Friday, July 11, 2008

Carl Larsson

Do you have a favorite artist? Mine is Carl Larsson, a Swedish artist who painted in the late 1800s and early 1900s. His series of illustrations of his family at home began by chance during one long wet summer which stopped him painting outdoors. He happened to sketch one of his children sitting in the family punishment corner (they had time out's back then too!) His wife, Karin, persuaded him to continue doing a series on the family and it resulted in a series that illustrated an era. He and his wife were a major influence on the style of decor in Sweden during their day. I just love the glimpse into everyday life and decor that his paintings reveal. The paintings of his 7 children are so precious.

So here is a small sample of his work.

Aren't some of the interiors wonderful? If you want to see more of his work, here is a link. Someday I hope to be able to visit his home Little Hyttnas in Sweden.

Do you have a favorite artist?

Rhondi xo


  1. I recently found your blog & love it! I am curious about the beautiful blue & white dishes you you have any information on where I can find them? Thank you, Cynthia

  2. Hi Cynthia
    I'm not sure which dishes you mean. Most I've just collected from yard sales, but if you are referring to the beautiful blue and white tea set, it is Dainty Blue by Shelley. You can find it in antique stores or ebay or there is a company the specializes in china patterns that are no longer produced. It's called China Replacements or something like that. Hope that was helpful. Rhondi

  3. Hi Rhondi,
    I really got an education this morning...much more meaningful than reading about it in an art history book.
    I really like Carl Larrsson's work too!
    I like lots of different art, but am really fond of Monet type art!
    And then there is Norman Rockwell...I love his work too! They are all so diverse. I think that's a good thing.

  4. Hi Rhondi-
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful art work with us. It's just wonderful. Such sweet children. My favorite artist is Sandy Lynam Clough, a current artist. Her flower and tea-themed pictures are my favorites. I would love to own more of her work but, then, where would I put it?

  5. Ok, here is yet another reason why I like you. I have two Carl Larsson prints in my home and note cards and a book along with small C.L. things. I love his work.The colors, details, and his subject matter, his family.

    I was once thinking what I would grab if I had to evacuate the house quickly. My favorite print was on the list.
    I have a cousin who remodled her kitchen, Carl Larsson style. It is really fun.

    Kathy b

  6. Hi Rhondi, Just want to let you know, I posted pics of my version of the M.E. hutch....=). I'll be back to enjoy your favorite artist...I've never heard of him before...but I like his art. But...must run, company's coming in 25 minutes...ouch! I'm not ready.

  7. Heidi took me to his house when she lived in Sweden. I loved it. I have some of his prints hanging in my dining room. He painted a picture of his wife one the door of his workroom so she would be with him while he worked. It is a wonderful house to visit.

  8. Hi, Rhondi! Thanks so much for visiting great to meet you and find your lovely blog! We are just back from London--had terrific time. I'll be updating with more photos soon. I've long loved the works of Carl Larsson too. Hubby and I visited Lilla Hyttnas a few years ago--a very magical experience to see where he lived and created his paintings. We have several Larsoon prints framed in our house--they make us happy to look at them each day. So nice to meet you, Rhondi, I look forward to visiting you here again! Happy weekend :o)

  9. Hi Rhondi, well what a wonderful collections of prints. They are just what I like too.
    I am have buying a few vintage prints lately - quite similar to these.
    Thank you showing us!
    Carol x

  10. I also love Carl Larsson! Thank you for sharing these paintings, some I have not seen before. His interiors are beautiful, and I love his paintings of children. Just lovely...Roxanne

  11. Good morning, Rhondi! I can see you love art... and no wonder; art in every form is the passion of the heart...

    I have posted about the award on my blog. THANK YOU again, Rhondi...

    Have a lovely weekend.


  12. I have always admired the style of the Larsson's. The colors, the clean lines, and the warmth exude from all of their work.

  13. Hi Rhondi..
    Your blog is just delish ,,,
    I love Carl's artwork too ..I can see why he's one of your favorites.. Pretty music AND your BANNER is wonderful(:)I think I have said it all.. should have just said ''I like your blog''~!!!
    hugs and hugs again.. Patty

  14. Hi Rhondi,
    Carl Larsson is one of my favorites too! I love his style, the colors and the interiors. Thanks for showing some of his works!
    I just posted on Monet today! What a coincidence!

