Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Beautiful Spring Morning Time For Tea

It is a beautiful spring morning, time for tea  here in Charlotte.  It has been rainy and overcast a lot in the last couple of days so the sunshine is very welcome. My hellebores are blooming profusely so I picked a bunch to bring inside.  I've discovered that if you don't cut the stems short they will start to droop very quickly.
 As I was cutting them I thought that it  was mild enough outside to have tea on the deck: first tea outside this spring!

 A cup for me and one for you too  in case you have time to stop awhile.

                             Got oatmeal raisin cookies for us too ( store bought but still pretty tasty!)

You'll need a warm sweater or fleece, but it feels so good to be outside in the sunshine enjoying the sound of the birds and smelling the fresh spring air.

Thanks for stopping by.  I enjoyed our visit.

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