Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for Spring. No matter how brutal your winter has been, eventually Spring arrives. All the trees are asleep, but then one day they begin wake up and come to life.

As I was driving yesterday I held my camera out the window and just snapped it hoping I would get a good shot and I managed to get 2! So many of the streets in our city are lined with trees full of blossoms this time of year. It is so beautiful! Click on the picture for an even closer look.
Little violets pop up everywhere.
The grape hyacinth poke up through the brown earth.
And the forsythia celebrates the glory of spring. When forsythia has been left to grow in a natural shape and not pruned, the branches just go every which way and I always think it looks like they are shouting "Whoopee, it's Spring!"
For those of you who are still waiting for Spring, the wonderful thing about it is it always comes and one day you look out the window and there it is. Spring is filled with hope and life and we can never get enough of that.
I hope today that your day is filled with hope and life even if you are still experiencing the last blast of winter.
Rhondi xo


  1. So jealous! Here in Central NE we are not even close to seeing new life yet. Your flowers are so pretty.
    Hope it won't be long here.
    They are calling for snow here for the next 3 days, what a set back.
    Thanks for your comment

  2. Gorgeous pictures of the arrival of Spring! What kind of camera do you use? Do you use a photo program to enhance your pictures? I'm shopping around for another camera - I think. ~Adrienne~

  3. Spring flowers and all so pretty.
    I love Spring, everything is all new and fresh.
    I have spotted some Violets in my garden - they are spread from the pots that I brought with me in the move from the last house!
    Carol x

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    I am thankful for spring too. Today is a beautiful day and I'm spending it outside with Otis and Riley and doing garden work. Your pictures are wonderful!
    Have a lovely Thursday!

  5. We are having storms here but it is spring. Our storms are gale force winds and rain. At least it is good for all the new climbers we are planting at Cranberry Cottage. Your streets in town look so wonderful Rhondi! It would make driving somewhere a joy. I feel like that each weekend when we arrive at the woods near our cottage.

    Hugs ~

  6. Beautiful Rhondi. I love forsythia - such pretty Spring photos.

  7. Rhondi, those are gorgeous Spring is so energizing and a lovely time of renewal, isn't it?

  8. I love the blooming trees. Are they Bradford Pears? Our trees are all in bloom too. I think Spring has arrived in Texas!

  9. Just beautiful pictures, Rhondi...
    out here in West Texas, our trees are budding out, too. We are still having cool weather but not COLD.
    Thanks for sharing your early spring.

  10. Hi Rhondi! I am here again as I came to tell you that I tagged you for the six word memoir on my NeedleNecessitites blog so come on over and take a look.....

    Hugs ~

  11. I just love those beautiful pictures!


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