Sunday, April 18, 2010

Selling Houses

Spring in North Carolina means azaleas and dogwood. The dogwood are too high for me to cut branches , but I always have a big vase of azaleas inside as long as they are in bloom.  The colors are amazing!

I went to a couple of garage sales on Saturday and found this rooster for $2.  Just couldn't pass it up at that price!  So I thought he'd look good on the dining room table beside the azaleas and he can be a friend for my other roosters.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to visit most of you this week.  I've gone back to work as a realtor again.  You must be thinking, "Is she crazy in this market?"  Maybe I am!    I love houses, as many of you do,so real estate is the perfect job for me, but that means I won't be posting as often and I can't host any tea parties for awhile.

I love writing my blog and I love visiting all of you dear friends, so as soon as I get my work established  and get my work routine organized I hope to be able to post more often again, but for awhile it may be very hit and miss.
I'll still be visiting you when I can.

It is a beautiful weekend here.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.

Rhondi xo


  1. You seemed a little quiet in blogland lately and were missed. I hope you have much joy in this return-adventure. The azaleas are lovely.

  2. The flower arrangement just took my breath away! Gorgeous! My hubby and I were in North Carolina last summer, and loved the spectacular scenery. I also love blue and white as much as you, and the rooster was a great score!
    Good Luck in your new job!

  3. And no porch parties I assume. Your party is the only meme I've ever participated and I had so much fun! Good luck with the real estate. It is such a great thing to hear that there is movement in the real estate market. Keep in touch.

  4. Rhondi,
    Good luck with your job. I always look forward to your posts, and will be happy to see you, when yours pop up!

  5. Rhondi,

    Your flower arrangement is spectacular and the rooster is a real find.

    Good luck selling those houses - I think you will do well.


  6. Hi Rhondi! What a beautiful bouquet flowers and you know how I love your new rooster. Well, I have missed you, but you will do well in your new job. I hope you'll continue to post when you can. I love coming to see you and adore your style.
    I wish you all the best, Rhondi.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  7. Hi, Rhondi -
    I'm so glad you are doing something you love! Crazy? Not really! Not if you're doing something that makes you smile and gives your heart a lift. And when you help people find the perfect home for them - or sell the home they must leave behind to move on - it has to touch your heart in places unseen and remind you again that you are in the right place!

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous flowers. Our azaleas are just starting to show their beauty and soon I'll be able to bring some inside.

  8. Good luck with your return to work, Rhondi. It's a struggle, sometimes, to balance work and what I call my 'real life'. You'll do it - and when it gets overwhelming just open up the computer and let us know!
    Lucky people who hire you to help them find/sell a house!

  9. Best wishes with your new/old career, Rhondi. Your flowers are gorgeous...cute little rooster, he will fit right in with all the others, once the pecking order is established!

  10. Well done Rhondi, you will be so good at that job, with your affinity for people.

  11. How exciting! I bet you do really well, the economy is picking up and NC is a great place to be selling houses in.

    Love your rooster and azaleas!

  12. Best of luck Rhondi.
    Jeanne has just told me that N.C. has the prettiest dog wood and Azalea's in bloom right now. I just missed them while visiting her and my other special friends down South.
    Just beautiful.
    Have fun, sell lots.
    Love Claudie

  13. Enjoy your new adventure. I love to see houses, so selling them would probably work for me too. I know you will do very well. Drop in when you can. Hugs, Marty

  14. Your azalea bouquet is stunning. Mine are just starting to bloom and I will be cutting some to bring inside very soon.
    I will miss reading your posts, but your return to real estate sounds exciting. Good luck in this venture.

  15. Hi Rhondi, Love the photo but it makes me miss the azaleas we had in Ca. They don't grow here but Dogwoods do so I'm getting one to plant this spring. I pray the Lord will bless you re-entry into real estate-I bet you'll be a blessing to all you serve.
    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life! Enjoy yourself, dear. I can just imagine the blessing you will be in your community. Will miss you immensely though...

  17. Beautiful flowers Rhondi! I wish you great luck on your newest venture selling houses! I hope you are very successful! xxoo

  18. Your flower arrangements are gorgeous!! Best of luck in this new chapter of your life. Will miss you!


  19. Hi Rhondi! Best Wishes on your return to Real Estate. I am quite sure that you will be very successful. Stay in touch when you can and post some of your listings so we can all tag along with you!!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. Your rooster is perfect, Rhondi! And the flower arrangement gorgeous! Those colors!

    Hope you enjoy your return to the housing market. Anything you do will be done well and with a smile.

  21. Congrats!Congrats! That is exciting news! Best of luck on your new endeavor.:)
    PS The flowers are beautiful!

  22. Gorgeous bouquet! It's got to be one of the prettiest arrangements I have ever seen. The new rooster is so lucky to have such a wonderful new home, he fits right in!
    Good luck with the new endeavor. I will miss you when your in the "miss" phaze of hitting and missing at posting.

  23. This is a spectacular post! The colors are breathtaking. I love roosters and azaleas so I'm in awe.

  24. Good luck Rhondi in your return to work! Hope to see you soon!~Patti

  25. Rhondi you are in a great spot to be returning to the real estate market - we are so fortunate to be in these flourishing areas of the state. Good luck dear, just know you'll do great - and if I hear of anyone moving your way I'll definitely give them your name.

    Aren't the azaleas amazing this Spring? After such an unusually cold Winter I expected fewer blooms, instead they're top heavy!

    Good luck dear - and please don't give up blogging, we'd miss you so much!
    Warm hugs - Mary X

  26. I come over to visit and I feel like the flowers are just for me, lol. They are gorgeous and the rooster was such a find. Best of luck in your new ventures, I'm not surprised that's what your good at.

  27. Rhondi, Your azaleas are beautiful! I love the colors and the lilies look nice in the bouquet too. I will miss your tea parties but I certainly understand. Best of luck on your career!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  28. O, so you won't have the tea party tomorrow? Shoot...I will miss you. I linked to you but it's problem.
    Take care and don't work too hard!! :)

  29. Wishing you the best in your new endeavor - if I walked into one of your houses with a beautiful arrangement like your azaleas, I would make an offer on the spot!!

  30. Rhondi, I will miss you posting as frequently but good luck! I wish you the best!

  31. Hi Rhondi, good luck with your return to selling houses. I took the courses for doing that and passed the test but never tried selling. I worked in a bank and time never allowed me to get into it. I like people and houses so I might have liked selling a lot. Such is life and too much time has passed. I hope you do well and enjoy it too.

    Visiting seems to be hard for me as much as I used to. We have a very busy life but I will check in on you because I do enjoy your posts very much. Don't worry about keeping a blogging schedule. When you do find time to blog I will enjoy it. Big smile. We do have life beyond blogging. LOL.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  32. Rhondi, no question you'll be successful. I'll miss your frequent posts, but I think many of us are feeling the crunch to keep up with the posts. I need to learn to become more efficient with the process. :-)

  33. Gorgeous azealas!

    We're going to miss you in blog land, but certainly understand the need to go back to work.

    - The Tablescaper


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