Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look What The Wind Blew In

This morning I was sitting in my studio sewing when a huge wind began to blow and all of a sudden a tree was falling on the house! I ran into the kitchen right away in case it crashed through the window.

Look what the wind blew in! That is my Jeep and to the right of it is where my little Miata is :( buried under the limbs of a huge oak tree.

It came very close to the back of our house, the room which is my studio.
It covered the deck. Tore off some gutter.Look at how close it came to smashing the window!

This is the view from my studio. It samashed up another oak tree and destroyed the railing of the deck and the BBQ.

More damage to the deck.You can see part of the trunk on the ground. It was huge!It smashed this other large tree to smithereens (love that word!) as it came crashing down. It was a HUGE tree!I'm safe and the insurance adjuster will be out later to write up a report. What a day!!
I just noticed that this is my 299th post, so that means it's time for a giveaway with my next one. Let me see...I wonder what I should give away.....
Rhondi xo


  1. how about giving away some twigs???? :)

  2. Rhondi that is shocking to see the damage. How awful.

  3. Oh my goodness, that was awful. Are both of your cars damaged? It almost looks like your jeep was just sandwiched
    in the center of the branches. Probably not. I am glad your house didn't suffer more, and also that you are ok. Property can be fixed. I bet it was a wonderful tree.

  4. Oh my heavens...... how scary...... dang.... it could have crashed your whole house..... I am thankful you are alright..... oh my all the clean up....

  5. These daggone trees are causing damage everywhere! In January one went through the end of our house in Kentucky in the wicked ice storm. Then last Wednesday while at quilt retreat a big tree fell on the car of one of the retreat gals and destroyed her car. Now yours. Oh my! Good luck with all the repairs and stuff.

  6. Believe it or not I have had this same thing happen to my van....twice, a year apart! Had to replace a few windows and I have a few dents and dings....but I am still driving her around, LOL. I am now the talk of the town when there is a storm. Neighbors call to see if my van is okay! Ha, ha! Good Luck!

  7. Wow! Thank goodness that you are okay! That must have scared you to death.
    ♥, Susan

  8. Oh my gosh, Rhondi! I'm glad no one was hurt. And now for the cleanup. Yuk.


  9. oh dear! What could it mean? Beyond a real hassle?....
    there will be a smile for you later in the week at my place:):)

    love, kelee

  10. Oh dear - what a mess! Thank heavens you and yours are alright!
    We had a tree come down last week, but it fell away from the house. I'm so sorry to see all the damage, and while the insurance will take care of it you are still in an upheaval.
    I'm dying to know - what colour is your miata? Mine's red - what a mid-life cliche!!

  11. Oh, maaaaaaaan, I'm feeling for ya, honey! We had the same thing happen years ago, but it missed the house entirely. Scared the p**p outta me though, sugar..........ouch.


  12. Hi Rhondi,
    That must have been scary! Glad you weren't hurt and that you had insurance.
    Take care,

  13. Oh My Gosh! Thank goodness you are safe Rhondi! YIKES!!! How scary that must have been.


  14. Glad your Ok, a similar situation happened to one of our friends.

    Materials things can be fixed.

  15. Feedsack FantasyMay 20, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    Thank God you came thru this well ... it is really scary to live thru the actual storm/winds & have a tree fall on the house. We did but there was no damage. Glad you are ok.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  16. WOW! How awful for you but how fortunate that it missed you and windows and so much more that could be gone.

  17. Oh my goodness. That looks like it must have been scary and much too close for comfort. I am glad to hear that nobody was hurt.

  18. That is a major bummer!! I'm so glad you didn't get hurt. I'm also glad that it didn't hit directly on the house. Good luck with the insurance adjuster. Tell them you have a Porch and Patio party coming up and you need help!

  19. I'm so glad that it missed the house and no one was hurt. Sorry about the cars! That happened to us during Katrina. My car and my husband's truck were smashed my a huge old oak tree in our driveway. I had just been outside looking at the wind blow the trees and had just went back into the house. I was unpacking china and putting it into my china cabinet. ( I know...strange to do during a storm! I was just nervous and trying to stay busy.) I had only been back inside for about 20 minutes when my husband told me to come look. I was shocked! That tree was huge! I have pictures somewhere that I will have to post one day. Again I am glad that no one was hurt at your house. Material things can be replaced.

    Lee Laurie

  20. Rhondi, what a near escape you had. I'm so thankful you werent hurt, but it will still be hard to live with the damage for a while.
    I so hope you can get it cleared up soon.....and maybe have your other trees checked over too.

  21. Hi Rhondi, WOW that tree was so huge!! So glad it did not go through the window, yet it did enough damage. Glad you are okay too.
    Thank you for adding me to the porch party. I know it will be fun once again.
    Congrats on your near 300th post.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  22. ... this deserves a HUGE shout!
    OH MY GOD!

