Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Puttering Around The House

Hope that you had a good labor day weekend. Our internet connection wasn't working and we just got it fixed today, so I haven't responded to any of you or read any of your blogs. We just got it up and running late this afternoon and I have a lot of catching up to do!

Friday I got puttering around with my living room and since summer is almost over, I thought it might be fun to make it less summery and more cosy for the fall. The living room was all yellow and blue white and I decided to to replace the yellow with red.

As you can see I already have lots of red in the dining room. I love the look of blue and white with red.
I moved the sofa so that the green wicker table could be seen better.

I made new red covers for the pillows on the couch, with some old fabric that used to be pillow shans.
I put blue and white piping on the pillows.
I covered a lampshade with red toile which I already had. As you can see I haven't actually finished it!
I added some red books.

draped some quilts over the back of chairs

rearranged the furniture

put some shutters in front of the fireplace, dragged a table out of the attic
put the sofa in front of my blue quilt.

and put the church window mirror against the wall.
The white hall table had an encounter with some black spray paint.
I added some "stuff"

more stuff
I brought in an interesting magazine rack.
piled up some books beside the chair.
I rearranged some things on the hall table.

I found this table for $10 at the Salvation Army store.
Here's a view of the finished room looking from the dining room. I think it turned out well.
I probably won't be posting again for a few days because I am hosting Robbi Joy Eklow, a quilter who is teaching some workshops for our quilt guild. She will be with us until Sunday.
Hope you have a good week.
Rhondi xo


  1. Oh Rhondi, everything looks so cozy. All your quilts go well with so many different color schemes. Enjoy your week.

    Kathy b

  2. Hi Rhondi...I was wondering where you were :) Your home is so beautiful and I love when you share all the details. I've been puttering around all weekend too- inside and out. Your pictures inspire me to do even more. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. You are so very talented! Your rooms are lovely, and homey and comforting. So you are a gifted artist too...how nice that must be! I enjoyed seeing your yellow & blue decorating link too. Beautiful!

  4. Rhondi,Love, Love, blue and white and with a little red.Wonderful...Also like your Potting Shed rabbits..I owned gift shops for 14 years,carried that line..Have been following your site for several months.Enjoy it so much.....Debbie

  5. Rondi its all beautiful. I love it. The red and blue are so striking and the white shows everything off. How lovely and warm.

  6. Rhondi I just love the colors you use in your home. Very similar to mine :-). I love all the fluffing and rearranging you have done. My favorite is the stack of books by the chair! Love that!
    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  7. Hi Rhondi, I love your home. I love how you added red, very beautiful!

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous room. I love those pillows and that quilt!!!! OMG. I love how the rabbits look against that quilt backdrop. Rhondi, If I came there I would sit and paint your interiors. I could move right in, I love the colors. I love lots of patterns, to me that is what makes a home cozy. Thanks for posting these beautiful photographs. Karen

  9. You certainly have a beautiful home Rhondi. I am loving all the red accents!

  10. What can I say? It is all so pretty I just want to sit and stare at it for hours. You are inspiring me to fluff my own living room for fall! Maybe today:>)

  11. Debbie
    I'm so glad that you left a comment so I could get to meet you and thank you for reading my blog. My husband gave me those rabbits as a graduation present when I got my MA. I had been looking/coveting at them at a nearby shop for a long time but thought they were too expensive, so it was the perfect gift for me.
    Hope you'll leave a comment more often!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  12. Ah... a color feast for the eyes!

    ~ Hearts~

  13. Hi, I'm new here, found my way from A Year at Oak Cottage! Your home looks gorgeous! I love the color play! I'll be visiting more often! Much love, Raquel XO

  14. Rhondi, Lovely... just lovely.
    I am also a huge fan of anything blue..white..yellow, any of these combinations.
    Love & Prayers,

  15. Hi Rhondi,
    You have such a gourgous living room. I thought it was great in the blue and yellow colorcombination but how lovely the reds are with it. It looks like a total new room. The quilts are great too!! I going to study the pictures again and I am looking forward too what you will be doing to this room once Christmas is their!!

  16. Hi Rhondi...you were just a busy little bee!!! Your rooms look gorgeous...you're such an awesome decorator!


  17. Hi Rhondi -
    Your living room looks so good with the red added. It is so inviting and welcoming. Wish I could sit there with you and enjoy every single detail. You did a great job.

