Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You!

Thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement. All of you were so kind, making me feel really cared for. I wouldn't have thought a tree falling would be such a difficult experience. But as you all kept reminding me, no one was hurt which of course is the most important thing.

So here are a couple photos of our azaleas earlier this spring.

This is what's left of them :( They will bush out again but it will take a couple of years.

I got our son to stand beside the roots of the tree. He is just under 6 feet tall so you can see what a massive tree it was.

I have been serenaded by the sound of chain saws for the last 2 days while guys in tattoos, earrings and various stages of undress worked on the trees. Not a pretty sight!
There is too much damage on both cars so the insurance company will pay us the current value. Unfortunately both cars are old and so aren't worth much. I am not a sentimental person at all but when the body shop called with the bad news about my dear little Miata that belonged to my mom, I burst into tears. It was like I was saying goodbye to my mom all over again.
But all is not lost because our friend Rob,who is a mechanic thinks it can be repaired. Fortunately my husband's car was at work so we have one car in working order!

So life goes on, all the tree has been removed and it's all paid for by our insurance and I have a rental car for a few days.

Meanwhile this is my 300th post and an occasion for a giveaway but I just haven't been able to think about it, so it will have to wait for a few days until I think of what to give away.

Having said that I'm not sentimental, I recently went up to the attic and brought down the high chair that all our kids used as babies. I remember the day I found it, all covered with paint. I patiently stripped it down the bare oak (it was the 70's everyone stripped the paint off then!)

It had a tiny little tray, very impractical but I loved it and still do. I put it in the kitchen and piled a few books on it. It has a lovely pressed design and I recall that it was very difficult to clean all the food out of the nooks and crannies. My baby turned 27 last week. Today our grand daughter turns 5.
Where did the years go?

Rhondi xo.


  1. What a beautiful highchair Rhondi! I was one of those paint stripping gals as well. I still love the natural look of wood. My baby just turned 20. I know how you feel . . . time just flies. Just think of all that firewood you will have this winter! That could be a bit of a bonus!

  2. I am so sorry this happened. We just had a 40 ft. tree cut down because it was dying and very close to our house. Hubby was really afraid it might fall ....
    My yard looks so bare now...
    Looking forward to the Porch party..

  3. Azaleas are hardy plants, they will recover and be even prettier, it that's possible. Sorry about your cars....cute, cute highchair!

  4. Rhondi, it sounds as if it is still difficult for you. Take comfort in your lovely childhood memories with your pretty little chair.
    Your plants will regrow. The men will soon be gone. Take heart!

  5. Rhondi, I am enraptured by your banner!!! I LOVE those dishes........ We have our babies high chair in the dining room. It has also been there for 28 years. Yes where does the time go (sigh)


  6. I am so sorry to hear about your Miata! If I was there I would give you a big hug!

    Love the high chair with the books on it. What a great idea!

  7. Oh Rhondi, my heart goes out to you. That was a huge tree. So close. Thank goodness all of you are okay. I know it's still scary.

  8. The highchair is priceless. I too was a paint stripper. Love the warm wood. Enjoy the Weekend.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your car that was your mom's. Maybe they can repair it. I hope so.

    That highchair is adorable. My dad has my old one but doesn't know what happened to the tray. I might have to get it from him and paint it and use it in my kitchen. Thanks for the idea.

    Lee Laurie

  10. Lovely pictures of the azaleas.

    I'm so sorry about the Miata, but am hoping Rob will be able to fix it up for you.

  11. Hi Rhondi - I hope you'll hear from your friend that the Miata can be restored to health! The azaleas will recover, and soon you will have a new version of normal in your garden. What a week you've had, though!
    I AM sentimental, so I was happy to see the beautiful Dainty Blue in your banner - I missed it.
    I well remember the days of stripping any piece of wood I could find. I even had a stainless steel tray so that I could set chairs and table legs in it and strip without fear of dripping. That's a sweet high chair!

