Monday, June 8, 2009

My Visit To The White Huse

I want to thank all of you who joined in the porch party and who came to visit. Everyone went to a lot of trouble to make us all feel welcome and it was so much fun. Some of you joined in while I was away so I haven't had a chance to come visit you yet!

To rest up after all the excitement we went to The White House for a few days. Well it wasn't actually "the" White House. My cousin's last name is White and we stayed with them while we were in PA for a wedding.

Here is the quilt I made for the bride and groom. We used to live there and so whenever we are back for a visit there are a couple of places I always have to go to. One is the Neighborhood League consignment shop where I used to volunteer. This is a shot of the area where all the glass and china is. You can always find something wonderful there and I did!

I found this cup and saucer which is the pattern of the china we used when I was growing up. It was my birthday that day and so finding this was a special birthday present for me! I don't know what happened to that china but I don't have any pieces of it, so I was excited. The prices are always great there too. This is Wedgwood and it was only $8.50.

One of my other favorite places to visit is Waterloo Gardens. I'd like to have a few of these blue planters on my patio.
When we arrived home there were 2 packages waiting for me from giveaways I had won!! The first was this beautiful lamp from My Cottage Of Bliss. Right now I've got it lighting up a corner of the kitchen. It looks right at home! Isn't it perfect?

I also won some goodies from My Shabby Rose Cottage. I thought I was just getting a jewelled cross, but there was also a heart shaped tin and these cute little cards wrapped in pretty voile sacs. Whenever I go away it always takes me a while to get back into the routine of things. I got a washing going and then went out to the garden to pick some hydrangeas. The bush still has lots of blooms on it despite being destroyed by the falling tree. I love hydrangeas!
Hope you enjoy your Monday. I am just trying to regroup after being away for 5 days! I'll be around to visit soon.

Rhondi xo


  1. What a pretty post! Neat give away that you won too. Have a happy Monday. :)

  2. Welcome home! Isn't it nice to have a change of scene for a few makes coming home so nice!

  3. Hi Rhondi,
    Lovely prizes you won.I love hydrangeas also-what a pretty shade of blue yours are!

  4. Love your Hydrangeas. The color is beautiful. And what great prizes! The lamp is so perfect. Glad you had a nice trip and found some treasures too.


  5. Feedsack FantasyJune 8, 2009 at 11:28 AM

    Lovely visit ... glad you are safely back. Very pretty post. TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. I'm sure that the bride really loves the quilt and will treasure it. Perhaps even pass it down. That was a lot of work you put into it.

    Congratulations of winning the 2 give-aways. I've never won anything.

  7. Hi Rhondi,
    The quilt you made is beautiful and the perfect gift for the bride and groom. Also love the tea cup and saucer you found for your birthday, so special.

    My hydrangeas are blooming too, and look so pretty.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Your Hydrangeas are beautiful! I love the color and they are huge! I love all of your blue and white. I have really started to like blue lately. Congrats on winning the giveaway.
    Lee Laurie

  9. The bride & groom are so lucky to receive such a beautiful quilt made by you!

  10. Your quilt is fabulous!!!and I love the hydrangeas, my bush was planted 2 years ago and it isn't even 3 foot tall and no blooms at all :( yours are just beautiful!!! congrats on your wins how neat is that!! ....hugs, Jennifer

  11. The quilt you made is absolutely beautiful! Great job! Love the consignment shop! Would love to get lost in their for awhile! Congrats on the items you won!!! Enjoy your day!

  12. Lovely hydrangea! We have a blue one but not as big and fluffy looking as yours. It's too early for our hydrangeas yet so maybe the blue one will do better this year. We have a beautiful pink one out the front though.

  13. Oh those lucky newlyweds! The quilt is beautiful and so are those hydrangea's.
    ♥, Susan

  14. Beautiful quilt!!!! I wish it was my wedding with a quilt like that! I can see you are a very talented lady...I wish I had the patience to make beautiful quilts :)


  15. Welcome back, Rhondi....and thank you for hosting the porch party. It was great fun and I had a grand time trying out all those lovely porches.
    Somewhere we must have crossed paths as the coincidences are so many! The Great Dane and I lived in PA in the late 70's in a small place between Paoli and Phoenixville. I used to go to a consignment shop near Villanova that looked an awful lot like that one - oh the treasures I'd find there!

