Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time to Decorate

On Sunday the kids got all our boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic and today I was going to start decorating. However when I walked by the green wicker chair that I had just moved to a corner of the kitchen it seemed to need a red pillow. So I designed and sewed this pillow today. I love red and white. It is so crisp looking.
My little doll Madeleine seems to like it too. She looks like she was made just to sit there.

I listened to Christmas music all day. I love the Christmas CD s by Kenny G and Josh Groban.

Well maybe tomorrow I'll start decorating.

Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Aunt Rhondi,

    Looks like you've got some fun projects on the go - I've been making some homemade gifts for Christmas this year, it's always fun to create and design! I think Cliff just went out and bought mom both of those Christmas CD's you are listening too - haha. I'm also looking for something chocolate brown and blue for Barb's new place (those are her colours mom said?) Well, Laine and I are done our breakfast and that's as far as we've got so far today (she's actually still in her highchair in the office with me, eating her cheerios while I check e-mail) Great blog, I'll keep checking for updates -have a great day!!

    Love, KELLY and LAINE :)

  2. What a wonderful and talented person. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog.

    How about adding Pastor Furtick's to the blogs you read??

    Love John

  3. I love it that you needed something red and just sewed up a pillow for that chair.

    Congratulations Rhondi on your new blog! Love it!

  4. What lovely pictures of a lovley house Wow!! Where did you get Madeleine from she is beautiful - I am adding you to my my sidebar straight away! Welcome to England - and North Yorkshire - have you ever been??


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