Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Subtle Signs of Fall

It is still very hot here in North Carolina, and I am ready for some cooler weather. Today I found a few signs of fall. The leaves on a dogwood in the woods are changing color. Berries on the dogwood have turned red.
The hydrangeas are turning beautiful shades of rose, lilac and rust. They look beautiful on the mantle.
One of these mornings when we go for our morning walk we will be greeted by that lovely fresh crisp fall air. That is the sign of fall I'm waiting for.
Hope you have a great day!
Rhondi xo


  1. Fall in NC....no better place to be! I am looking forward to it too Rhondi... Your hydrangeas are beautiful!

  2. The hydrangeas are amazing. I am seeing a few of the same Fall signs up here in Va. too. The dogwoods are definitely getting ready. Apparently the high here will only be 72 tomorrow- that's a start! :) Have a great evening.

  3. My dogwoods haven't started to turn yet, but soon I bet. I do have one hydrangea bush and I'm going to take a clue from you and bring in a few of the faded/dried blooms in. blessings, marlene

  4. I was noticing the subtle change of color in some of the trees in our neighborhood just today. I'll be out in the yard with a rake in my hand very soon. Mimi

  5. The autumn is my favourite time of year. I was just saying to Todd on Sunday as we drove to church that the trees were turning. I love the hydrangea!

  6. Good mornin' Rhondi,
    I love fall in the NC Mountains. I am starting to see ever so faint signs of fall in the air around here in my little corner of western NC. Have a wonderful day.
    Love & Prayers,

  7. Hi Rhondi -
    We are seeing (and feeling) signs of Fall here in Western Oregon, too. The tips of the trees are beginning to turn a bit. When we travelled home from Central Oregon a week ago we saw many signs of Fall as we came through the mountain passes. The wild vine maples were turning color. So beautiful! I love Fall. Can't wait to start lighting candles and fires in the fireplace.

  8. Good morning Rhondi! Fall is my favorite time of year. I love being able to sit outside on the deck and not get eaten alive...or sweat to death! For some reason, the sunsets are even more beautiful!


  9. Hi Rhondi :)

    Beautiful pictures of Fall arriving. Today it's in the low 70s, so it is getting here, just a matter of time ;)

    I really enjoyed catching up with you. Your home is so beautiful and cozy.


  10. I love the flowers you put in the vase. Beautiful fall colors. It is in the 70s now here. Soon we will be saying it is too cold. I guess I have to soon change my closets from T shirts to Turtlenecks. AHHHHH.
    Hope you are having a good day.
    I think of you everytime I play my Lori Morgan CD.

  11. Rhondi,

    Your home is so lovely. I am so inspired by your decorating.

    Sunbonnet Cottage

  12. I'm seeing a few signs, too. Autumn is our reward for making it through summer. ;-)

    Those hydrangea blooms are gorgeous.

  13. Rhondi, the heat is not an issue here in the mountains. We are at 3,000 feet. In town, sixteen miles from here, it's still pretty warm. Our dogwoods are changing slowly and the hydrangeas should be dried. I'm loving it. Go fall.


  14. Fall hasn't appeared in Georgia yet. The hydrangeas are gorgeous! They're my favorite shrub.


  15. It's doing the same thing here in upstate NY. Temps is kinda chilly in the morning and evening, good for sleeping.


  16. Hi Rhondi

    Fall has to be the one of the most beautifulest times of the year everything changing. The colors are just outstanding! I love hydrangeas mines have turned a minty pale green color. This the first fall here at this house for me. Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl .. Snatch JOY!

  17. Oh! What lovely signs of fall. Here in Oregon we aren't quite there yet. I absolutely love your Hydrangeas. I love dried ones in vases. Such beautiful colors yours are! roxanne


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