Monday, March 31, 2008


Hello dear blogging friends.

So glad you stopped by. Have you got time for me to show you a few photos of my trip to California? I was at a conference grounds called Asilomar in Pacific Grove CA. What a beautiful place. It was originally a YWCA camp designed in the early 1920's by a famous woman architect who also designed the Hearst castle. Her name escapes me for the moment. Lovely old redwood and stone buildings with big stone fireplaces, no TV no telephones in the room and it sits looking out to the ocean. My room was in a building called The Lodge. It even had it's own fireplace, a view of the ocean from the window and a little deck where I could sit and watch the ocean. At night we left the window open and let the sound of the waves lull us to sleep.

The first one to greet me as I made my way to my room (with no luggage! It didn't show up for another 24 hours!) was this sweet dear. I wonder if she's related to Daisy? I arrived a day before the quilting classes started so I had lots of time to go for a long walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean. It was breathtaking.

There were lots of little flowers popping amongst the sand dunes.

I love these. I remember seeing them growing wild along the Devon and Cornwall coast in England.coast

The setting was spectacular, but the reason I came was to quilt. Here I am with one of the my teachers. I am the one in the pink. The teacher is Freddy Moran. She makes wonderful quilts and has really influenced my growth as an artist. I feel like she is my mentor even though this was the first time I'd met her.

Here are a few examples of some of the work done in my class.
Oops! It's sideways!

Of course we found time for a little shopping. This is a quaint store in Carmel called Findings. They specialize in ribbons, trim, buttons and other types of embellishments. A fun little shop.
We visited the local quilt quilt shop Back Porch Fabrics, in Pacific Grove.

Here are both our teachers, Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. You can see the roof of the building we are in which gives you a little idea of how beautiful it was. I sat right at that window and could see the ocean as I looked out. To tell the ruth I didn't look out very often as I was too intent on my work!

Some more photos of quilts.

I go for one more walk along the ocean before I head for home.
I had such a wonderful week, just sewing and creating all day long. No one to worry about but myself. I feel very spoiled! Feels good actually! I am in the process of quilting what I made so as soon as it is finished you'll see a picture of it. And speaking of quilting it's time for me to get back to my sewing machine.

Hope you are having a good day. Stop by again. I'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment if you have time.

Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi- its Reena from SD CA- what a nice blog! That blue tea set photo is unbelievable. I was up North and drove by Asilomar in Nov. when I went to Hearst castle. I also went to Back Porch Fabrics- very nice store.
    Hey does Freddy and Gwen have a website? I would love to take a class with them. I saw that book Collaborative Quilting in a shop and I swear it jumped right off the shelf into my hands. I love that book! Are you doing the Artist's Way? (your journal) I have been doing it for a good 15 years.I saw that Freddy also does it.
    Anyway I put your blog in my faves so I can stop by again- thanks for the beautiful photos. Especially the forsythia which I never see here in SD- tho I think up in the mountains they might have it.

  2. Hi Rhondi, wow what wonderful quilts, so neatly sewn.
    The photos are really refreshing, I love the sea - even more so when there is a rugged coastline, rock pools and lovely flowers.
    You must of had a great time and arrived home filled with lots of new ideas.

  3. Oh, so glad you had a wonderful time and that you are safely back home. I know that quilting session was pure bliss for you. And, of course, the week with the grandkids was such a blessing for you and for them, as well.
    Happy quilting,

  4. What gorgeous photos! That coastline is just breathtaking - what a beautiful place. What wonderful quilts - I really like the one with the black & white borders. Sounds like you had a great time!


  5. Hello Rhondi - thank you for your visit and your comments. As soon as I opened your blog page I felt 'at home' as my mother's wedding china was Dainty Blue. I have a few pieces and enjoy them very much. I look forward to reading your blogs and getting aquainted.

  6. Hi Rhondi,
    Glad you're home and sounds like you had a wonderful time! You're photos are great and so are the quilts!
    Love your new banner.

  7. Hi Rhindi!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time on vacation! I lov the ocean and the beautiful flowers...I can't wait 'til we have flowers here. The quilts are amazing. I always wished I had the patience to put all those tiny pieces together but I am so intimidated by the thought of it! By the way, the dishes in your header are beautiful. So much to enjoy here, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful trip:>)

  8. Beautiful photos, Rhondi! I love to visit CA. Looks like a very fun time you had with all the quilters.


  9. Rhondi

    when i was in college I was a big quilter and hope to get back to it at some point--what a great vaca!

  10. Hello my dear friend! First let me say Rhondi that I love the new header! Thank you for the email which I hope to answer today if I can. It is the day of my quilt group and such a busy day.

    I can see why you were excited to go to this workshop. Not only did you meet your muse but also in a dream like setting. I can see your quilting spirit in these other examples. I know that when you feel you are in the right, place doing the right thing, it gives you a rush of creativity and a very special feeling of peace and grace within yourself.

    Last, but not least, can I just tell you that I really missed you!

    Hugs and welcome home ~

  11. What a wonderful place to learn and relax. And it was good to see you. Thanks for sharing this part of your trip with us. Can't wait to see your class project. ~Adrienne~

  12. Hello Rhondi. Thank you for visiting me! I just loved your collection of photos. The Thrift flowers took me right back to my home county of Cornwall, where they grow all over the dunes.

  13. You must have had a great time! Nice to hear ánd see!

    Hugs, Carolien

  14. I know of Asilomar, it is a beautiful place I have heard. It looks like it was a unique experience for you.

    I have no idea why but I pictured you with dark hair. Isn't that funny. Now I have an accurate image of you in my mind.

  15. Hi Rhondi,

    Beautiful photos of flowers, quilts, and the California coast.

    How much better could it be? Well maybe if I had a chance to be there with you!

    Thanks for sharing and making such lovely comments.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  16. It's definitely been too long since my last visit. wooohooooo! I'm so excited for you to get to go to Asilomar and take a class from two great quilters. Wow.


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