Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing My Puttering Time

Hello dear friends

I have been very busy getting my real estate business up and running again.  There has been no time for the fun of puttering around he house, but we did manage to go to Boston last weekend to visit our youngest grandson. He will be 6 months old on Friday. He is such a happy baby and so good.  Did I mention how cute he is too?

There's not much time for puttering but I did pick some flowers from the garden.

And put one of my unfinished quilts as a table cloth in the living room. Nothing else in the house has been changed which is very unusual for me!

Friday is our sweet daughter's birthday.  She will be 28. Tomorrow is also Thankful Thursday and I am thankful for having such a wonderful daughter!  She is a joy to my heart.

Rhondi xo


  1. He is so cute! What a joy for you!

  2. Hi Rhondi,
    What a handsome little guy! Hope your daughter has a very Happy Birthday.
    I misss your puttering too!

    Take care,

  3. Rhondi,
    So nice to hear from your. The baby is a doll. Glad you are getting your business up and running. Hope to hear from you more often, we miss you!

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    Your grandson is one sweet little guy. Hope your daughter has a very Happy Birthday!
    Miss you!


  5. Sure have been missing you! Hear real estate is improving here so hope your business takes off! The little grandson is as cute as can be. What a great photo! Take care,


  6. Oh Rhondi,
    What a sweetheart, he is sooooo cute! I didn't know that you sold real estate. My mom sold real estate for twenty five years. I think it's in the blood because I love looking at houses.


  7. What a beautiful baby!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter-
    I know what you mean about not having time to putter.

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  8. Sure been missing you Rhondi! Hope business is good.


  9. Your blog is cozy.... I love it! You are making me miss my little babies. My kiddos are teenagers now so those cuddle days are long gone.
    I followed Tootsie time over to your site. I can't ait to return to see what you have blooming this spring.

    Would love to make the garden connection with you so please stop by sometime.

  10. What a sweetie, Rhondi!
    It's good that you're able to put as much attention as you need to on your business. It will take off, and then you'll have time for other things. Your house and blogging friends are here when you have a minute!

  11. What an adorable grandson Rhondi!! How wonderful that you got to spend some time with him! Happy Birthday to your daughter too! My eldest baby will be 35 this month. It's hard for me to believe that I have a baby that old!! xxoo

  12. What a gorgeous wee man! Your house always looks lovely even when you don't change anything.

  13. What a beautiful boy!
    Oh Rhondi, I love your 'unfinished' quilt, the colours you use are so perfect. How you have time to do anything I cant imagine, with running a new business!

  14. Aaaagh - the dish with the lemons in it - I have a small milk jug of that pattern!

    It must be very hard work to get a business up and running and I wish you every success.

  15. Hello Rhondi,

    What a beautiful grandson you have, he's cute indeed :)
    Congratulations on your daughter's birtday.

    Take care & hugs, Carolien

  16. Your grandchild is adorable... beautiful! Love the quilt as the table top!

  17. What a doll!! Glad all is going well but I miss you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I'm missing your puttering too! Your grandson is so handsome....


  19. Rhondi....What a cutie! I am sure he loved seeing his grandma! Don't work too hard now! We all need to "putter" every so often.~Hugs, Patti

  20. Hello Rhondi! So good to 'see' you again. It's understandable that you don't have time to 'play' right now but it's so good to see your post and pictures of your sweet Grandson. Good luck with your buisness and once things settle down I look forward to seeing your 'puttering' again. Take care....Maura:)

  21. Hi Rhondi! It's so great to catch up with you! That little grandson of yours is such a cutie!! I wish you great success with your real estate. Post whenever you can, I have you bookmarked and will check in on a regular basis.

    Susan and Bentley

  22. Been missin' you! Don't look now but I snatched a li'l kiss from that angel g'baby of yours. What a champ! Have great week!

  23. Hi Rhondi,

    So good to have a post from you! That grandson is too adorable for words!

    The color of your chairs is the same as the color of my kitchen cabinets, and I have lots of blue and white plus a lot of cobalt dishes. Nice to see that we have these in common, even though your house is "done up" so much more thoroughly than our little house. I always love to see your photos--they're just lovely.

    Happy birthday to your daughter. Mine is about to be 20 and I can't believe how fast the years have flown, especially since we didn't get her until we'd been married nearly 17 years!

    Loretta in GA

  24. Your grandson is so cute! I love your blue dishes and your way of decorating. So cozy.

  25. What a sweet, handsome young man! It's hard to believe that he's growing up so fast. Loved seeing him - thanks for the update.

  26. Rhondi, I miss you, too, but I hope all is going well for you.

    Your grandson is gorgeous. I know you adore him.

    And, happy birthday to your daughter.

  27. He's adorable. Don't you love the drool???
    Your unfinished quilt is gorgeous on the table!
    We miss you too, but our lives change and grow.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  28. your little grandson is adorable! thanks for the update. glad your ok but just busy. miss you. hope things go well with your business.

  29. Rhondi, what an adorable baby! I'm so happy you got to spend time with him. Glad you are getting your business going, but I really do miss you. You always gave such calm and serenity to my day when I visited your beautiful blog. Hugs and best wishes ~ Sarah

  30. Your grandson is just precious - how wonderful that you could see him and get a "Grandbaby Fix."
    Take care.

  31. Hi Rhondi! What a cute pie your grandson is. Good to hear that you were able to sneak in some time to go all the way to Boston to see him. Good luck with your new business.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  32. Oh Rhondi, that baby is such a sweet dumpling! Glad to see a post, I am busy at school, it makes it hard to find time to blog when you have other things going on doesn't it?!

  33. Your grandson is a beautiful baby. I have a 27 year old daughter too, but I probably started a lot later than you (almost 33 when she was born).

    Your photos are so pretty - I love all that blue and yellow.

  34. OOOOOOOOOOOOO how it takes my breath away....loving,loving i have to stop long enough to DEVOUR you have room for AN ALABAMA BLOGGER??

  35. Oh your grandson is adorable!!!
    Lisa in Kentucky


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