh well, come on over anyhow and have a cup of tea with me. None of us really need any cookies anyway do we? So tell me, are you all ready for Christmas? I'm not!

Rhondi xo


  1. I'll be over for a cup of tea on your beautiful, beautiful table! What a treat! and no...I'm not ready for Christmas either!

  2. Good Morning Rhondi, Not only am I not done...I haven't even begun!....But not worried!...I have a Cookie Exchange Friday night, so everything will get done!...& if not, I will have my cookies wrapped & ready, a nice dinner to serve & a lovely evening enjoying my friends!...We may be sitting among Christmas ornaments, but that's perfectly fine! :)...Have the best of days!...Heidi XO

  3. It's okay, I definitely don't need the cookies :) I can't believe that Christmas is upon us. I love it though. Your decorations are gorgeous. I love the blue and white tree and those trees in your banner.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I'll be right over...and I'll bring the cookies!!!

    I love the Snowmen and hearts and your beautiful tea set, too!!


  5. Well, ya convinced me, my sweet little chick!! Faux cookies work for me if ya wanna spread some of those around! Delightful, honey.........

  6. You're right, Rhondi - I certainly don't need any real cookies so I'll be very happy to sit down for a cup of tea from that sweet pot and mug - and just imagine a cookie!!
    I wish you a good week as we race toward the 25th!

  7. Hi Rhondi ~ I am soooo not ready for Christmas. I say that every year and still I don't start any earlier. I'm just now getting some of my decorations up!


  8. What a gorgeous blog you have! I followed your link from Fifi's blog. xoxo

  9. Rhondi, put the tea kettle on...I am on my way over... I will bring lots of cookies and cuppy cakes too!

    Oh I love love love that cheery red tea set! Where on earth did you find such a beauty?
    I want a set for my cherry kitchen!

    Warm hugz, Dolly

  10. Ooh...such pretty photos. You can't help but smile when you look at them. I love the way you arranged everything.

  11. Oh..I love a pretty table and yours is just adorable. I just got done baking snowball cookies and will be right over...:o)
    Have a wonderful week,

  12. Hi Rhondi!

    Omg , every time I come by for a visit, you have the most beautiful things!! I love all the china you collect, its always so stunning !! and usually its always my favorite colors too! red and blue :) I love this red set, so now here I go with my questions again :)

    omg, who makes that Red and white polka dot tea pot and accessories ?? that is simply adorable and a must have on my xmas list too!! :)

    Its beautiful and your vignettes are gorgeous Rhondi!!!

    Happy Holidays!

  13. It looks so pretty and inviting. But, I really do want a cookie. I'll bring cookies, too, and we'll all meet at your place for a cookie swap.

  14. Your red and white make me want to change my color skim..... well almost.... that tea set is soooo sweet..... no.... not ready.... I did finished the house today....

  15. Oh wow! love the red and white tea set. Enjoying your blog.

  16. I love this entry, but I do think I would miss the cookies whether I need them or not. Love the dishes and the hearts you made. You border at the top is really nice.

  17. Sounds great. I will right over.
    PS Love the little heart pillows/cookies!
    Brenda's Blessings

  18. Thank you for the tea..everything looked so nice I didn't realize you didn't serve me cookies (like I really needed them anyway) lol...
    ;-) Bo

  19. Cute, cute tea set and snowmen. I sure don't need any cookies, but I think I need Christmas postponed. Do you think we can get that done, because I am nowhere near ready. laurie

  20. Rhondi, I have cookies. I'll bring them and be right over! No, I'm not ready for Christmas either but I will be. I always am! ~Adrienne~

  21. I love, Love, LOVE your tea set and I'll take those lovely hearts over cookies any day! I've been eating far too many cookies anyways. It's nice just to visit. I haven't even begun to get ready for Christmas, truth be known. I know . . . me<==sad case!!!

  22. LOVE your red & white tea set, is so happy & cheerful! Santa will get his plate of cookies Christmas Eve though, right?! ;o) ((HUGS))

  23. Cookies are overrated (who am I and what have I done with KAthy!?)But a cup of tera with a friend is always just the ticket. Love those hearts and all the lovely red and white dishes:>)!

  24. Oh, and, no, I havent even begun getting ready for Christmas..really:>O

  25. I love your new header Rhondi. Your house must be a Christmas haven. Your table is set, love to set the dining room table and leave it set for Christmas. Something that my mom always does. Happy decorating, I just started. My daughter Ashley picked out the perfect tree. Karen

  26. Rhondi, you always know how to make your guests feel welcome!
    The table is gorgeous, the tea set is to die for, it all looks wonderful!


