Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday at Home

Today was such a beautiful day. I was surprised to find it was cool enough this morning to open the windows to let the fresh air in for a little while. Oh how I love to have the windows open.

Everything in the garden needs water and today is the only day we are allowed to use our sprinklers, so I got them going very early and moved them around all day. Everything in the garden looks a little happier now. I think I saw the daisies smiling and heard the azaleas saying "thank you". These salvias are definitely looking perkier.
I haven't been going to garage sales lately but there was an estate sale advertised very close to where we live so I popped in. Everything was expensive. I passed by two other yard sale signs, so on my way back home I stopped at them. I got this lovely 6" pitcher.

and a cute pair of salt and peppers Did you notice they have checks on them?
This is everything I got: the pitcher, the salt and peppers, a big ginger jar, another little pitcher and a plate. I only paid $10 for the whole lot. I'd say I did pretty well, wouldn't you? Of course I really don't need another blue plate, but for only $1, I couldn't pass it up!
We haven't sat out on the deck for a couple of weeks because it's been too hot and humid, so this afternoon, I was finally able to make a cup of tea, get my book and some magazines and go outside to enjoy our beautiful backyard.
I love looking up at the trees which make a beautiful canopy overhead. Isn't it beautiful?
It feels like a beautiful lacy green ceiling.

Oh my goodness! What is that? I've never noticed that before! Is it a wasp's nest or a bee's nest?
I think I'll go and sit on the upper part of the deck, away from it. Yikes!!
What a nice relaxing Saturday! Hope that your day was as satisfying as mine was.
Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi, I loved your yard sale stuff. I wanted to stop at a couple on my way home from dropping off the grandchildren today but I was just so tired I wanted to get home and in my pjs! But as soon as cool weather hits I'm going to be out looking. Blessings, marlene

  2. I'm glad your day was so beautiful! The items for $10 that you bought at yard sales, are gorgeous...and quite the bargain!!

    It was cooler here, too, today. All the windows have been open since we got home from our Estate and Yard Sales!!! Feels just GREAT!!


  3. It has been a beautiful Saturday. I think the no humidity has something to do with it. Seems you guys are as dry in NC as we are up here in VA. No rain in sight and everything is turning brown.

    Lovely finds this morning! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Love your blog. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Rhondi

    I have got to move out of NY--there are never any super items like these at garage sales! You did great! Good for you!


  6. I will so miss that song if you take it off. I tried to find the CD but so far I didn't.
    Your tea and chair look so inviting. It is cooler here too, we turned the air off and opened windows and doors. Your salt and pepper shakers and other finds are great.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hey Rhondi, Love your Words for the Day. And what garage sale finds! Good work!
    Looks like a Paper Wasp nest. Scary but cool.

  8. Hi Rhondi -
    You really got some nice things for not much money. Such a deal! I loved sitting on your deck with you. And looking up through the trees. Except for the wasp nest. So I moved away, too.

  9. Love all of your yard sale goodies! Those salt and pepper shakers are so sweet. Didn't you just love our NC weather today?

  10. What great things you found today. That is always so much fun.

    I opened a few of my windows today too and so enjoyed breathing in the smell of fresh air.

    Your photos are all lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed your day.


  11. Hi Rhondi,
    It was cooler here too..with low humidity! I helped my daughter with her garage sale...which helped me not buy so much other stuff!

    Love your garage sale things!


  12. Thank you so much for your prayers and wonderfully kind comments during this difficult time. Every word made and is making a difference as we begin this new journey.

    Thank you so much for your words of comfort and blessing,
    kari & kijsa

  13. Lovely post Rhondi!! What a bunch of bargains you got at the yard sale! I especially love the salt and pepper shakers, but then I collect them and those ones that you got are lovely!

  14. You have a wonderful yard! Love the pretty flower arrangement with your tea! Yesterday we had a cool front blow in from does it feel like fall today!
    Have a great day!

  15. It is so nice to have a bit of a reprieve from the heat. I feel cool and refreshed just by reading your post.

    And, I love all of your new goodies. Amazing price for all of those.

