Monday, September 8, 2008

Catching Up

It's been quite awhile since we sat down and had a good visit over a cup of tea. Hope you can stay and chat for awhile today. I picked these flowers when we were on our walk this morning. Here's one of my favorite mugs with the heart shape plate. I didn't have time to make cookies, so I've only got Oreos. They're good for dunking though.
Just a minute while I get the teapot.
Now we just need to let the tea steep for a couple of minutes before I pour it.
So what have you been up to?

For me, this is going to be a week filled with sewing. I am going to teach a quilting class at one of our local quilt shops, Overall Quilter, so I have to get the sample quilt done this week. It's all teapots and teacups! Also I have an opportunity to submit a small quilt to be in a book, so I need to be working on that too.

I picked up a little book at Goodwill, titled Wake Up Calls. The title of one chapter is "Attitudes Are Contagious-Is Yours Worth Catching?" I hope mine is!

Tea is ready to pour. Do you take milk? Sugar? Now tell me what you've been up to lately....

Rhondi xo


  1. Good morning Rhondi. So nice to stop by this morning. Love all your pictures! Have a lovely day.

  2. Morning, Rhondi. Oh, how I want one of those Oreos! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Rhondi...

    I love the idea of a simple Tea Party...Tea and Oreos is perfect!!!

    I'm including a link in our TEA PARTY post your simple Tea...I hope you don't mind.


    ps...perhaps next month on the 8th of October, you could join us with another Tea Party for my BIRTHDAY TEA birthday is the same day as that Tea Party!!!

  4. The most catch-worthy attitude ever!!! Oh how I fancy tea out of that teapot. It's gorgeous. Tell you what else I enjoy too - the music you have on here. Afternoon tea would be a very special occasion over at your house.
    love, Angie, xx

  5. Good morning, Rhondi! Beautiful tea time! I love your pretty blue tea pot and those flowers are lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. What a very cute entry. Your tea service is really nice. I love Oreos, so its ok you didn't have time to bake. No milk in my tea please, just sugar.
    I bet you will have fun teaching the class. Glad I could come by to have tea with you.

  7. Always great to catch up with you Rhondi. Love your blog as always. How exciting is your news...a published artisan! PS I love Orio's!! Yummy!! Jo x

  8. Tea and cookies sounds wonderful!!
    I have a blog AWARD waiting for you over at my blog today :-)

  9. Very the blue and white!

  10. It's a sewing week for me too Rhondi. In fact I've been busy straightening the sewing room this morning. I got the borders on a fal embroidery that I did last year but I think I'd like some rickrack on it before I back it so that means a trip to Hobby Lobby. Oh no. :) Of course, while there I also need some back ground fabric for another project, and some more fall leaves, and maybe a table something for my foyer... I love Hobby Lobby! blessings, marlene

  11. Tea and cookies sound so inviting. How lucky are those that will be taking a class by you!!!

    I've been busy at work. This past weekend we had lots and lots of "Hanna" rain, and fortunately only a small amount of wind.

    i have next week off from work, and I hope to get a lot of things done.

  12. Good morning, Rhondi! Thank you for the lovely tea! Good luck with all your sewing-such exciting things you have going on! I have a lot of hours this week at my second job, but I am determined to stick to my goal of making a doll each week. Last week, I made Beth March from Little Women- this week I will try to make one of her sisters! Now, as far as your attitude- it was your pretty blue and white that attracted me to you, but it is your lovely attitude that keeps me coming back!

  13. Hi Rhondi. You've done it again. Of all the blogs I look at yours is the one that makes me envious. All that wonderful variety of blue china. Last week (3rd Sept) I had a go at copying your idea with 16'blue views' in a grid. I gave a link to your blog as I guessed anyone looking at my blue would covet yours. I'll call again for a cuppa very soon. All the best from England. Eli

  14. Hi Rhondi...congrats on getting one of your quilts in a book. That's outstanding!

    I love your heart plate..too cute!


  15. Oh, Rhondi...I always want to stretch out on your beautiful white lounge with the blue and white and have a cup of tea out of your pretty blue tea pot and cup.....You have such pretty things!
    love, bj

  16. Tea and cookies sounds wonderful, Rhondi.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment at the back back porch. I appreciate it so much!

