Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Candle Ideas

This post about Christmas candle ideas all started because my mind has a tendency to wander..
Every morning in December, as soon as we have our tree set up in the living room I light some candles and light up the tree.  Then I bring my tea, my journal and my bible and curl up in a chair to have some quiet time before the day’s activities begin.  As I was sitting there looking at the flickering candles in the big glass vases, my mind began to wander and I thought how pretty they were and how easy it was to just plop a candle in a glass container  and group a few together.

Did you notice the broom in the corner of the picture? Oh well!
I have a lot of crystal which sparkles when it has a candle in it.
Our mantle is decorated with crystal, a little silver, pine cones and holly.  It’s not really Christmasy so I might leave it that way for awhile in the new year.
Anyway I got thinking that everyone doesn’t have crystal for their candles but there are lots of ways to use candles to get a sparkle without spending much money.These glass containers were yard sale finds, $2 & $3 each.  They make a great statement alone or in a group.
You can leave them plain or add something like glass balls for a little more sparkle
Putting a mirror  behind the candle adds more sparkle.  I just got this mirror the other day, $3., so I just leaned it up against the wall to see how it would look.
Putting a mirror  behind the candle adds more sparkle.  I just got this mirror the other day, $3., so I just leaned it up against the wall to see how it would look.

Lots of Christmas candle ideas come to mind.  Group several on a silver tray.
You don’t have a silver tray?  A dinner plate will work fine.  You can find plain white at Dollar Tree, or at Goodwill .
One candle on a colorful plate in a hurricane always looks classic.  You can use your coupon at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and get one very cheap.
Any tray with one candle and some greenery around it is so simple and pretty.  I am lucky because we have a huge hedge of holly right outside our door which is what I used here.  If you live in an apartment or have no greenery at your home, maybe a friend or neighbor will let you cut a branch or two.
I hope you’re not tired yet.  I have just a few more Christmas candle ideas which can be done with what you have on hand. This one is pretty simple: a glass from your kitchen with a small candle in it, some scrunched up aluminum foil and a  few green leaves on a plate.
A colorful glass on a plate, with holly.  The glass was a recent Dollar Tree find, so cute!
While I was getting the glass out of the kitchen cupboard I thought, “What other random thing could I use?”    A colander is pretty random.  That’s not something you would think to put a candle in.

Some jute ties around the candle and pine cones scattered around it. Love it!
But you might say, I don’t have an old colander, or fresh ivy or even nice fat candles.   But you probably have a few old candles that are burnt down low, a plate, some aluminum foil, paper and scissors?  Well let’s use that.

Melt the bottom of the candles enough to make the wax sticky so you can adhere them to the plate.  Make a wreath with the aluminum foil.

There is no end to the number of Christmas candle ideas, so look around your house and see what you’ve got.  Might be fun to do a link up for Christmas Candle Ideas.  Anyone interested?
Today I am joining

Rhondi xo


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