  16. I thank you for the nice comment and for telling me about this CD.
    We have Border Books so I called them and they are ordering the CD and it is only going to be $6.99.
    Thank you again.

  17. Beautiful pictures!

  18. Such enjoyable photos, especially the very first one.

  19. Hi Rhondi, What a great Saturday you've had!....The items that you picked up at the yard sales, are simple spectacular!!!!....and Oh! I am envious of that cooler weather & your canopy of green...minus the wasp's nest! :) I am off to the pool for a bit!...still HOT here!....Enjoy your week!....Heidi XO

  20. OPen windows... wow... how nice is that.... I haven't been able to do that in MONTHS it is so .... oh well.... it is summer and I do love summer... even though it HOT in Texas...
    My break has been due to computer problems hope to up and running Tuesday

  21. Hi Rhondi :)

    I think that's a cicada nest and it's harmless, but don't take my word for it.

    I love all your finds and the salt & pepper shackers are especially adorable!

    It was a beautiful day in Ohio today too. I love it when it's under 80 degrees :)


  22. Hi Rhondi, love the daisies and those salt and pepper shakers are adorable!

  23. Rhondi, I think that is a wasps' nest, do be careful, as you don't want to be plagued by them in your garden, or on your deck. How lucky to have yard sales on your doorstep, I wish we had them in the UK. I hope the weather stays cool so you can enjoy your beautiful garden space. x

  24. How nice that you are getting a little relief from all the heat. There is nothing like being able to open your house up and let God's breezes flow through. I do think that wasp or bee's nest outside is very scary looking. My but it is huge. Are you sure it is not a hornet's nest? Please be very careful.

    I have a tray that I keep out on my kitchen drainboard with my small teapot, a teacup, tiny milk jug and pitit~four dish to hold a cookie. I try each afternoon to take a little time with a book or magazine to relax and really stop to slow down and taste my tea. Most times I find I drink it while doing other things and the moment passes by if you know what I mean.

    Glad you had a wonderful Saturday and hope this week is a great one!

    Hugs ~

  25. Hi Rhondi...what a view you have out on your deck. I'd want to be out there all the time..and then I wouldn't get anything done!

    I love the salt and pepper cute!


  26. That wasp nest is one for the professionals! Do keep your eye out for those guys.

    Your yard sale bounty is wonderful :-)

  27. Oh, what a beautiful garden you have. I love this arrangement of photographs and thoughts! Your new little pitcher is lovely, I collect pitchers too, mostly in shades of white or cream, but sometimes in French colors. I also love your evening photo of your deck... how beautiful life is when we can be outside! Roxanne

  28. Hi, Rhondi! Love the strawberries. How fun!

  29. Love your estate sale finds! That deep blue plate is gorgeous. I'm just now into blue. My mother, who is 80, just made me a new quilt, hand pieced and quilted, that is blue and white and goes perfectly with my iron bed. Now my bedroom is done in those colors and I love it. I even have two of her old Blue Willow ware plates on the wall, too.

    Love your blog. Have a nice day!

    Gale, a quilter from Kentucky

  30. Your finds are so charming....great job. That little white pitcher (the smaller one) I absolutely LOVE!! And the blue, red and yellow color combinations you are showing us are so pleasing to the eye...I'm so glad I popped over to see your blog!

  31. That's a great blue plate. I buy blue plates, at the thrift store, and hang them on my fence and tuck them into the flower beds. Just stick them in the soil next to the flowers.

  32. I love all your new treasures (except for the nest in the tree!) Yikes.

    Can't wait to see what you are painting.


  33. Hey Sweetie, I finally showed the picture to my Hubby an he said explicitly "Looks like a white-faced hornets nest to me"!

    I say " Call a professional before you get swarmed"!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  34. Beautiful photos of your garden, Rhondi! I think that might be a hornets nest in the trees.

    I'm enjoying the drop in temps too!

    Your yard sale finds are wonderful.


  35. What lovely finds! Love your garden too and your deck but whoaaa ... that looks like a wasp nest! careful.


  36. What nice finds you came home with, and you even found some blue and white for yourself.


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