Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I try to write about something I am thankful for.

I was looking at the photos of our trip to Canada earlier this summer and reminiscing about the great time we had with my sister and her family. We were constantly laughing, playing with the grandchildren, drinking tea, eating and talking.
Here we are, my sister and I with her two girls holding their children and my daughter beside me. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for all my family, but today I am just showing a picture of the ones in Canada. I love you family!!!
We often take our families for granted don't we? Why don't you call someone in your family that you haven't talked to in awhile and tell them you love them.
Maybe they need to hear it today.
Rhondi xo
To anyone who read my post yesterday. It should have said it's NOT a quilt!


  1. I am Thankful for my health, and a healthy family, I am thankful that God saved me in 1974 and that I am able to tell others about him daily, I am thankful for the rain, it has rained a lot lately, and all the grass and flowers that are normally turning brown in the month of August is green and so beautiful, yes I am thankful to be alive, and well, and able to praise God.

  2. I am thankful for God first & all other things follow Him ... He has held me the most closely of all in life ... without Him, I am nothing.

    I am grateful for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  3. What a lovely family picture. You have been Blessed :)

  4. You are correct in saying we take our families for granted...sometimes I catch myself being snippy with them and realize I would NEVER speak to a stranger that way...thanks for the reminder to be ever so thankful for our blessed families. They know us well, and love us anyway!

    Love the blues from yesterdays post.

  5. Fabulous family photo...glad your trip to Canada was so enjoyable for you!!

  6. What a beautiful photo!
    I'm thankful for family too - although this week I have quite a lot of family visiting....Must get back to the laundry room and put another load of linen in the washer.........

  7. Hi have a beautiful family...there is nothing like, I don't take them for mom taught me to always hug and kiss my family members before parting, even if just going to the grocery store, and said never to leave angry...when you lose someone, you realize how important family is. Thanks for this great post and sharing your Canadian family with us! Mary

  8. You are blessed with a beautiful family. They are the strings that bind our hearts and lives. I am so very thankful for mine and your Thankful Thursdays. Enjoy the day!!!

  9. Hi Rhondi
    What a lovely family photo. So glad you enjoyed your time in Canada ♥

  10. Hi Rhondi,Thanks for stopping at my blog-makes my day! I just got back from Saluda NC at 1pm today.

  11. We love you too! Your sister xoxoxox

  12. Nice family photo and lovely memories too!


  13. It can't get any better than family!!

    I've left your blog up for the last hour, just listening to your music...I LOVE it!

    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

    Jen :)

  14. It's so true, Rhondi. We should never take our families for granted. Enjoy yours. Mimi

  15. Sigh, beautiful post...always thankful for family.
    ♥, Susan

  16. Hi Rhondi, yes, I would love to have you! So glad I saw your post.

    I am posting later this evening and you can post anytime that works for you.....I am using a sidebar linking system.

    Thrilled to have you with us.

    Barb :-)

  17. Oh yes you have a lovely family photo there and you all look so happy.


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