Monday, December 19, 2011

Keeping It Natural

We are lucky to have lots of holly growing in our yard, so it's fun at Christmas to cut some and use it to decorate.  It looks so pretty in this blue and white pitcher beside our bed.

 and in a blue and white bowl in the kitchen.

 and tucked in among some pinecones from our daughter's yard,
in a big white bowl on the dining room table.
Just little spashes of red brightening up the house for Christmas. It was easy and free, 2 things I like!!
Does anyone else out there like red?? 

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  1. Oh my, how pretty your things look with holly in them.

  2. Love ther berries, too. You have displayed them so beautifully.

  3. Our holly tree is just big enough to take some leaves and berries this year - hooray! I love it, especially in a blue and white bowl.

  4. Holly, it's just beautiful this time of year. I love to see it around the house. Yours looks lovely! xxoo

  5. I love red! Your holly berries look beautiful with your blues and whites.

  6. I love your beautiful holly in blue and white. :)
    I, too, have some holly bushes but this year, due to the extreme drought we are in, no red berries. I am sad about that but so thankful to have saved the holly bushes. I poured the precious water to the 5 bushes all summer and, at that, they still had me worried....but, they did survive.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Rhondi...

  7. I just noticed the Thankful Thursday button on your sidebar link. Could you tell me who has this meme? I would love to SHOUT my thankfulness each Thursday. :)) Thanks, Rhondi.

  8. I always enjoy your splashes of red! Yes we have an abundance of holly this year it seems, more than ever the bushes are heavy with it,

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas Rhondi--and your famly! I enjoy your friendship!


  9. It looks very pretty, Rhondi. I just cut some holly and brought inside, too.

    Happy Holidays, dear friend.

  10. My holly is so beautiful this year too. I love how you've used it in your Christmas decor. I have even used sprigs of the holly as bows on my Christmas baking and gifts. I enjoy reading your blog and can see that you love red - you use it well!


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