  16. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday and then came home to wonderful surprises in the mail! It doesn't get any better than that:>) The quilt you made is so beautiful, what a lucky bride and groom!

  17. I love BLUE! This photo with the rabbits really catches my eye!

  18. Welcome back! I'm so in awe of that consignment shop. It's amazing! Congratulations on your gifts. The lamp is gorgeous! Beautiful cup & saucer too. ☺♥☺ Diane

  19. The wedding present you made is just beautiful...I am sure the bride and groom will cherish the quilt forever. You have such a big heart to use your time and talent to make such a wonderful gift!

    I am sure you will display your cup and saucer front and center. How nice to have something from the past. It is very pretty. I would have had great fun in that shop as well as the place you visited with all the porch pots and goodies!! There are so many beautiful and different things to choose from!

    I looked at YOUR entry in the Porch Party today and it was as lovely as I expected~all that blue and white and those big comfy rockers! Oh my! The lemon squares look perfect to have with a nice cup of strong tea. I am going to make the time to visit all the porches. My porch at the lake is under construction so I won't make the party until next year, but I hope to glean a lot of ideas from your party!

    Welcome home!!!


  20. Hi Rhondi - your blue hydrangeas have me swooning...wish we could grow them "up north." A big thank you for all your hard work in organizing such a fun Porch Party! I met so many charming ladies and the inspiration from everyone's special porches...Wow!

    Pat T.

  21. Beautiful cup and saucer...and gorgeous hydrangeas...

    We did visit The White House...a fun day...


  22. OMGosh, what a beautiful quilt. They are so lucky! I also love the tea cup, I have never seen a cup painted inside. I too love hydrangeas. Your post was perfect.

  23. Fabiulous quilt, gorgeous teacup and saucer and I love hydrangeas. I used to grow them and keep them dried. Happy belated birthday and how nice you got two giveaways, gret way to celebrate.

  24. Love the quilt. Love that consignment shop! Love those blue planters. I have blue hydrangeas like that too! Your porch party was great!

  25. The quilt you made is beautiful. It is great that you found the cup and saucer and at a great price. The blue garden items are so pretty, I love blue. Glad you had a nice visit.

  26. Hi Rhondi, looks like you had a wonderful trip, the quilt you made for the bride & groom is just beautiful! Also the lamp you won in the giveaway is just perfect in your kitchen! I love hydrenga's too, but cannot grow them here. Have a great week,

  27. What a lucky bride and groom to receive that quilt from you Rhondi! How fun to 'go home' for a while as you used to live there. I am a Wedgewood fan so love your cup and saucer. I cannot believe you won that lamp! It is so YOU. It is perfectly at home in your house.

    Hugs ~

  28. Hi Rhondi!
    Pretty in Blue this week:)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Sorry I missed your fun porch party...
    Busy time with our graduated and clients...lot of remodeling work going on for me right now...thankful for the work!

    Blessing and take care,

  29. I love little lamps. I usually have a little lamp sitting on my kitchen counter. It makes things cozy. Love your quilt you made for the newlyweds. Mimi

  30. Two giveaways??? What's your secret? : ) Such pretty things though! And what a fun way to be welcomed back home.
    I LOVE the quilt you made as a wedding gift. Lucky recipients.

  31. Hi Rhondi, The quilt you made is absolutely gorgeous!! what a beautiful gift!! Congrats on your winnings, the lamp looks perfect in your beautiful home. The porch Party is a great idea, we are having a typical Danish Summer. Lots of rain and wind, but I can't wait to be inspired, I would love to sit on a porch like yours.

  32. What a lucky bride and groom! The quilt is so pretty and what a treasure for them to have. Congratulations on your prize winnings! I posted my one and only prize winning on my blog today. That cup and saucer is so pretty. I know you wish you still had that set of china. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and I love your blue one. laurie

  33. Hi Rhondi,
    Welcome home. I was away too for two weeks and I know what you mean it does take a while to get back into the swing of things.
    Love, Love your quit. You did a fantastic job, so very pretty. A gift to be treasured for life.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  34. just had to peek some more, before I get back to rooster partying!

    What lovely lovely quilt!

    blessings & Aloha!

    and I just became a follower :o)


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