  27. Isn't that what December is for,...."for getting ready for Christmas" That's what I think anyway, no need to be all finished, then what would I do this month?

    Love your header and all the red dishes and polka dots. I'm a fan of the way red/white looks with blue/white!!!

    Thanks for the visit, Kathy b

  28. Rhondi,

    I was reading your blog and would love to come by for tea in those cute mugs, even without the cookies. I'll bring some of those Pepperidge Farm ginger bread men I keep on hand at Christmas.

    I'm also watching "Baby Boom" which I know is one your favorite movies too.


  29. Rhondi,
    Still learning the blogging thing. Thanks for the hint. Love your tea set!

  30. Hello Rhondi, your red and white is awesome. I adore the hearts and your clever post. It made me smile.

    Christmas hugs...Jeanne

  31. I love the red and white setting! No, I wouldn't notice there's no cookies (and I'm a cookie monster!) I would enjoy your company and seeing your lovely home!


  32. Oh no! We have to have cookies with our tea. Shall I bring some along? Love the tea set. You have such adorable tea sets. I am no where near ready for Christmas either and I have the quilt group's Christmas party next week. They are not going to be happy ladies if the tree is not ready. One is already saying she IS finding the pickle this year. They almost fight to find the pickle in my tree. LOL!

    Hugs ~

  33. Hi Rhondi,
    What a pretty tea set, so cheery and perfect for the holiday!

    I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas. At least I have the decorating done. Now I have cookies and shopping to do.


  34. What a sweet tea set! And your hearts are adorable. I will bring the cookies! Be right over :-)

  35. Ooh! I love all that Christmas red! And those trees in your banner are the absolute cutest things!

  36. Your tea set is adorable, Rhondi! No cookies in my house either ... hope to bake some soon though! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  37. I love everything I see here--red and white, teapot, cup and saucers... everything is lovely! Come show your treasures at our "World of Treasures Party!"... I'd love if you could participate.



  38. Hi Rhondi,
    Love the red and white and the hearts are adorable. I would love to come over for tea.
    I love your header too. I have a weakness for the blue and white and enjoy it in my home too.
    Hope you are enjoying the season.
    hugs, Celestina

  39. I just love your red and white!! Laurie

  40. Hello Dear Rhondi!

    What a darling post! Love all your bright red china and felt hearts! Soooo cute! Yeah, who needs cookies? I will wait until some come to my door! LOL! Still working on Christmas to! Yikes!


  41. Lovely bright post Rhondi - you LOOK ready for Christmas even if you say not!! I don't mind a cuppa without the biscuits!

    English Christmas crackers, you asked where over here. I've bought them at Homegoods - some time back - and then at Costco recently. I always look for TOM SMITH brand - they are the best. Can you believe one year just before Christmas I was in Harrod's and saw the 'top of the line' crackers which were selling for something like a hundred pounds a box!!! Goodness only knows what fab gifts were inside them - and the hats must have been great too!
    Bet they pull those at Buckingham Palace on Dec. 25 after the Queen's speech!

    Busy times - hope all is well and that you will be ready for Christmas. Have a great one.
    Hugs - Mary.

  42. Hi there Rhondi,
    Long time since I have been able to pop over and have a visit with you! Love all your red and white, and no I am not ready for Christmas this year yet either! I have made a promise to myself to put up the decorations the day after Thanksgiving next year. The only holiday season that really is a long one is fall/harvest time, Sept. Oct. and all of Nov. every one of the others is just a few short weeks! What a rip off huh?
    Your red and white remind me of Valentines day too, I plan on dragging all of that out the day I put my Christmas away, so I can draw the season of love out a bit this year,(my favorite).

    Your hearts with the red buttons are just darling!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday season with your family.
    Donna Lynn

  43. I have been so busy preparing for and now AT my last sale of the fall/Christmas season--I have missed out on so many of your wonderful posts! First, I LOVE those trees in your banner and Second--I certainly wish I could come over have some tea and cookies at your house. I would tell you I could bring the cookies, but I haven't done any baking and I probably won't have time! It's OK cuz I have buddies who do! :) Your red and white dishes are just beautiful--and so are those darling hearts. Hope you're having a wonderful December! Dana

  44. If you will put on the Christmas tea, I'll bring the cookies!

  45. I absolutely adore your Mr & Mrs Claus and your red & white china! Everything is beautiful!

  46. Not ready for Christmas but could you please tell me the brand name of that teapot. I must have one!


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