  18. Don't you just love to putter? Your home looks so cozy. Love all the quilts and the colors are gorgeous. I've signed up for a beginning quilt class in Oct. Can't wait. I hope I'm half as good as you. You've inspired me. Mimi

  19. Rhondi, this room just reaches out and pulls me in. I want to get cozy in the chair, and start through the stack of books.

    I would think I had died and gone to heaven in such a beautiful space.

  20. I love the changes you made! It's fun to shake it up once in awhile. Those red pillows with the blue pipping need to come home with me :-)!


  21. I am breathless with admiration! You have done so much, and just made your home even more lovely. I think your quilts are beautiful.

  22. Everything looks great! You amaze me making such neat, and quick changes! I love it! Inspires me to do something different!


  23. You have been one very busy girl. I love your colors and the room looks fresh and great. What a little adding and moving can do. Have fun with your guest. I will be gone until Sunday also. I posted today.

  24. Absolutely beautiful! Primary colors are so fresh and lively. Your home is looking so cozy. No wonder you wanted to display all of your beautiful quilts to their best advantage! How exiciting to have a quilter coming to your home. I'm sure she will be very impressed with your home and feel right at home.


  25. Rhondi, your house is amazing, I love your red white and blue! Wow, you are one talented decorater, I love all you do!

    Donna Lynn

  26. What a beautiful huse you have.the colors are my favorite.Your quilts are amazing the on over the couch is the pretties I have ever seen.
    Best Wihes

  27. Your room is so full of color and beautifully arranged furniture and accessories! I love your church window mirror and your new magazine rack, your newly painted table and---I just love it ALL! What an inspiration! dana

  28. Your rooms are so bright and cheerful. Your home looks like a happy place. What could be more welcoming!

  29. Your home looks so inviting~have fun this weekend..


  30. Just gorgeous Rhondi! I love that color combination. I also love the way you used the quilts around the room. The red really makes the blue and white china stand out. Inspired. Susan

  31. What a Fab-u-lous job you did!! it looks so GORGEOUS, all of it! I love the colors everywhere! so crisp and warm too, I use similar colors ;) you can never have enough color! your pictures are stunning to look at and magazine ready!!

    ~ hugs ~ Cynthia

  32. Rhondi, the room looks fabulous! I love the colors. The pillows you made are wonderful, and I love the red toile lamp, and your quilts look beautiful!


  33. Hi Rhonda,
    Love your rooms....just lovely....great job.
    Mo :-)

  34. WHOA....this is looking soooo pretty, Rhonda. I am so impressed with all your colors and textures and...well...just all of it.

    I'll be back to COPY you when I get ready to do some re-doing in MY room. Your's looks so cozy and warm....
    love, bj

  35. Wow! What a pleasure your beautiful pictures are this morning! I also collect quilts, red stuff, blue and white (esp. Blue Willow) and porcelain "creatures". I have tons of new ideas, thanks dear!

  36. A testimonial:

    I just got home to Chicago after staying with Rhondi for a good part of the week, and I have to say, that I enjoyed my stay tremendously. Rhondi and her husband are gracious hosts, took really good care of me. AND her house is a visual feast. Every corner is filled with something interesting and delightful, down to the smallest detail. It was really fun to roam around and look at everything.

    Thanks Rhondi!


  37. Leslie Anne
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. You should consider starting a blog. It really is so much fun.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  38. Rhondi,

    I was drooling when I viewed the pictures of your home---beautiful the prefect home to have a visit with a good friend and a cup of tea. Love the quilts.


  39. Hi Rhondi, Love your red with your blue. I have always liked that combination too.

  40. Can I just say ..... I LOVE IT.....

    I am a red, white and blue blooded person too. I call our home Rustic Americana. Some call our home the "Tree House" because we have 14'ft trees in the living room against each wall. I like your use of yellow. I like yellow but, never use it because I am too pale to wear it. Isn't that funny, I decorate with it because I don't wear it.

    I'll try to post some pictures of our trees.

  41. WOW!! NICE!! I came over here since you referred to it in your post on the quilt---I can see why you were inspired and also why you one a prize for your beautiful quilt!! WOW!! Love your rooms , too!!

  42. Thanks for showing your quilts. I loved looking at the blue/white quilts. I've been working on the Maggie Walker rooster quilt for a couple of years now--this inspires me to pick it up and get it done. I like everything I've ever seen of Maggie Walker's work. Great blog--I'm afraid I read blogs more than I actually blog. Thanks for showing your quilts.


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