Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Monday morning.  Quilts and plates are two of my favorite things.  Blue and white quilts and plates are my VERY FAVORITE things!
I finally finished this blue and white 12 patch quilt that I started back in the fall. It is such a simple classic pattern. You may know that I love to use men’s shirts and other old pieces of fabric in my quilts and this is one that has a lot.  They have a softness to them that new fabric doesn’t have.

I love the look of a quilt just sort of thrown over a bed like this. I wish you could feel it.  It’s so soft.
 When I began this blue and white quilt, my plan was to make a tablecloth.
Maybe there are a few too many checks going on in this room.
Or on the sofa to cozy it up in the winter.
It would be great on our bed.
Also picked up a set of 8 dinner plates and 2 bread and butter plates at GW the other day.   Hard for me to resist a blue plate for only 49cents, actually 37 cents with the senior discount!
 I plan to use them for meals but for a little while I put them in the coffee table and they make a nice contrast against the black background.
                 Blue and white quilts and plates, that’s what I love.  Oh and of course I love a cup of tea.
I’ve got a pot of tea all ready hoping you might stop by today!
                                                                      Rhondi xo

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