  15. This is indeed a wonderful artist! I love his work. I think he illustraded also some childrens book. Is this possible?
    I would'nt mind having some of his work on my walls. Must look for a book about his work.

  16. Hi Rhondi, I really enjoyed seeing these wonderful pieces by Carl Larson. For me they represent a kinder and gentler time.
    I adore the work by the folk artist Grandma Moses. Have a lovely weekend...hugs, Linda

  17. Hi Rhondi!
    What beautiful paintings! I love fine art and art museums. My favorite museum is the Toledo Art Museum since I grew up going to that museum as a child. It is full of incredible paintings by the old famous artists.
    My personal favorite artist is Maxfield Parrish. He does such fairytale type paintings. You want to step into his picture and become a part of it!
    Great post!
    Hugs, Sherry

  18. Hi Rhondi, Thank you for sharing the art work of this great artist. I really enjoyed seeing his work.
    Beautiful. Congrats on your newest award! You are so deserving!
    la rea rose

  19. Hello Rhondi!
    Wow! a post with pictures of my favorite artist Carl Larsson, thank you! I've always loved his pictures, even as a little girl I dreamed of living in an environment like the Larsson-house. The dream almost came out, only I don't live in Sweden, but in the Netherlands....One day I hope to visit the house in Sweden.....
    Do you know they sell cards with pictures of C.Larsson at IKEA? Do you have an IKEAshop nearby or I would be happy to send you some!
    Have a nice and sunny weekend...hartelijke groeten, Francisca R.

  20. Francesca
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. We don't have an IKEA right now, but one is opening next year. I can't wait. Thanks for your sweet offer of sending me some cards.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  21. Hi Rhondi! Glad you enjoyed your visit with your grandkids - they are absolutely adorable in their jammies!!! I think Carl Larson has some of the same qualities as Mary Englebreit - playful, childlike but not childish! does that make sense? Anyway I do like his work and his home mostly because of the hand painting. I love Mary E and wish I had started collecting her art and products years ago! Oh well I still have the magazine to enjoy! I'm glad you had a chance to stop by - I'll visit again - Jeannette Enjoy what's left of weekend!

  22. I love Carl Larsson's paintings, they seem to speak to one. that was so nice to read, thank you Rhondi.

  23. Hi Rhondi!
    If You ever come here I promise I will give You a personal tour of Carl Larsson and his family home! It´s not far at all from where I live!
    So just let me know!...


  24. I have a set of collector plates by Karl Larsson. I really love his work.

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway. Good luck winning.

    I don't really have a favorite artist. But this guy is really good! Thanks for sharring him with us.


  26. I love Carl Larsson paintings! There is such a simplicity and sweetness in them. Also love to see the rooms that he portrays. Makes me wish I could go to Sweden, though I have a Swedish friend who says that is not the way it looks any more. Well darn, he had to go burst my bubble! I still want to go there though, lol.

    I have awards for you! I posted it before I realized you already have the Brilliante award, but there is another I would like you to accept too. You have an excellent blog!


  27. I really enjoyed seeing his artwork! It is fabulous work! I would love to be able to paint like that!


  28. Hi Rhondi,
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of a favorite artist. Being an art major and Art teacher. I began collecting Saturday Evening Post covers of an artist dear to my heart, Norman Rockwell. I used to use his photos to inspire my classes to draw illustrations of people and their activities that one can tell a story by looking at the drawing.

    "Rockwell created images that described universal human experiences within a particularly American context. His ability to reveal the deeper meaning in commonplace situations captivates audiences to this day. Rockwell painted pictures illustrating some of his deepest concerns and interests, including civil rights, America's war on poverty, and the exploration of space."

    His museum is where he lived in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, 5 hours from where I live. I do hope to make a visit there someday.

  29. Hi Rhondi ~ Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us. His work is amazing and so sweet. I have never seen his work before - at least I don't recall it. I love the picture of the little girl on the floor next to the stripped chair. Precious!


  30. Hi Rhondi,
    I learned something today, a new artist! I have never heard of him before but I love his artworks! His subjects are similar to Norman Rockwell but different style.
    Thanks for sharing them.


