Monday, July 14, 2008

Company's Here!

The home I grew up in had a big picture window in the kitchen and we spent many happy hours there drinking tea and looking out at the garden. Our driveway came around to the back of the house and when peoople came to visit they would always come down the driveway and come to the back. Whenever someone would appear around the corner coming up the drive one of us would often call out, "Company's here!"

Well the other morning I went out to feed the fish in our little fish pond and we had company, a little box turtle! He was swimming around in our pond. After he was in our pond for a day or so it occured to us that he probably couldn't get out, so we rescued him.
He's not too sure of us. Come on little turtle poke your head out. We won't hurt you.
He's getting a little braver.
Perhaps he's camera shy?
Getting brave now. I think he's planning his escape because we came out about a half hour later and there was no sign of him. Good bye little turtle. Hope you come back for a visit again soon.
Speaking of visiting. When you have a chance, stop by and visit Denise at
Creative and Refreshing Inspirations. She is a new blogger and I know she'd love the company. Wait until you see the beautiful hutch she painted! Remember when you started to blog and how excited you were when you started to get a few comments? Actually, I still get excited every time you leave a comment!!
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Rhondi


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    I photographed one in my front yard a few weeks ago...and a few minutes later he was gone!
    We live across the street from a lake, so he had traveled a long way and was slmost to the front porch.
    I think they move fast when no one is looking! LOL

  2. I like your cute little friend. I will be sure to stop by the new blog and welcome her to blogland. Karen

  3. Hi Rondi,
    Your turtle looks very contented. I can't believe he wants to leave your pretty pond. Nice pictures as always. Going now to check out the new blogger you mentioned. TTFN.......Lilly

  4. I'm sure your turtle will be back in your pond...why would he want to leave?!
    Just going over to visit Denise now.

  5. Ok, first I have to say I love that song. I haven't heard those two in ages. I wonder if they did a duet album now. Hummm. Your little friend is too cute. We rescued one off the road once and drove it to a pond in the park. I keep saying he probably Had Grandchildren now. Hope he comes back.

  6. Yes, I think your little turtle buddy is off on an adventure. Great pictures.

    I will go visit. I still get excited about comments, too.

  7. My cousin once found a big turtle whose shell was cracked on the side of the road. She brought it home and kept it because the vet said that it couldn't make it in the wild. On the bottom of the turtle some one had carved T.M. & K.C. 1956. It was in the 80's that she found the turtle. Isn't that neat? Of course I do not reccomend carving your initails into a poor little turtle. I wonder who lasted longer the couple or the turtle.

  8. Loved the turtle. We live near a pond too, and when the boys were little they were always rescuing tiny turtles who were trying to make it to the lake.

    I love comments too! I'll go visit your friend right now.

  9. What a beautiful turtle! Great photos..


  10. Rhondi

    You are wonderful to save this little guy!

    P>S> and I just love your changing headers...I want to hang out on that porch!!

  11. Hi Rondi...I absolutely love the face on that turtle. He's so cute! Glad you rescued him!


  12. I guess I am with the others,and have a sweet memory of my childhood and turtles. We would paint our names with fingernail polish(which was probably not good for turtle)on its shell.
    Love ya Cindy

  13. Your darling little turtle made me smile today. Thanks.

  14. Hi Rhondi!

    What a sweet turtle! We had one last year that hung around our courtyard for about a month. We called him/her "shell"by...shellby.

    Off to visit your new blogging friend!

  15. Hello Sweet Rhondi!

    I sure do love your little friend the turtle who came for a visit! Wow, wish we had them out in the wild like that! Lucky you!

    Wishing you a wonderful week! Now off to visit the new girl on the block!


  16. Just catching up on your posts tonight. I loved the photo of your grand kids sitting in the chairs you had ready for their visit. So glad you had such a wonderful week with them. I enjoyed your feature on your favorite artist, Carl Larson. This is another reason I love blogging--you just learn so much from other bloggers! The turtle photos are great---I hope he does return to your yard.

  17. Rhondi,
    I wonder if it is turtle mating season or something. Yesterday as we were driving down the busy 6 lane highway near our house we say a police car pulled over, half way in a lane really slowing down the rush hour traffic. When we got close by we could see that that sweet officer was blocking the path of the biggest turtle I have ever seen while he was trying to navigate out of that busy highway.
    Turtles must be on the move for some reason. Your pictures are great.

  18. How cool to find a little visitor like that! I would love to have a pond like that. Great pics of the turtle!

    Denise's blog is terrific! I'll have to go back and visit her again. Thanks for the link!


  19. Hi Rhondi....
    Thank you and your wonderful friends for making my day! I was so surprised as I kept reading recent posts and realized the gracious posting you offered to your readers... regarding Me!
    It was like I had won the lottery...and I did, a Blog Friendship circle.Your kind words Rhondi and sharing your firends are truly appreciated. I hope to continue in the right path and make you proud.=:>)

  20. what a cute turtle! I used to own a painted turtle and it laid eggs. The eggs though dried up.

    I'll go visit your friend ...


  21. Hi Rhondi,
    I had a turtle visit my lil pond the other day!
    It was so fun to have her come to visit!
    Hubby says they come up to lay their eggs in the sand!

    Hugz, Dolly

  22. What a wonderful turtle! Great photos! I still get excited with each and every comment as well! I shall pop on over now to visit your blogging friend! Any friend of yours is a friend of mine!

  23. What a cute little turtle!

    I'm off to visit the new blogger.


  24. What a cute little fellow....or gal? We have gopher tortoises around us that meander through. Always enjoy seeing them.

    I will go visit Denise now.


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