Monday, November 12, 2012

Twig Tree For Christmas

Like most of you I have been decorating our house for Christmas.  Many of my decorations are red but in my sunroom red is just too bright.  So I made a twig tree for Christmas in here.  Our home backs onto a woods which makes it very  easy for me to get some branches and put them in a vase.  If you already know me it's no surprise that I just happened to have a blue and white vase!

These crocheted snowflakes that a student gave me years ago make such a nice contrast against the dark brown branches.

Some small glass ornament from my collection add a sparkle of silver blue and aqua.

My twig tree  is the perfect tree for the sunroom: light airy and whimsical and it doesn't take up too much room.

Here is a view from the other direction.  This room is also my office so I get to look at my twig tree  and it doesn't block my view out the window as I work.

Maybe I have inspired you to find some branches and make a tree like this.  It is so easy and you could hang anything on it: cookie cutters, pinecones,  paper snowflakes, bows, spray it white, glue sparkles on it.  There are endless possibilities.

I like my twig tree so much it may stay up after Christmas and it can be a winter twig tree!

I'd love to see what you've done to decorate in your home.

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Rhondi xo

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