Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can You Guess?

Yesterday I found something at the Goodwill. It is really quite goofy. I'll bet you don't have one. Can you guess what it is? Here is another angle

Does this clue help?
Did you guess that it was a teapot? It is such a silly thing but it just caught my fancy. It would be great for a mad hatter's tea party. It holds about 4 cups of tea. As I was holding it a little girl, pointed to it and with a big smile said, "Look at the teapot Mommy!"

Now it just wouldn't be proper to pour tea from such a silly pot into a normal mug.
I just happened to have this one that I got last year. They make an odd couple!
On those days when I need to remind myself not to take life so seriously I will pour tea from my egg teapot into my little peasant girl mug. If you need an escape from the stress of life for a little while, just stop by and pour yourself a cup of tea. Maybe it will cheer you up too!
I just picked up a copy of this book so I'm going to sit down and enjoy it while I try out my new teapot..
What a lovely way to spend some time on a Saturday afternoon!
I hope you get time to relax and enjoy yourself this weekend.
Rhondi xo


  1. I love the tea pot AND the mug! Can't wait to get the book! Enjoy your fun day!

  2. What a cute, cute teapot! At first I thought it might be a cookie jar but a teapot is so much better! Cute mug too!


  3. What a silly, fun teapot and cup! They are so funny I just sat and smiled! Good for those days we all need to remember to laugh a bit. Thanks for the invite - I'll be over soon to be cheered up by your hugs, our chat and a cup of tea from the silly pot.

    I want to get the new blog book, too. Can't wait to find it soon.

  4. I love your whimsical teapot and mug, they make me smile. I treat myself to an afternoon movie before I polish my sermon and presentation for Kids Church. Have a relaxing week-end!

  5. OOOH shiny!! I love that teapot and the mug is awesome!

  6. Thankyou for putting a smile on my face today...this is a sweet match you've made!
    Smiles :0)!

  7. Hello
    What a nice Saturday you have pictured...mine wasn't as relaxing but I am glad you enjoyed your cute little teapot.

  8. Such a cute teapot and cup!! That would make me smile everytime I had a cup of tea!!

    I have heard good things about this book. I will look for it. :-)


  9. What an adorable pot and mug!! I love them. I bought this book myself this past week and have been enjoying going through it! I hope you enjoy it too! Happy Sunday Rhondi! xxoo

  10. I too thought Mr Yellowfeet was a cookie jar - or biscuit barrel as we call them over here. I'm glad it's a teapot because tea isn' fattening.

  11. Thank You for visiting me! I am new to this blogging thing and my english is not so good but I try!
    You have a lovely blog! I love Your quilts!

    Leila orvokki

  12. Who knew teatime could be so fun??
    The teapot & mug are both darling and make a great pair. The book looks wonderful too. I think you are in for a good Sunday.

  13. WHAT an adorable teapot! I would have to get that as well. I love whymsical things and that is great. Enjoy your tea, enjoy your book and enjoy your day my friend!


  14. Fun fun teapots. Love um.

    Kathy b

  15. I love relaxing on Sunday afternoons after church services. Reading your bog is not only relaxing but it makes me feel all cozy and confortable, too.
    Thanks for helping me gear up for workday Monday when our teachers and administrators are back to school...meetings and planning all day to prepare for our students on Wednesday.

  16. What a fun way to enjoy your favorite hot beverage! Too cute!

  17. Rhondi,

    I love that fact that your banner photo is that pretty blue and white tea set and then we get to see your super sense of humor. Love the egg teapot and mug. They are great!


  18. How cute! Feels kind of Alice in Wonderland like. I half expect the little tea pot to run off at any moment...on those cute little feet.:-)

  19. Sounds like you really had a great Saturday. I stumbled upon your blog and i enjoyed reading it. God bless!!!

  20. I keep telling myself that I need to get over to the Goodwill store more often. That is a cute and whimsical teapot and cup.

    I've been wanting to read Blogging For Bliss, but haven't picked up a copy yet.

  21. Hi again Rhondi! I may be on your blog all day!!!!lol I ADORE THIS TEAPOT and YOUR SENSE OF WHIMSY!!! I must take out my collection of teapots now!!! AND DON'T CHANGE A THING ABOUT YOUR BLOG - it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I normally don't go back into old posts but I'm going to keep going now! Sincerely, Jeannette


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