    I have survived three direct hits with Florida hurricanes - but this is really amazing!

    So glad YOU are OK, I can't even imagine the clean-up ... oh, wait a minute ~ yes, I can.

    ps... loved your yard sale post.

  23. Oh my gosh! I am so glad you are safe, and that it didn't hit the main part of your house. How scary!!!

    And, with all of this going on - you're thinking about a giveaway. You are too good. Maybe you need to give away free wood. Come cut your own. ;-)

  24. My goodness, how sacry! So glad you weren't out in the yard when this happened!


  25. When I was a little girl we had a huge oak tree fall on our house during a storm....I think I had post traumatic stress for years after that! It made a mess of our house and crushed our car. Glad you were ok...everything else can be fixed.

  26. (((Rhondi))) I am glad you're safe.

  27. Oh, my gosh! That reminds me of when a tree fell on our house during hurricane Opal! Yikes! I'm glad you are safe. Did it shake the ground when it fell?

  28. give-a-way - fire wood? It is the camping season ;-p
    We had one tree come down and take out the camper we had all been in not 3 minutes before - packing to head out. And the second tree (different date) we watched come down, bend around the house, take out the wood swing set . . .
    God obvioulsy still has plans for you here on this earth.

  29. wow...how good the tree missed important things, like you and the main part of your house.

  30. Hello Rhondi,
    I am so glad that you are allright, was it a storm that did this or was it one hard windblow ( I don't know how to say it in good english,sorry).
    Your house is so damaged by it, I hope everything will be repaired soon.

  31. Thank God you are safe and sound! The damage is not nice but it did not get the actual house. Boy, was that close. I am sorry there is so much damage to your garden and, by the looks of it, cars. I cannot imagine being in your studio and realizing what was happening. It must have sounded awful as it fell.

    Hope you are well. I am still not visiting blogs as I normally do as I am so tired that I pick one or two when I can. Today I wanted to stop in and say hello to you.

    Hugs ~

  32. Whoa that must have been scary when you heard it come down, What a mess, we know what you'll be busy with. Thank goodness it didn't do more damage.

  33. Rhondi,
    How blessed you were that the tree didn't fall on your house...sorry that it fell at all....


  34. Rhondi,

    This is just incredible but I am so glad you are safe and sound. And this wind just came out of nowhere??

    Our home is surrounded by huge, old oak, maple and walnut trees. After storms there is always a big cleanup and some limbs are large. We have been fortunate so far.

    How wonderful that you have hit 299!! That is a lot of time and work (and fun and rewards). Good for you!


  35. Bless your heart! Glad your OK!

  36. OMG, Rhondi,
    That was quite impressive!
    I have an idea for your give-away...FIREWOOD!

  37. I would have been trembling worse than the leaves. Thank God the damage was not worse but, hey, never mind the cars: you and yours are ok, that's what matters.

    love, Angie, xx

  38. Oh my! I am glad you are ok and the house wasn't demolished! That kind of damage is always so upsetting. I hate losing mature trees!

  39. Hi Rhondi...wow, if a grand old tree must fall...then thankfully it spared your life & the main body of your home. It must have been a very anxious moment for you.
    Glad you were safe... ;-) Bo

  40. Oh gosh! You are so lucky that nobody was hurt and that there wasn't more damage done! That is one HUGE tree!!

  41. Wow, that was some strong wind!! Glad that it did not go through your window.

  42. How terrible. So much damage from a very large tree. You were blessed that it didn't come through your studio. All this and you are thinking about a giveaway! You are a special lady.

    Blessings, Karen

  43. Oh my word. How scary that must have been. But what a blessing that no windows got smashed and no one got hurt. Looks like that tree just missed them too.

  44. We are all so sorry about the damage!!!

  45. What a heartbreaking sight Rhondi, and such damage, I'm so sorry for you. At least you are OK which is a blessing. The clearing-up operation will take a while that's for sure. Hope you have a few sturdy chaps with chainsaws to help you.....Thank you for your birthday greeting by the way. Yes, I had remembered you lived in NC and the sheep might pop in to say hello before they leave your State if that's OK. All the best with the repairs, Eli.

  46. Oh how scary that must have been! I'm so glad it didn't hit the house. That view from the window is so horrible. It sure makes you stop and think! laurie

  47. HOLY COW! So glad you didn't have any more damage than you did. You must have quick reflexes to run to the kitchen.. I probably would've stood there stuck in my shoes, lol!
    You live in such a beautiful area. Love all of the ferns.
    Best wishes for getting things back to normal, thank goodness there was no one on the deck.


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