Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow In North Carolina

It doesn't snow very often in North Carolina so when it does it's a big deal.  This weekend we had a few inches of snow here  and this morning I went outside and took a few photos. 
The frost on my car.

The poor helebores which are already in bloom.

Frost on the nandina bushes.

My car windshield..
I grew up in Canada and lived there most of my life and so I was very used to having snow, lots of it, but now that I've been here in North Carolina I am happy with only an occasional snowfall. 

I've changed in other ways too since we moved here. When someone asks us over for BBQ I don't expect to have chicken or steak anymore.  When someone says, "Bless her heart", I know it is not a compliment.  I've adjusted to the many of the ways they do things differently here.

But I NEVER thought I would put a teabag in a mug to make tea and think that it actually tasted good!  

What I've discovered is that the teabags here are only meant for one cup of tea and I am accustomed to making tea in  teapot which means I pour more than one cup of water in the pot and so it's too weak.  I was at a friend's house this weekend and there was no teapot and only  Red Rose tea, decaf no less!  It actually tasted good.   Next thing you know I'll be calling y'all, y'all!  Translation for you northerners, that means I'll be calling everyone of you y'all.

Each Monday Mary At Little Red House hosts a Mosaic Monday.  My snow photos made such a pretty collage that I decided to join in with her today.  Make sure you visit Mary where you can see lots of beautiful photography.

I hope today is a great start to a great week for you.

Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi,
    Great pictures! I've been to North Carolina, beautiful there. Hope your snow melts fast. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  2. Love your mosiac frost pictures. Colloquialisms are always very interesting and sometimes amusing. The first time I heard "a cuppa", I didn't know it was in reference to 'a cup of tea'. I love tea both ways--from a teapot or just one tea bag. Do the people of NC have you trying iced tea, yet?

  3. Love all the frosty scenes around your house. We are still digging out of the snow here. It is a beautiful day and the snow is glistening in the sunlight. Stay warm and safe. Hugs, Donna

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    I've heard so many nice things about NC! The pictures of all your frosty plants, and the light snowfall are so pretty. We rarely get snow here on the CA coast, so it's a very big deal when we do - and so beautiful to see things in a whole new way.
    They say great minds think alike - both of us feeling thankful and wanting to share that with our blogging friends. I'll remember to link to your party, too!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  5. Hi Rhondi,
    Beautiful photos! I'm waiting anxiously for the snow to melt. The sunshine feels wonderful today, hopefully tomorrow the snow will be gone!


  6. Beautiful pictures Rhondi! Glad that you are getting accustomed to the REAL South. And actually you might have said "all ya'll" to be plural :-)

    Jocelyn (GRITS)

  7. Hi Rhondi, love your frosty photos. I think we got more snow here in the Triad of NC. I'm from Ohio and been in NC for 30 years. Snow is still a thrill, but one or two snowfalls and I'm ready for Spring! BTW, I think Red Rose tea is pretty good too. Took me a long time to get used to cole slaw on hot dogs, creamed potatoes instead of mashed potatoes, and biscuits instead of bagels. But all in all, I think we're in the best state there is! xo,

  8. Your frost pictures are beautiful. Love the details of the crystals. We have a light snow falling again tonight.

  9. Well, now, Rhondi...SOMEtimes *bless your heart* CAN be a good thing!! :O)
    With all the white we've all been getting with snow, it works great for your WW....:)
    hugs, bj

  10. I thought you were going to say "tea" meant what we up north call "ice tea."

    I hear more winter is on the way here!

  11. Rhondi, your snow photos are delightful. You captured the crystals! Stay warm and cozy!

  12. Hi Rhondi! We got about 10 inches and I am loving every minute of it! Now they say we might have snow or freezing rain again on Fri or Sat....that's ok....I will snuggle in and enjoy it.

    I have found that moving from Michian to Florida to upstate NY to Florida to Tennessee and then NC how amazing that each state is so different...

