Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stop By For A Visit

I was thinking about you as I ate my breakfast this morning.    Typical breakfast for me is a cup of tea and non fat yogurt with some fresh fruit and granola sprinkled on the top.  As I was planning my day I wondering what your plans for your day were.
This is my favorite mug and I just love it.  It's got a chip on the rim and I should probably throw it out.  I have lots of other ones but this is my favorite. 

I love a cup of hot tea. It is just so soothing and relaxing.

I love mornings too, the air is still, the busyness of the day has not begun yet.  There is  time to think, pray and plan for the day.  Then the birds begin to chirp as it gets light and then we go for a walk.
Every day has the potential for something good to happen.

I wonder what today will bring?

I will be working from home this morning so if you have time to stop by for a chat I'll have the coffee pot on and the tea ready to pour.  Now that I am working full time, I miss having the time to chat with you!

Rhondi xo


  1. Good morning Rhondi
    I'm glad you have the option of working from home sometimes. I do too, and I love it. Not today, though as it will be a full day and I'll be heading out any minute. Enjoy your day!

  2. Hey Rhondi, good to hear from you and glad you get the chance to work from home. It's going to be a great day today because it is the day the Lord has made. I took off from work today to just get some stuff done around the house and then go to our area's large craft fair. WooHoo!!!

  3. Rhondi, thank you for sharing your morning with us. I love the quiet of the morning. That short time when I am the only one up in our home. I treasure every moment.

  4. Hi Rhondi - I haven't visited you in such a long time! How lovely to have a good catch-up over a good cup of tea. Shall I bring a few home-made biscuits (cookies)?

  5. Hi Rhondi,
    I always think of you as my blue and white blogging friend. You seem to be very much an early morning person which is another passion we share. Glad you are happily keeping yourself busy down them in lovely N.Carolina. Take care. Eli x

  6. Rhondi, so glad I stopped by today and you are home! I love tea also, that's all I drink in the a.m.! The weather is turning now so a good cup of hot tea is just wonderful! See you Saturday bright and early!!

  7. Hi, Rhondi -
    It's so good to spend a little time with you today! I couldn't stop by this morning because I take my dear, little mother grocery shopping and to do errands every Thursday morning. Just got home - hope the teapot is still hot! It's so good to hear from you. I miss you but know what working fulltime is like. It's good to chat whenever we get a chance.

  8. Isn't it funny how we have a certain mug or cup that we always go back to. Almost like comfort food. It's good to visit with you today Rhondi.


  9. I know what you mean about a favorite--even though it grows old and worn, it brings us comfort. Thanks for the surprise at my door! Sorry I missed you ... I was home til noon so maybe I didn't hear the doorbell? You could have come in for a cuppa! Another time...

  10. Lovely, lovely. Just found your blog and I can't wait to go thru and look at all your pictures.

  11. Rhondi,
    The first thing I noticed was the adorable mug! I love the round kitty face and body. I'd keep using it too!
    Your breakfast is beautiful, and early morning is such a special time of day.

  12. Been missing you too Rhondi. I am glad things are going well for you. I love that mug and could never bring myself to throw it out either would it were mine, chip or no chip!! xxoo

  13. Rhondi, I was thinking just the other day how much my husband and I enjoy our morning coffee mug. They are bone china that we bought when we lived in the islands and they are decorated with things of the sea. Mine is yellow and has a big blue and white friendly whale on it. Every morning they remind us of our friends there and the wonderful times we had.

    I'm so glad to see someone else who's addicted to their morning mug. I love yours with the kitties on it and I wouldn't part with it either, chip or not. It gives it more personality and speaks of love.

    See you tomorrow in Asheville.

  14. I just wish I could spend the morning with you, Rhondi!
    My daughter would LOVE your mug. She is a kitty person. Don't throw out your favorite!

  15. Good Morning Rhondi! I am having my coffee with you right now! Then I need to get busy and clean this house so it looks presentable when you and the other 14 bloggers come tomorrow!

  16. Good Morning Rhondi,
    How nice that you get to work from your home ocassionally. I love - love your cup with the blue kitties (of course - I love anything with blue) and don't blame you for keeping it.
    Thank you for sharing your lovley morning with us and have a great day with Penny and the N.C. Bloggers - wish I could be there.
    Have a lovely day.

  17. Rhondi, Your post inspires it! Your breakfast looks delicious and reminds me that all things beautiful when possible is the order of the day. Wishing you a blessed day....Maggie Ann

  18. Hope you enjoy your day at home. It is a gorgeous fall day here. A little overcast to begin with but the su is out now.

  19. My kinda breakfast. Although I gotta have my big mug of coffee at home and a travel mug for the road. :) Tomorrow is the day bloggers get together with Penny. How fun that will be! Enjoy every minute. Best wishes, Tammy

  20. I love your cute coffee mug and your breakfast looks wonderful! It's going to be fun to eat together tomorrow! Enjoy your trip! See you soon! ♥

  21. Your blog is gorgeous and so warm and was my first visit!

    I am having a "double-the-fun" giveaway...something for a little one and something for you! Stop on by to join the fun if you get a chance! I enjoyed my visit today! :)

  22. Rhondi, that is a very healthy breakfast. Can't wait to see what we are having tomorrow. See you then!


  23. Rhondi, I hope you enjoyed your day at home. I always smile when I see a post from you. I knew your favorite mug would be blue and white. ;-)
    Have a great weekend. ~ sarah

  24. Rhondi, I enjoyed spending time with you today. Thanks for the flower bulbs. It will remind me of our wonderful day together antiquing and enjoying Penny's delicous brunch!

  25. What a beautiful Blog, I sure have enjoyed my visit, I am off to check out your past posts. Hugs, Diane


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