Monday, November 24, 2014

First Post

 Good morning friends
It was seven years ago in November, that I wrote my first post and clicked “publish”.  I had been following  a few blogs and wanted to be able to leave comments and so Rose Colored Glasses was born.   I have always loved visiting other bloggers and having people come and comment on what I had written.  I have seldom had anything profound to say but always hoped that my posts provided a friendly place for you to visit.  It has been fun to share my home with you and have lots of cups of tea and many of you have become dear friends.
Blogging sure has changed since then.  Lots of people are making a good income from their blogs.  And there are so many more bloggers!!
Because I went back to work full time I stopped being consistent with writing posts for awhile, but I missed my friends in blogland.  It has been a long time since that first post, but I am still here, posting about insignificant things , but things that make me happy.
 Things like making little hearts from recycled men’s shirts.

             Collecting old buttons and stringing them together to make a garland for my little feather tree.
                                                      Cutting out mini paper snowflakes.
                              Here is my little tree, hard to get a good photo against the window!
Another photo, not much better!  (I need a good camera.) The tree was a present from my husband, last year.
It is exactly one month to Christmas, so let the decorating begin!!
Rhondi xo

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