  12. Oh my, that tree was huge! I'm so sorry to hear about your car too.

    The high chair is beautiful. Love the books on it too. ☺ Diane

  13. I believe trees have souls--don't you??

  14. So sorry all of this has happened! I'm just now getting caught up on the tree incident. How scary and how awful!!! But so thankful your house is pretty much okay and no one was hurt. Hope the cars can be fixed. Love the azaleas, and you're right, they will come back!!!

  15. Wow, Rhondi, so much excitement! So glad no one was hurt. Hope the Miata can be fixed. Those azaelas were gorgeous. Love your baby high chair. Sign me up for your porch party. Mimi

  16. How horrible about the loss of the beautiful big tree and your cars- Rhondi-especially your mothers. I hope your mechanic friend can repair it for you.
    My son got his license this past January. He had a couple of fender benders with my old car ( Honda 1990) and like your situation, the car was too old to be worthy of fixing. Never the less I was very sad because I had driven that car since it was brand new- My son grew up in that car- I am a creature of habit so it was hard to go and buy a different one. After two months of looking we found a nice little Focus that is much newer with little mileage and more bells and whistles. I am getting used to my new wheels.
    Life does bring things to try us- fortunately no one was hurt with the tree (nor in either of K.'s fender benders) The rest is just a pain but solveable.
    Hope things are returning to normal-
    The azaleas are gorgeous- it is such a pretty area where you live.

  17. Hello Rhondi,
    I may be miles away from you,at the other side of the ocean perhaps but I am thinking of you.Hope you will soon feel better again.Love the pretty chair and yes time flies.

  18. Rhondi, I visited your blog yesterday and offered a prayer in my heart in your family's name. Yes I would like to honor you with a WOW pin. I am trying to work out the way someone can pick it up, but it is the thought that counts. I think Pondsi will help figure it out. This old lady needs you all.

  19. Hi Rhondi!!

    Great news about the Miata. Love your photo with the highchair...the images and colors are especially good.
    I understand your feelings about the Miata and your mom. I have had to face some things like that lately.
    Empathy, honey.

    love, kelee

  20. Good heavens! That was some tree that fell! I would have cried too had it been my mothers car! I hope it can be saved! Thank heavens no one was injured!
    Yes, I remember when we used to strip EVERYTHING and be so proud of the wood beneath or..sometimes disappointed! :) I wish I had something like that of my childrens..but everything I had went to my children for their children. My oldest son..he is 54, just called bit long ago to tell me that his rocky horse is going to the dump...and he wanted to let me know. He took pictures of it...head crushed in from a move..etc. It's ok. Still...
    Have a safe and peaceful weekend!

  21. Wow! That was a big one! We've had several oaks fall in the Atlanta area in the past year or two. The drought weekends them and then we have lots of rain topped by high winds and the next thing you know they've fallen (sometimes tragically on top of cars with people in them).

    I'm glad no one was hurt and sounds like there's hope for the Miata!


  22. Hi Rhondi sorry to be so late. I should think there's not much about this past week you'd be anxious to memorise!

    I've never seen such a beautful azalea! Puts my little thing to shame. It's taken such a battering hasn't it?

    love, Angie, xx

  23. So pleased your Mom's little car is repairable Rhondi. I knew exactly where you were coming from when you said it was like losing her all over again (my eyes filled with tears at that raw emotion, I've experienced similar). What huge tree roots, I'm always amazed how tall trees are able to stand upright for so many years and then one day simply topple over.

  24. I've never seen such a pretty high chair. Back in those days of stripping (furniture that is), the chemicals they sold for the job were so much stronger. It sure made the job easier, but probably more dangerous too. I think that's one reason everything gets painted now. I've had a very busy week and am behind on my blog reading. I'll have to go back and read about your tree disaster. laurie

  25. Your azaela's are beauitful. When I was a child growing up, my parents always loved azalea's. We had a multitude of vibrant colored azalea bushes lining our front yard. Everyone would comment about what a beautiful sight to behold as they drove or walked down the street. I don't even know if they would grow here in south Florida. I need to check that out. I am so sorry yours were damaged, but they are hearty and they will come back even more beautiful, I am sure. Thanks so much for sharing their beauty.


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