  13. The frost on the car was a very cool picture! I also love your header picture on your blog. A beautiful place to sit and contemplate life. Joan #Americana By Candlelight

  14. Hello Rhondi...I just found your Blog last evening and I really enjoyed myself as I looked it over. I had to laugh tonight when I read today's post...I too am a Canadian...from British Columbia now living in Kansas. I know exactly what you mean about the tea down here and the BBQ's...and I now know that a sack isn't just for potatoes or flower LOL! It's been a fun journey these past 10 years and I am totally enjoying being immersed in this wonderful country. Thanks for the laugh and I'm sure I will enjoy many more to come here on your Blog.

  15. Brrrr... I heard y'all had a lot of snow Rhondi! Enjoyed the pictures and the words, as always!!! xxoo

  16. The pictures are great, I love that you explained differences from where you lived. I would have thought bless your heart meant just that, a compliment.

  17. Rhondi...translation please...what does Bless your heart actually mean?
    Your frosty photos are gorgeous. Arent hellebores lovely the way they get up again, give themselves a shake and go on flowering!

  18. Those are really beautiful photos of the frost and snow Rhondi. I do hope the hellebores aren't ruined, I have always wanted to try to grow some!

  19. Hi Rhondi - it sounds as though Canadian roots do well when transplanted into North Carolina soil.
    Thanks for the book recommendation - I took the Fench Gardener from the library yesterday and look forward to reading it.

  20. Surely the mountains of NC get snow, don't they? I just assumed they would. Your pictures are lovely. I definitely would not be able to live in snow. We haven't even had a real winter here this year. I never drank hot tea until I came to the Middle East. But I am from the South and I always say "ya'll" -- I used it in a sentence the other day with someone at school and had to repeat myself many times, and finally change the ya'll to something they would understand. HA! Can't take the country out of a small town girl. Have a great day! :) Tammy

  21. Teh 'teabag in a cup' method of tea making is popular here in England too these days though ourtea bags are generally designed for more than one cup so you get a decent brew. Unless, like my sis, you take one bag and dance it up and down in 3 or 4 cups! She might as well hang them out on the washing line to dry!

  22. Hi Rhondi! I love your snow pictures. The frost on the windshield is beautiful! I know what you are saying about becoming "southern", I am originally for the North too and everything you said I have experienced too! I love it here and after 6 yrs. I am saying y'all too! Have a great day!

  23. Isn't it funny how different areas have different customs. I love that. I"m an east coast girl at heart. I think Utahans don't get me. Snow is prettier in the south!

  24. Isn't it funny how quickly we become acclimatized to Southern weather. I no longer have any desire to cross country ski or ice skate.

    Your pictures are great. I'd like to get my hands on a couple of those monogrammed mugs and I'd plop in a London Cuppa teabag.

  25. Hi sweet Rhondi!

    Thank you for your lovely comment! *big hug* ♥

    Your blog is so sweet, it makes me happy!

    Oh yes, you are very welcome to mention my blog if you want to in your White Wednesday post, I´m honored!

    Now I´m going to have a look in your previous posts.

    Have a nice week ♥
    Mia (from Sweden)

  26. PS feel free to use some of my photos for your post

  27. Oh Rhondi I love your blog banner.... what an enchanted cozy place by that magical window! Many joyful hours sitting there, my friend!


  28. delighted to find my way here!
    and i see you are the delightful hostess of Wed Whites & Thankful Thurs...
    i have heard much about them!

    and would love to participate.

    your snow images are beautiful...
    but, for me your monogrammed teacup stole my heart!

    The Muse invites you to visit her new posts at~ (prose) (just for fun) (design) (word games)

  29. Beautiful pix!

    We had six inches yesterday, but that's nothing for us.

    I hope you stay warm.

  30. I love red rose tea. I actually had it quite often up in New England when I was younger. I finally found it down here a while ago at the Food Lions! I do love it. My daughter got around 6 inches this week --she lives in Durham, NC. Their 18 month old kept stumbling in it!! They did get to go sledding--their back yard has a nice hill!

  31. So beautiful, Rhondi but my heart bleeds for those hellebores! thanks so much for sharing at MM. :)


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