Monday, April 4, 2011

Come For Tea

The dogwood are in bloom.  It is a beautiful morning.

We need to celebrate the beauty.  So I've made a pot of tea and set the table on our deck.

Aren't the dogwood beautiful?

I hope you have time for a visit.  I made some banana muffins with chocolate chips in them :)

It's  another beautiful spring day here in North Carolina, made by God just for us, so I am going to take a little time to enjoy it before I start my work day.  I hope you have time to stay a little while and enjoy it with me.
For those of you who are still waiting for spring, be patient.  It's on its way!!

Rhondi xo


  1. Greetings Rhondi, Oh how I love Dogwood trees! We had a small one in California but here can only get bushes. Your yard looks so refreshing and inviting-wish I could stop by for tea.
    Have a delightful week.

  2. Be right over ~ leave the light on for me!

  3. Rhondi, there's nowhere I'd rather be than out there under the Dogwood, sipping tea with you. Did you know that Dogwood is the provincial emblem of British Columbia?

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    I'm on my way! The thought of sitting on your lovely deck in good company and admiring the pretty dogwood is just what I need right now (we have gales and rain here in northern England). A big thank you for the link you left for the alternative (knitted) Royal Weddding. I laughed all the way through. What a great little video and what a talent to produce it. Let's hope the real event at the end of the month is just as enjoyable!! Eli x

  5. The thought of sitting outsode to take tea is wonderful, but here it just isnt warm enough, yet.
    Your Dogwood is absolutely lovely, fairytale trees.

  6. The dogwood trees are the prettiest they have ever been this spring!!! YOur deck is so lovely. :D I would love to sit there, drink some coffee, and enjoy the view!

  7. The dogwoods are beautiful and your deck looks so inviting! The banana muffins with chocolate chips sounds pretty good too!~Hugs, Patti

  8. Hi Rhondi,
    I would love to have a cup of tea and a muffin with you by the dogwood trees!


  9. What a beautiful place to have tea. The dogwood tree is beautiful, I would love to grow one, but they are not hardy in my Zone. I will enjoy yours as we have tea. Take care:)

  10. Rhondi, What a beautiful post! Lots of eye-candy. I loved seeing every bit of it!

  11. Beautiful!
    I love your flowers, but I don´t know its name in Spanish, I need to investigate.
    Love from Spain

  12. Beautiful setting for a peaceful and calming cup of tea... I would love to join you. It looks so inviting.

  13. Dogwoods are the lace of the woodlands. I love them. Beautiful.

  14. I've always adored you porch, Rhondi, and your blue tea service.
    With the added blossoming dogwoods, it's a slice of heaven! Glad spring has finally come!

  15. Hello Rhondi!

    Oh it looks so pretty in your neck of the woods! Blooms and prettiness everywhere! Love your sweet place setting out on your decking and yes God gave you some lovely days! The muffins look yummy, I actually think I can smell them!


  16. What a delightful place to take tea! The dogwoods are so beautiful this spring :-)

  17. Oh, I'd love to have tea with you! The muffins look so wonderful and I can only imagine how delightful they would be to taste. I love Dogwood - ours hasn't even begun to peek out yet. It will. Soon.

  18. The tree's beauty is so appreciated by me, I did try to plant one in California but it didn't make it past 1 year, they are inspiring,

  19. Tea under a cloud of dogwood; how lovely. I'd love to join you!

  20. I'm so glad to see you posting again. Hope all is well with you and I loved the gorgeous table you set on the deck. The muffins look yummy.

  21. Rhondi, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm just sitting on the sun porch with my laptop, but I'd much rather be sitting under the dogwood trees having tea with you. Beautiful as always. So happy to see you posting again.
    ~ Sarah
    The azaleas above are also gorgeous.

  22. I've been wanting to start my own blog so I thought I would "surf the internet" and I came across yours. It is lovely! I love my porch (we spend many great hours there) , I sometimes see life through rose colored glasses (my choice), I am a grandmother of 8, and I live in the south (Mississippi). Thank you again for sharing your beautiful was a pleasant trip!

    Kerry from Mississippi


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