Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Dreams

It's time for a change in the bedroom. This is how our bed looks in the summer, a lightweight white spread on it and white pillow shams and wicker lamp ( all yard sale finds, the pillow shams even have our initial "M" on them!)

Then in the fall I moved the bed to the other wall and took off the tall posts, which makes our small bedroom look bigger.  I added one of my blue and white quilts on top and sewed up a few pillows.

Now for Christmas and probably the whole winter season, the posts are back up.  I switched the side tables which makes the room seem even a little bit larger.  I've added some little white lights and green foliage on the canopy and brought in my red and white quilt from the guest room. 

And I made some side drapes from leftover fabric which really softens the look of the windows.  The fabric is pale blue and white stripes but it's hard to tell from the photo.  In case you're wondering I made the quilts.


When the night gets dark it is so cosy ....sweet dreams.....

Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas?

Rhondi xo


  1. It looks great Rhondi! I love the garland and lights....Yes, I do decorate my bedroom at Christmas!

  2. thats a beautiful red and white quilt for anytime of the year but especially for the holidays.


  3. How festive...I haven't decorated my bedroom for the holidays..but when my kids were small I would but a small tree in their rooms with lights!
    So pretty to change your bedding and adding the red is perfect for Christmas. Just lovely...Merry Christmas!!
    Miss Bloomers

  4. Wow, I love the red and white bedroom now. Just makes you want to crawl in and take a nap. Have a great week.

  5. Hi Rhondi,
    That looks so gorgeous and charming! I love the quilt, the bed, the lights, love it all!
    Have a great Christmas season!

  6. I love the changes you have made for the Christmas season. The red adds a pretty pop of color. Your quilt is just beautiful and I think the garland is a really nice touch. So cozy and tranquil.
    I put a tabletop tree in my bedroom and have it on a timer. I love to lay in bed and gaze at that little tree as I drift off to sleep.

  7. How lovely, Rhondi! I'm not at all surprised that we have the same bedroom lamp!
    I don't really decorate the bedroom, but I change the comforter and shams to a Red, white and Green Christmas patchwork. I love the change.

  8. That is beautiful! The most we do is change our pillow cases but I love the seasonal transformation!!!!

  9. I love the greens around the top of the posts! so pretty and the pretty red adn white quilt. yes I decorate my bedroom but havent done so yet this year!~ youre inspiring me to bet busy though!

  10. Rhondi, what a festive bedroom. Your quilts always bring joy. Love this red and white one. ~ Sarah

  11. Your room looks great through the seasons!! I put a small tree in my room at Christmastime and decorate it with my pretty Victorian ornaments. I also redo my bathroom for the winter months in shades of taupe and red. I love to change things up for the seasons. It's a nice way to wake up. Your quilts are stunning. You are amazing!

  12. Hi Rhondi,
    I love your bedroom! Your quilts are magnificent! I also enjoy changing up our master bedroom for the season. I enjoyed your post very much.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  13. I love the way your bedroom looks for the holiday season! It's so dreamy and cozy. I put a few holiday touches in our room but this year, for the first time, I wish I had a Christmas quilt. Think I'll decide what I want so I can work on it through the next year. Maybe - just maybe!!!! - I'll get it done in time.

  14. Oh my Rhondi, this is so gorgeous. With all of your beautiful quilts, you create magic. I love those baby twinkling lights, I can imagine it looks magical at night. I don't decorate my bedroom for Christmas, but I don't have your gift for decorating.

    Rhondi, I have been having fun designing fabrics for quilts. I am working on one of a painting I did for my mom.

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow.


  15. Rhondi, how perfectly magical! I love it! xxoo

  16. Rhondi, it looks magical. I don't really do any decorating in our bedroom, but I do hang a stocking on one of the bed posts.

  17. I love how you change your bedroom around for the season - something I should do. Makes it so much more interesting!!! I have just recently discovered your blog and love it!

  18. Beautiful Christmas colors. I have a 4-poster canopy bed, too, but never thought of decorating it with a string of lights! I will have to try it.I have a small collection of quilts that belonged to my grandmother and are quite old. I love quilts!
    Ann @

  19. I love the red quilt! My 8 year old asks if she can come spend the night in that "amazing" bed? I love the greenery in the bedroom. I don't have any festive christmas quilts but we do decorate with lights everywhere, both inside and out! :)

  20. Fabulous room! I love the Christmas decor the best. It must be cozy at night. You did an amazing job making the quilt!

  21. Your guest bedroom looks wonderful, now you have me thinking along the lines of 'less is more' too as I contemplate my festive decorations ! Have a Happy Christmas.


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