Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Mantle

 Hi.  We had some snow last night which got me thinking about changing a few things in my house.  The mantle in our TV room had been pretty bare since I took down the Christmas decorations and the snow got me thinking more about winter. So I decided to do a winter mantle.  I didn’t want to spend any money, so …
 I “shopped the house”.
                                                                  … a couple of old books 
 …a pair of yard sale plates with a snowflake on them that I bought in the summer and totally forgot about!
                                                                               a blue chicken
                                         And if you have a chicken you’ve got to have a rooster.

  Some fake flowers to remind me spring is on its way.  Yes I know “they” say you are supposed to have real flowers, and fake flowers are a big “no no” but I like these and they last much longer than the real ones.  Who are “they” anyhow? . Besides these flowers look very lifelike.
 Something for sparkle.  These 2 little deer are something my mom bought when we lived in PA to remind us of all the deer we had there.
                     Some cozy quilts rolled up in  a basket all ready for those chilly winter evenings.
                                      Some little hearts for Valentines Day that I made from an old shirt.
                                                                  a decoration from Christmas
                       A garland made from all the buttons off the thrifted shirts I have used to make quilts.
   I attached the hearts and JOY decoration to the button garland.
Here is the completed winter mantle.( The photo isn’t very good because I need a new camera.)   In real life my winter mantle  is much warmer and cozier looking, not nearly as bright as in this photo.  I hope you can use your imagination.
Rhondi xo

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