  17. What a sweet post Rhondi. I always come away feeling better after visiting you.

    Me? Well I'm up to my ears in kitchen projects but I hope to squeeze in some time for sewing this week, too.

    And congrats on the quilt for the book. Love that!

    I have been looking at things and dreaming of making a "cup quilt". It will have to stay in my dreams for a bit though. Too busy right now.

    Take care and thanks for the hospitality.

  18. Oh, Rhondi, what a sweet post! I enjoyed having tea with you.

    I've been busy working on art projects today.

    Hope you have a good week and have fun quilting.


  19. lovely. I take my tea plain or with a little splenda, and I love oreos:>) How exciting it must be to have the chance to show your beautiful work in a book! I am so happy for you!

  20. Thanks so much for the invitation. I would just love to come to your place for tea as your tea posts are always so welcoming. I know we would get on just fine. I always have some stitching on the go and I would love to bring this along too to show you and would love to see all your beautiful quilting.

  21. Hi, First I must say I love the music you have choosen for your blog. I also thank you for the cup of tea. I could use one today.Your site and site like this have inspired me to do something. You have such beautful things surrounding you. I am in the middle of raising kids and sometime forget the larger picture. I am thankful that 2 weeks ago I came across bloging quite by accident. I will be back to visit and to listen and to "steal" some ideas and teach myself to blog and then Rhondi I will invite you over of a cup of coffee Much thanks the rooster

  22. Hi Rhondi,
    I always enjoy a visit with you. Your pictures are wonderful.

    I've been back at work...but that is only temporary! I want to take a quilting class when I retire again.

    thanks for stopping by today, and have a wonderful week!

  23. Hi Rhondi,
    Though I love having virtual tea with you, I look forward to the day when we can really sit down together with a steaming pot of tea! I take my without cream, lemon or sugar.

    How fun, to be teaching a class in something you love to do. Your students will be so lucky.

    Oh! And the opportunity to be in a book! That is so wonderful!

    I have been busy trying to finish a mosaic table, just for me. It will be the only mosaic so far that finds it's place in my home, except the shelf in my studio, that is one of my first...

  24. Hi, I'll have my tea white with one lump of sugar. Thanks. Do you know what those flowers are? We always have them growing wild on the sides of the roads in Autumn and I love them and always wanted to find out what they are.

  25. I loved my visit today....your teapot and cup are so pretty.....I can not wait to see the quilt you are making with the tea pots and tea cups...i just know it will be beautiful.....
    mo :-)

  26. Rhondi, I have enjoyed my tea with you today. Your service is lovely in blue and give me an Oreo any day.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  27. Everything always looks so pretty at your house, Rhomdi.

    Enjoyed my visit.


  28. Hi, I enjoyed the tea and Oreos! Can't wait to see the tea cups quilt! Good luck with publishing your quilt in a book! Wow!


  29. How lovely. Thanks for the cookies. I wanted to tell you I'm signing up for a beginning quilt class. I'm excited. I hope I'll have as much fun as you do...Mimi

  30. I'm excited to see your teapot and teacup quilt! I hope you will show it to us.
    What a wonderful blue teapot! Tea with you would be so fun...

  31. No tea please, but I'll have a few of those cookies. Oreos are notoriously hard to come by over here in the uk! That sounds like a great book!

  32. So nice to have tea with you Rhondi. Did you put out those black eyed susans just for me (hehe)?

  33. Rhondi,
    That was a de-licious cup of tea...and beautiful dishes.....

    Thank you for the birthday greeting...I certainly appreciate the happy thought...

    Always pleased that you've dropped by...Betty

  34. Milk and sugar please!
    It's good to visit your blog again! You are always so pleasant and fun!

  35. Hi! What a beautiful Tea Party. so vibrant colors! your post is so nice!

    visit me anytime...

  36. Hi Rhondi, that is some wonderful news about getting a quilt in a book. To know something that you have made and put long hours in will be viewed by so many. All of us quilters love books. After your class, show us what you taught.
    Thanks for the tea,

  37. Hi Rhonda I just discovered your blog.You mentioned teaching Quilting and I wondered if on your blog you had any sites that had to do with hand embroidery. I have just discovered it and I am searching for ideas.
    Love your decorations, especially the outside ones.


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