Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the beauty of God's creation and that I got to enjoy it at the beach one weekend recently.  As we sat in the rocking chairs on the deck, the view was spectacular.

The Atlantic Ocean spread out before us.
The sun making millions of diamonds sparkling on the surface.

The sky puting on it's own performance, dark and menacing, with rays of sunlight breaking through.

Every time I am lucky enough to spend time at the ocean it always makes me think of God.  The ocean is so vast and beautiful, it couldn't have just happened.  There had to be some divine plan that created it.  I  often wonder how someone can look at the ocean and not believe there is a God.   I'd like to know.

So today I am thankful that I got to spend the weekend at the beach and I am thankful for the beauty of the ocean and for the God who created it.

What are you thankful for today?

Rhondi xo


  1. how glorious! i am going to be still and listen and see the beauty of the moment. although it be snow... i think i need to see the beauty that lies in God's hand even in winter. i have been wishing my life away....and i am trying to be happy in the moment He has given me.

    still love those pictures though!!! :)
    oooo sun, sand, and surf!

  2. I am thankful that my Mom and I have arranged for hospice to come in to look after my Daddy. He has Alzheimer's and is starting to fail. My Mom has been his primary care giver and although I go over to help two days per week, it's been getting harder for her to take care of all of his needs. We have not wanted to put him in a nursing home because he loves his home. This is the best alternative. Now I can rest knowing that Daddy is being lovingly cared for and my Mom is getting some much needed help. It is truly a blessing.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. I love the beach and the ocean so. It is also is a place for me of deep wonder and awe at an amazing, creative, loving God.

  4. I agree with you, Rhondi, when at the beach I am filled with the awe of it and the God who created it. And NC beaches are the best! xo,

  5. Rhondi, I love the ocean especially the atlantic. Where did you stay? I am thankful for blogging friends like you to help me remember to be thankful.

  6. I'm thankful for this early spring and the azalea blooming by the front veranda.

  7. For some reason it is always so refreshing to look out over the beach into the vast water. Yes we have an awesome God who created everything. I loved your pictures today. I am very thankful for today. We can mourn the past, and worry about the future, but when we hit the floor in the morning, I am thankful for another new day.


  8. Hello Rhondi, your beach visit looks glorious. Especially since we have had so much snow. I grew up on the beach in Miami, FL. We sure took it for granted back then. When looking back on those fun times I smile and just enjoy the memories so much. Family breakfasts on the beach and hordes of teens having beach parties. We didn't know how lucky we were to have the 'beach' available anytime we wanted to have some fun in the sand. Thank you for the memories

    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. What a breath taking view. Any water is one of my favorite places to spend time with the Lord. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vista.

  10. Oh Rhondi, those are beautiful photos of the ocean. I love the beach. It's one of my most favorite places.


  11. Hi Rhondi,

    I have been visiting your blog for a month now anonymously. My blog is still private because I am just getting started. I found you at BTNOTP who I also visit anonymously. I love home decorating and your home is just so inspirational, but mine is still so simple in comparison so I didn't think it was photoworthy at this stage. It is in the renovation stage...I might share it when I'm happy with the results. My blog is also more about my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels than my home so I sort of felt like an intruder in this scene that I have been watching. But I do so love to look and read. I am from Australia and we live 5 minutes from the beach...I loved your beach photos.

  12. Beautiful beach views. Today, I am thankful for our 2 daughters who have given me such joy for the past 34 & 30 yrs respectively. I honor one of them on my blog today.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  13. There is something so relaxing about the surf and sand and sunshine combined. A walk along a warm beach sounds like the most lovely dream right now.

  14. I couldn't agree more.... the oceans, the sky, the mountains, etc. His touch of beauty is everywhere if we look for it.

  15. I am thankful for life and my goofy family. Visit my blog to see.

    Did you used to put up a Mr. Linky for Thankful Thursday?

  16. Oh, the beach is spectacular, and that porch is a place to dream on! Rhondi, you were on my mind. I created a special card for you today, which I call Quilting Diva. Can you please e-mail me your mailing address. I have been searching all through my e-mails. But I recently tried to clean them and I lost some valuable addresses. So here is my e-mail so that I can send you your card.

    My sister, Lynne who lives in Pinehurst just started a blog. I think North Carolina has more bloggers than I have near me.

    Hope you have a lovely day.


  17. Hello, I feel like I truly know you Rhondi. I have been spending some quality time here for the last hour. Your home is BEAUTIFUL. I see you were a neighbour of mine...well kind of. I know you said you were Canadian, but from where? Toronto area? I'm near Ottawa.
    I am heading South with my BFF from Vancouver for my 54th Birthday March 13th. We are stopping in N.C. to visit a fellow blogger Jeanne from Backyard Neighbour, and then heading to GA. to meet another one of my wonderful friends CC.
    Mrs. Magpie, not sure if you know her from The Quintessential magpie is hosting a pink tea party for me with more fellow bloggers.
    You have been blogging for 4 years WOW. I have been blogging a little over one year now. I cannot wait to soak my feet in the Ocean. Your pictures of the beach are so so calming.
    Just wanted to stop in and say hi.
    Love Your Blog and your music. I'm a music girl too : )
    Love Claudie from Canada

  18. I know what you mean Rhondi. I always feel closest to God when I am outside and I can see his creation.

  19. There is nothing like the tranquility of the ocean!

  20. Hi Rhondi, isn't it amazing to think those warm Atlantic waves that you enjoyed will be with us in a few weeks. We adjoin the Atlantic but it has cooled condiderably by the time it reaches us here in England!!

  21. Gorgeous photos. I do love the ocean. My body doesn't like the sun anymore. And I can't take the heat like I used to. But the view and the sound of the waves is just so intoxicating. Wishing you a day of much joy and many blessings, Tammy

  22. I am thankful I live across the street from the ocean, Rhondi! I could sit and watch it for hours. Always changing, always lovely. It fills me with wanderlust.

  23. Hi Rhondi, What a wonderful day you had there. The photo's you took look so peaceful and relaxing. Today is now Saturday here, so I am a bit late for thankful thursday !! :) but everyday is thankful day, I am so very thankful for my family and friends. I wish you a very good weekend there... Brenda xhugx :)

  24. Yes, I feel the same way about the ocean. We live on Cumberland Island, GA. I am a quilter. If you are ever in our area, let me know and I"ll give you a tour..... I love your blog! Thanks for sharing! Sandra at


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