Friday, May 23, 2014

Evolution of a Living Room

Good morning dear friends.  I think of you as friends even though I haven’t met most of you.
As I sat and drank my second cup of tea this morning I was thinking about the changes in our living room over the last couple of years and how my tastes have changed.  I like to call it “the evolution of a living room”.Here is a photo of our living room this morning, as is, no staging, although I did clean up a bit for book club yesterday. We actually use this room a lot.  It is very peaceful with the white walls and white slipcovers.  You can see into the dining room, yellow with white chairs.
Last year I rearranged the furniture so that the sofa was across the opening into the dining room.  I  loved the way it made for a cozier conversation area, but to get to the dining room or kitchen, we either had to squeeze through a narrow opening  or go around through the TV room.  So that only lasted a couple of weeks! That was when I made the brown slipcovers which I hated.  They only lasted a couple of weeks too!
Before that the living and dining rooms were both yellow and the wing chairs were covered in the fabric with the blue and  white plates.  I loved that fabric but the slipcovers eventually got worn out and I had to make new ones.
I tried another arrangement and put the sofa on an angle on the left side of the picture.  I was into a lot of color then.  The dining room was red and the dining room chairs were black and my wicker desk in the corner is also black. I had curtains on the windows, which I stole from the sunroom.
The couch looked very nice then in the corner next to the fireplace.
Another arrangement of furniture.  I was REALLY into color then.  That wicker chair lasted a week before I moved it, way too uncomfortable for a sitting room.  There was a short time when I had a lot of red accents in the living room too, but I couldn’t find the photos.
Every time I do something different with the living room I like it.  I guess I just change it up for the fun of being creative!
ONe time I switched the rooms around and the living room became a dining room.  That was fun for awhile too.
Well my tea is cold and I have some work to do so I better get at it!
Rhondi xo

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