  31. Happy Sunday Rhondi, Oh I LOVE Carl Larsson too!!!...And I too have referred to his work for "decorating ideas"!!!!....Love his colors, & the "homeiness" of it all! Just want to crawl into the pictures!!...There are a couple illustrators that I LOVE as well!!...not sure of the artist, but the illustrations from the "Bramblyhedge" books are among my very favorites!...Also I'm sure you have read your granddchildren the "Angelina" book daughters both loved them & I can't tell you how the little kitchens & bedrooms spurred on decorating ideas in my own home! ( also the series of Toot & Puddle"!)...And of course the amazing Tasha Tudor was also a huge inspiration to me!!....O.K. now I am just getting a bit carried away!!.... Thank you also for all your lovely comments too! Have a great week!...Your friend, Heidi XO

  32. Hi Rhondi, What beautiful pictures you posted! Just lovely artwork!

    Thank you so much for all the sweet messages you posted on my blog!
    Love, Ann

  33. Hi Rhondi!
    Thank you for sharing Carl's work. I don't have a favorite artist..But I do love most of the old masters.....

  34. Hi Rhondi,
    I have long been a Carl Larsson fan and have two little prints that hang in my kitchen.
    My grandfather was Swedish and I bought him a book about Larsson and his work. I also have my own copy of the same book. My mother sometimes gets cards from Second cousins in Sweden that are Larsson prints. IKEA is a good source of his prints or it was once upon a time...
    I have a few Rockwell prints upstairs in my house and my mother did a needlework picture of a child with a black eye sitting outside the principal office. It hangs in my sewing room but did hang in my classroom at school for a long time.
    There are lots of great artists out there- I love the Group of Seven, Emily Carr and the Impressionists - especially Monet, Renoir and VanGogh... There are so many wonderful artists - both old and new...Enjoy..
    Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

  35. I have long admired this artist's work Rhondi, but I also like the work of Nancy Noel who does lovely Amish Art. It is my dream one day to own a piece of hers.

  36. Hi Rhondi - like so many others, I've also long enjoyed the work of Carl Larsson. I especially like the little girl all in red and one day would like to stitch her in cross stitch. One of my favorite artists is Mary Cassatt

  37. I've always loved Carl's paintings and order the wall calendar every year for my kitchen! I have many old ones stashed away as I can never part with them - I've even framed many of my favorite prints over the years.

    Love your little visitor photos in your new post Rhondi!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I'm having a hard time keeping up these days - so many friends, so little time, and so so darned hot here in the Carolinas!!!!!
    Hugs - Mary

  38. Hi Rhondi! If you ever get to Carl and Karin Larsson's house, you will love it. His love is still very much in the house! It is amazing. It was one of the things we did while living in Sweden and where I first saw his work. I just instantly fell in love with his paintings and I even have a table from there which is thought to have been designed by Karin. It has wooden 'nails' (pegs) in it.

    My mother had told me you did an entry about him but I am slow to getting around to blogs at the moment. Right now, I am heading early to bed. I think my physical therapy sessions are starting to wear me down.

    Hugs ~

  39. Carl Larsson is my favorite! Amazing work that I never tire of. His family made for interesting inspiration. :)

  40. What a great story about such a talented man! I had never heard of him before, but I saved the link you gave us to my favs!

  41. What lovely pictures! I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite artist but Tasha Tudor would be right up there!

  42. Hallo,
    very nice blog and wonderful pictures by Carl Larsson. Started to paint my house in Swedish red and I must say it looks great. Friends of mine have a house in Sweden near Linnesberg and I had the graet luck to stay there for a while. A wonderful place. I also love pictures by Claude Monet. His house in Giverny near Paris is great. Do you know the pictures of Lisi Martin ? She´s a swedish artist who paints in the style of Carl Larsson. Her christmas cards are wonderful. Maybe you try to find her on google.

    All the best for you

  43. Hi Rhondi,
    thanks for posting these lovely domestic scenes by Carl Larsson. They are of great encouragement especially to anyone who has an imperfect life as Larsson grew up in a slum in Stockholm, where his surroundings were filled with "misery, filth and vice." and his mother supported hersef and her two small sons by washing and ironing.His wife eventually created the harmonious environment that allowed him to paint such remarkable works.


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