Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

I've always liked to buy second hand books. I buy books for lots of reasons:I like the author, or it has an interesting cover. This book met both those criteria. I think the gold leaves on the side are so pretty. I buy books that I've always wanted to read or that remind me of my childhood. This set by Winston Churchill fulfilled that role. I have the whole set of 5 and I plan to read them some day. Here I've used that decorating technique of stacking things on books. It really helps when you need to vary the height of things.
I buy books because I like the color.

Lately I've been buying books with patterned covers. This art nouveau look is attractive.
and look at the colorful designs on these Reader's Digest Condensed books.
I liked the pattern on this little book too. It goes perfectly with my Delft pieces.
Recently I've read 2 of the books that I bought because I liked the color. One was a red book: The Word by Irving Wallace. The other was a yellow book: Johanna by Claire Cooperstein which was a novel about the sister-in-law of Vincent Van Gogh. I discovered that the inside was just as good as the outside.

So what color shall I read next? Blue? Yellow? I think I'll choose yellow next: The Covenant by James Mitchener.

Who said you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover?
Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi,
    I do the same thing, I buy books with great covers for my house.

  2. That is the funniest thought but I am so glad it worked for you! Funny but so many times the paper cover covers the book binding so we never even know what color the book might be. Guess in the future it might be worth looking at the cover before we buy the book!

  3. I, too, judge a book by it's cover...when I go to a thrift store, it is to the book section I go first. Even my daughter buys books for me that have a pretty cover.
    Reader's Digest are some of my favorites!!
    love, bj

  4. I loved The Covenant when I read it about 10 years ago. You might have to power read through some of it, though, like I did. He writes in great detail about things that don't have anything to do with the story. (Like descriptions of the terrain) But everything I've read by Michener I've learned something and I've enjoyed each book. Love your blog, your home and you're a talented quilter!

  5. I am a book lover myself and have tons. I Love that you have yours all sorted by colour. They look so lovely!

  6. Hi Rhondi thank you for your kind words, things are looking up a little !
    I just love have some very nice looking collections there. My bookcase is full to the brim - books are stuffed in sidways, on top, behind, anywhere I can squeeze another one in. Seeing you neat orderly lines has given me the jolt I needed to get on and sort them all out - I have been wanting to paint the bookcase anyway, so this may be the time to get on with it!
    Carol xx

  7. Hi, Rhondi!
    Thanks to you, my Reader's Digest books are now proudly displayed along with my Currier and Ives dishes!

    ~ Hearts~

  8. I like the vignettes you've created with your book collection. The Readers Digest books really have some beautiful covers, don't they. My mother had so many of those back in the day.

  9. As you probably have seen on my blog, I love using vintage books to decorate. They are just wonderful and my favorites are books with red covers. I dream one day of having a real English library. I buy a vintage book each month or so and it is a joy to open the package and see what I purchased as I buy them online and you cannot see them ahead of time. My last purchase ended up being an amazing first edition of a Victorian child's book. I love the Reader's Digest books you show. They look like a piece of vintage fabric on the cover. How wonderful! I have never seen them before.

    Hugs ~

  10. I love how you set your books up! Laurie

  11. Rhondi - I love the new look of your blog. The blue is so pretty and you have so very many beautiful blue items. This was a pleasure to look at!!

  12. I was just pointed to your site today. Thank you-- it is beautiful! I see the Eugenia Price book. Have not known anyone in a long time that loved her books as I do. That looks like a first edition.

  13. That second picture with the blue vase has the word 'hei' or double happiness in Chinese, a symbol used widely in weddings and celebrations, wishing people double and abundant of happiness. Here's hoping you'll get lots of that too.

  14. Just stopped back to let you know that Ceilo fromThe House In The Roses is having a Window Friday event. We are supposed to have a photo on our blog on Friday showing our favorite window. Yours are so gorgeous, I thought that maybe you might want to join in the fun. Her link is on my blog at the bottom of the posts and there is a badge on my sidebar. have a lovely day...sitting in this house is a guarantee of that. Karen


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