Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Front Porch

I haven’t written a post in a long time and I’ve missed you. It’s a pleasant morning, not too hot yet.  I just poured myself a cup of tea and am going to take a break and sit on our front porch.  We haven’t sat there much this summer because of the mosquitoes but maybe they are having their morning nap.  Do mosquitoes sleep??  I love our front porch, just 2 rocking chairs a little wicker table and some ferns.

     We also have a little pond which is more annoying than soothing because we bought a pump that was too        powerful for the size, so sometimes I just turn it off.
                                                       Do you remember where I live?  Here it is.
 Next to the door there is a planter with two ferns that I had from last summer and I managed to keep them alive inside all winter.  They weren’t looking too healthy when they first got out here but now they are thriving.  I love ferns and the deer don’t eat them.

Do you have time to join me for a little chat?  I’ve got a new teapot and surprise…it’s not blue and white!

Do you want to see my latest bargains? I got these 2 vases recently, thrift shop and yard sale finds, $1 for the striped and $2 for the other one.

I was thinking I could make it look a little cozier out here, so I brought out a cushion for the rocker.  It looks pretty but not comfortable at all.
  When I started this little blog almost 7 years ago, I hoped it would be a place where people could come and relax,  a place where you might get encouraged a little or get an idea of something you could do in your own home.  I hoped it would be a place where you could leave feeling refreshed, like you’d had a cup of tea and a chat with a good friend.
The blogging world has changed so much since then.  But I still think there is a room for someone like me just to hang out with my friends and talk about whatever is on my mind.  I have really missed chatting with you and plan to be here more often.  So I hope you’ll come back again.
                                                                           Rhondi xo
Do any of you remember any of my summer porch parties?    Here is one from 2009.  Lots of people joined in that day!

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